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  1. David Marshall

    I'm on board with Anya Chalotra, although I think it could be risk for her to get involved with the DCEU, as appealing as being in a big movie might sound. She might be smarter just to focus on The Witcher, was is popular.

  2. Dopamine Rat

    I can see why Dr. Fate would be in this, Black Adam is insanely powerful he fought 3 DC teams at once.

  3. rugged english

    Come on now Grace. Where’s Lupida in your cast call?? She is gorgeous and could act circles around anyone you just mentioned!!! 🤘🏾

  4. robert jones

    What about Naomi Scott. She has already been a super hero before. maybe she would be a good hawk girl?.

  5. Kosta Vasilev

    Anya Chalotra to play every role in this movie, pleaseeee

  6. Brian Baloa

    i never like your pics, but i like the girl from the Witcher for the rol of Isis.

  7. Dudeface

    There's a very funny play called "Latins Anonymous" that has a bit called 'Latinos in the Movies, and the Italians who play them!' This video reminded me of that. Great job, Grace <3

  8. TrueHumanity

    It would be a Huge miss if they don’t cast Anya Chalotra in this movie! She can easily bring A-list acting, even better than Dwayne, to this movie!

  9. Davon

    Sofia is a great actress , have you seen climax ?

  10. Christopher Girardi

    Dakota Fanning for Stargirl !

  11. Anthony

    You can really tell that everyone is having fun making this flick!

  12. Your Best Bet

    Since I’m not directing Black Adam, it’s silly for me to say which actor should play a particular part.

  13. patricia Bermudez

    I'm still honest I don't want him in my DC I don't want cheese and one liners, I want good actor not lvl D actors. Ohh I hate everything about this 😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Datflyguye 212

    Y would u suggest to racially/ethnically blend the characters of hawk man and hawk girl to make them Asian characters when they come from Egypt y not make them black characters 🤔

  15. Jason

    I have wanted a JSA with Wonder Woman with original Green Lantern and Flash in it since her first movie came out. I'm glad it's kind of happening. Why can't DC just make movies about groups without inserting characters into the main rolls that have nothing to do with the group?

  16. J. Bradley Duff, Jr.

    Please don't make them Asian. Come on, Grace.

  17. remmy montana

    ISIS? No red flags there

    1. David Marshall

      I'm glad Grace didn't mention that. Let's reclaim the word. It was a famous Egyptian name before it was hijacked by crazies. The name shouldn't be taboo now.

  18. michel white

    Priyanka chopra would be good a good hawkgirl

  19. buciallstar

    Am I the only one wondering how they will fit in so many characters in one movie?

  20. Christopher Girardi

    I feel like they're putting Hawkgirl in the back burner so they can use her later in the current DC timeline

  21. jhunt5578

    Of all the DC properties Black Adam has to be one of the lowest on my list. Adding the JSA has peaks my interests. But honestly... wtf is going on with Superman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Sandman? It's weird that the successful DC movies atm include Aquaman, Joker and Harley Quinnn.

  22. Alex

    Bond bond and more bond...... please

  23. Tiffany Mathis

    Loved this video so fun! Awesome listing! Here is my personal list 1. Frozen ❄ 2. Mulan 🎆 3. Beauty and the beast 🌹 4. Monna 🌊 5. Tangled 🎨 6. Aladdin 🐒 7. The Little Mermaid 🐠 8. Snow White 🍎 9. Princess and the Frog 🐸 10. Pocahontas 🛶 11. Sleeping Beauty 🎀 12. Cinderella 👗 13. Brave 🏹

  24. Jordy Lyons

    Did Grace cover the Birds of prey embargo nonsense??

  25. Francis Vincent Ong

    When it comes to her saying "I am Isis!" I don't think corny is the problem, especially in USA 2020 😱😂

  26. Greg Griffin

    If they add Alan and Jay I'll be more excited about this movie than any DCEU film yet.

  27. Mo

    Black Lightning would be a very fitting character to introduce in the DCEU

  28. Kanwar Ghuman

    Though I don’t know how she does with smaller roles I think Naomi Scott would be amazing as hawk girl if they go the Asian route

  29. Leo 1509

    Hawkman and Hawkgirl have always been white. Shiera is a redhead FFS

  30. RAM-EZ vids

    I think being that Egypt in africa you can still put a dark skin african actress for either isis or hawk girl

  31. ryan de castro

    a cavitenio technically mideastern and portugues yet still technically a pilipino thats albino

  32. RAPIN Abbs

    Everything a commentary on society

  33. awesome one

    One of actors will be kevin hart ..

  34. Nebyu Alemu

    I love the shout of Rami!

  35. LetsGetCZY

    If Doctor Fate is not an Italian man I do not want it

  36. Nothing Nothing

    Grace for once stop taking cheap shots at people

  37. Eggo_K

    Yess!! Anya Chalotra would rock any of these two roles.

  38. Reelando 2x

    I'm going to geek out If Doctor Fate really appeared in a live DC film.

  39. resurgam75

    Good calls, diversity is not just my fellow black people.

  40. kareem ali


  41. Cyber Explorer

    Rami Malek as Dr.Fate. perfect

  42. David Marshall

    I didn't like the Shazam film. Just pure cheese.

    1. David Marshall

      lol. Glad you liked it. The only thing I really liked was young Billy Batson. I thought he had a likeable actor and was well-written. I went off it whenever Shazam appeared.

    2. Kevin Pauly

      David Marshall That was the best thing about it.


    What i wanna know who the villain would be I'm down for a magical entity from fates dimension that tries using Adam's power just to tie them together

  44. Colin McDougall

    Your possible dr fate actors are a serious no go for me ,,,,, I’d definitely have Zachary Quinto as dr fate

  45. My Getaway

    i will love dwayne johnson forever if he gives me gay alan scott from the new 52 james robinson run.

  46. Major Dutch

    Why would you swap their ethnicity? If they were egyptians ok i guess...but

  47. Miguel Bustamante

    Movie sounds like a cluster fudge already 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Wonder Woman

    Is it just me or Grace is just so beautiful? Btw love you Grace favorite ALselr❤

  49. Elexus Lighten

    Avan Jogia from Victorious NEED TO BE IN THIS MOVIE. Give him the dr guy or the flying wings guy, i don’t really care which one tbh, all I know is, he is actually a good actor AND HAVE GOT THE LOOKS(really google the guy) to pull this off🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    1. Elexus Lighten

      Oh and cast that Ella blingsomething girl from that movie everyone hates but no one have seen( yes I’m talking about that Charlie's Angels reboot that no one asked for) as the flying girl thingy, she is a good actress, she was just unlucky with that movie🙁🙁

  50. Will Ryder

    This is awesome news

  51. Matthew McNeil

    Shay Mitchell for Isis or Hawkgirl!

  52. Phyllis Diller

    Hawkman and Hawkgirl are reincarnated ancient Egyptians. Therefore should be black.

  53. Fiona Gordon

    who the hell cares

  54. Juan Morán

    LOVE this lineups.

  55. Andres Mejia

    I not into dc movies but this sound very interesting. I really they good job 👍

  56. Juan Duran

    Finally Hawkgirl!!! Eiza Gonzalez or a Latina please! Give us some representation already!

    1. Gregorio Guerrero

      You want representation for us Hispanics, yet y'all ONLY ask for that Gonzales girl from those whack Mexican soaps, there are countless, talented Hispanic actresses yet all you want is typical Hollywood Latina stereotype Eiza Gonzalez.

  57. Stubz Turner

    Whoever gets cast as Hawkgirl needs to do a better job in the role than the actress who played her in season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow.

  58. lwandile dube

    Michael Fassbender = Hawkman

  59. Walter Anderson

    Casting perfectly Grace

  60. Eduardo Navarro

    "I am ISIS".... doesn't sound very appropriate...

  61. Fernando Espinoza

    Luke Evan's should be hawkman

  62. Steve Koller

    Erin Moriarty as Stargirl

  63. Israel Green

    Feels like dc is again biting too fast and too much

  64. Daniel

    Sofia Boutella and Oscar Isaac would be the perfect Hawlgirl and Hawkman. Melton is not as big as the Rock but if going with asians, what about Daniel Dae Kim and Lucy Liu or Maggie Q.

  65. Babboozeld

    Can't wait to see Dr fate on the big screen, nevertheless that I think that the character would more shine in a solo movie as a more inner conflict character where nabu's goals conflict with the man under the helmet who wants to be free and life a normal life.

  66. nightworg

    Liked Hawk girl since I saw her in the DC animated series. Still want her to be a red head, but I respect you opinion Grace.

    1. Kedar Padgur

      Well in the comics both Shayera (red head) and Kendra ( Hispanic) are there.

  67. Thomas Mees

    haaz is in eternals

  68. Jeff Barneson

    Cameo by Gal Gadot as WW 🙏

  69. Christian Ogden

    Anyone else see the potential danger/backlash that could come from a character spending half the film shouting "I am isis?"

  70. Proloy B

    Well, Oscar winners, Ben Affleck Jared Leto Nicole Kidman Joined DCEU and Margot (oscar nominated) also joined it.

  71. C. Smith

    Now, we're going to cast films using a quota system.

  72. Chani Lerner

    We really loved the show despite the in your face dirty scenes. That scene with The Deep being basically violently raped was so disgusting I covered me eyes...However, we couldn’t get our friends onboard because they couldn’t get past that element of the show. And our friends are diehard comic fans. So I think to dial that aspect of the show up would be a huge mistake.

  73. Siddu's Screening Room

    I'm honestly more excited for the Avatar sequel, but I loved Shazam so much I might have to do a double feature!

  74. Nathan Greer

    There was a Saturday morning Isis live action show in the 1970's. I remember it!!

  75. Steve Mcqueen

    To be honest Henry, which is a self proclaimed nerd and Witcher fanboy, wanted to do this show and asked around if anyone were interested in producing one. It's not that he was out of job and just accepted this role because he had nothing else to do. That's all he wanted to do. It's because of Henry that this show was made.

  76. Josh Murry

    Very true about Hawkgirl fans

  77. Malcolm Harris

    I think you should go Aztec with the hawks and cast Hispanic actors.

  78. Jon- Atron

    Doctor Fate would be cool. I just hope they upgrade his outfit since DC usually looks cheap.

  79. benana7 :D

    hang on are you wanting chalotra for isis or hawkgirl? you contradicted yourself 🤔

  80. Brion

    I think Charles Melton (Bad Boys actor) would be a better fit for Atom Smasher. He's too young to play Hawkman. You want Hawkman to be on par with Black Adam

  81. Wolf Hound Dog

    Egypt is in Africa and a huge distance and difference between China I know it might look tiny on a map

  82. adetomiwa oguntuga

    Uh no @ casting Asians for Hawk man & Hawk girl

  83. Shantorey Wilkins


  84. Karol Jeske

    Well considering Adam was a slave in the times of first hawkmen/hawkwomen , it is going to be interesting.

  85. Steve Martin

    Terrible CASTING grace, i hope the Rock is not listening to you. My choice for casting these characters are more SPOT ON. PRIYANKA CHOPRA is my Isis. FREIDA PINTO would be Hawkgirl. And for Hawkman. You need someone BIG. KELLAN LUTZ would be perfect for Hawkman. That's what you call PERFECT CASTING.

  86. Danny C

    So your video is not "Black Adam 2021 Cast" but cast suggestions, other than the Rock?

    1. Kevin Pauly


  87. Mister Sauvage


  88. XenoMax

    Hawkman: Liam McIntrye Hawkgirl: Anya Chalotra (or possibly Dianna Agron with red hair for comic accuracy) Doctor Fate: Kevin McKidd Isis: Yasmine Aker Stargirl: Elle Fanning Atom Smasher: Randy Couture Alan Scott GL: George Clooney would be interesting Jay Garrick Flash: Bruce Campbell

  89. Regain Turner

    If they do casting like this, then I’m very interested. Again I don’t want the Rock to “good boy” up Black Adam.

  90. Sanika

    Ancient Egyptians were black but people always love erasing that.

  91. Dr. Man of Culture

    Doctor Fate? Hope they won't butcher him like in the comics 🙄

  92. Da Best

    Might be problematic a hero screaming “I am Isis” 😂

  93. Faith Hudson

    The last time I heard ISIS is from Smallville when Lana used it as a support group.

  94. Darklord gaming

    I prefer talent over diversity ... Only anya chalotra is the one With potential to pull of hawkgirl or Isis... mena massoud and these other guys are just not good enough... doctor fate is a big deap

  95. Brion

    Anya Chalotra (Yen in The Witcher) is a PERFECT casting choice for Isis.

    1. Dale M

      Sooo HOT

  96. Robert Angus

    Inappropriate Doctor Strange vs Doctor Fate comparisons ahoy

  97. Corey Smith

    Will there be anyone browner than paperbag in this movie?

  98. cF Williams

    Hi Grace - I agree - we won't tolerate another white-washing situation - but let's be SERIOUS here...some actors/actresses who have NAME RECOGNITION - of some kind will be needed. FACT: You need to put butts-in-seats and you have to be able to successfully market this movie. Especially if it's going to go up against SHANG CHI AND DR. STRANGE, Grace. Ok? Let's be real. Diversity? ABSOLUTELY. Mostly little known or no-name actors? BIG MISTAKE, Grace. It will affect the interest level in this movie from a marketing standpoint. Remember - SHAZAM was great, but expectations for BA are huge. RECOGNIZABLE NAMES AND GREAT ACTORS/ACTRESSES for the main roles. You can fill in the peripheral roles with up and comers.

  99. Bronze Abe

    So excited for hawkgirl!!!

  100. 9rEmpire

    99% of this video is “diversity over talent” BS