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  1. Hot Chocolate Fitness

    Snyder cut needs to come out first. I won't get hbonow till Snyder cut is out. If the price point for the service would be at least 12 I think they would have more customers.

  2. graizur

    I THINK YOU PASSION IS SUPER FUN. and 15 minute sections of movie split apart weekly released … I'm already seeing Batman sections in my minds eye. Like the first 15 minutes of Suicide Squad. Minimovies.

  3. pamela coghlan

    I want to know what new movies they have compared to regular HBO

  4. Kevin Dagostino

    I’ve tried Westworld and I liked the first episode and a few others then I lost track

  5. Kevin Dagostino

    Ive added watchmen

  6. Kevin Dagostino

    I agree, I lost interest in doom patrol too. I thought it was way to slow. But I’m trying to watch it. I loved titans better

  7. Andrea Bea

    Such a disappointing situation. First, because of the incident of course. Second, the fact that she just looks sooo good as Mera.

  8. Kevin Dagostino

    I found out I can get hbo max with Comcast so I did

  9. Alex Bok

    The Great Dictator was purposefully vague whether it was about Hitler or Stalin. Stalin thought it was about him and forbade movie to be shown in USSR. Even after WW2.

  10. Cosmic Kittie

    M - such an awesome film!!!!

  11. John Halley

    Your mouth looks constantly agape.

  12. Morgan Lillie

    Yass all my favourite things about the 70s, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  13. Alex Bok

    Way too expensive compared to their competition.

  14. KoroWheke

    suicide squad was the absolutely worse peice of crap, even the Aylums parody 'Sinister Squadron' had better plot and characters

  15. bulletprooff1k

    Why not both at the same time?

  16. O.o o.O

    I feel like were pretending bvs isnt unwatchable

  17. BrolyAlpha

    Wait is it the 1954 original Gojira (Godzilla) or the 1956 raymord burr Godzilla on HBO Max?

  18. Gary Smith

    Hey grace I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm curious even with birds of prey being a flop on the box office do you think Margot Robbie will be offered gotham city sirens ?? Especially if the suicide squad does really well

  19. zak x aria

    It's 2020!!

  20. Aurelian Alexandrovici

    I want Darkseid

  21. Ray Long

    OMG why didn't they have an actual dwarf play Mulch Diggums. He's suppose be smaller than Artemis and go down rabbit holes. His father is completely missing in the 1st book and the whole reason Artemis pursues the faeries is to ransom their Gold for Holly to go looking for his father (who knows nothing of the fairy world). looks like they didn't even read the books. should have done an animation movie could have been so much better

  22. Alex Santiago

    Well if you wanna stick to the original story line, Ayer Cut should go first. Plus Ayer said that his cut can be put together quicker than the Snyder cut. Hopefully they can do both and we can watch them in order

  23. MinaMinas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99

    I love dragons, I’m hyped! I love Disney, and I love dragons! :D

  24. Sergio Acosta

    I think both should go out but Snyder should get all the support from everyone first then we can think about Ayer.

  25. Kaito Spin

    Didn't care. Don't care. Won't care.

  26. Mike On Raw

    no roku, no max

  27. Bogie

    Maul is the second best character in Star Wars

  28. Ethan Mattix

    I love how passionate Grace is about the classics.

  29. Jon Alexander

    If the Ayer cut happens, I hope they conclude the movie with a sneak peek of James Gunn's upcoming Suicide Squad reboot.

  30. Jae

    Oh my word Grace👀. I'm from the future and this is hilarious content😂

  31. Parrish Lopes

    Enjoyed it thoroughly!

  32. Lucas Ribeiro

    My God i haven’t seen most of that! Can’t wait to HBO MAX get here on my country

  33. Ryan Stewart


  34. Michael J. Schaefer

    I'd watch a BTS making of for sure!!

  35. davante barbain

    I feel zack should go first and then ss

  36. Jaime Ruiz

    The joker looks like trash, I’d pass if I could unlike the first time where I was optimistic.

  37. Joker The insane clown

    Upset cause theres one episode but season 1 ended only like a month ago

  38. Smilez xD

    In the first movie she turns the bird (Diablo) into a dragon. In the second movie she finds out who she really is and how much potential she has. She's not a dragon, she's a Phoenix.. The last one to ever exist. I loved the second one as well.

  39. PFT Burchell

    That price point is what kept everyone away from HBO-Max, $15? Disney is $7 and Netflix the longest running and best streaming service starts at $9. Should have thought about that first year low cost and raising it over the next five years.

  40. Ronnie J Dio

    Well the ayer cut is done so...edit it up and let it fly

  41. Evo Guy

    Will be Subscribing to hbo max when the Snyder cut comes out.. why would anyone subscribe now . Nothing new

  42. tahna dana

    if by "GO" you mean dead than both

  43. Callum Smith

    Watched this movie love jake gyllenhaal my favourite actor with jack nicholson and I love nightcralwer 8/10. And wow buzzsaw was shit 2/10 struggle to stay awake, and I never like that espacially for a jake movie. Awful

  44. Emilio Risquez Perez

    Whatever they do, just make killer croc in cgi

  45. Kings J

    The DCEU is such a mess. Every time they have news it's nothing that it should be or its something that's going to take way to long... we should have been has a flash and black adam movie.

  46. isthatclue

    Well the other thing with HBO Max is, Snyder Cut has a huge following worldwide and only USA has it so far.

  47. Jykes Panda

    Imagine having to sit thru another jared fucking letto "joker"

  48. Jose Prendes

    I signed up early, as a sign of good faith. Snyder Cut first!

  49. Aash Aaron

    Yeah - I don't care who did what first or who will be first I actually think SS will be a hit and add excitment to SC as 1. DC fans want these movies to be good and even haters wanna watch and I think we all wanna see Leto Joker and with Joker success it's also worth revisiting and 2. ZS cut has created more hype even when it seemed an impossibility to ever happen that I think nothing could cool it's heat. SS cut is a bonus but SC is an event!

  50. Beatness

    If I'm completely honest, I'm still on not on either of the re-cuts... I'm just skeptical that either of those movies could be "saved" after all these years.

  51. Etascope

    The fans really support Zack. I think very little can change their mind. does this mean we get a Solo movies Cut and a Fan4tasic Cut?^^

  52. Dolphin Queen

    I was thinking about Asia Kate Dillon she will be amazing with the role as Kate kane my reason is she dressed the same way as ruby rose they both have similar lives and they were in the same show together in orange is the new black . Asia will be the best fit for batwomen

  53. Abdiwadud Abdijalil Aden

    OMG this is best show superhero show i have ever seen, oh and CGI is f*cking amazing.

  54. Cole Thomas McClain

    Release them together!

  55. Paul Negrean

    Just finished the 1st season,31 May 2020 XD Damn,don't even know if I was following Grace in 2017,looks so different but also so good wow ! Anyway started watching recently and yup glad I did even if I'm late to this party,the series is great

  56. Danielle Rush

    The problem I have with the idea of Ayer's cut of "Suicide Squad" is that I suspect the movie will simply be all about Harley and the Joker. And I DON'T want to see a movie titled "Suicide Squad" that is simply about Harley and the Joker.

  57. buzzards cry

    Synder cut

  58. Aksel

    Well ayer supported that version and said it was his final version

  59. BornYesterday0126

    Glad to see Mildred Pierce and Giant get some love!

  60. BornYesterday0126

    I don't know why you would wanna remake Fiddler? The movie adaptation is wonderful, meanwhile there are plenty of other musicals that have yet to be made into movies. I feel Universal is holding out on Wicked because its still making too much money on Broadway.

  61. Jacob Kantor

    the daughter was pointless af. the show would be way better without her

  62. Gabbie Phillips

    Grace, you’re an absolute gem. You’re so dedicated to your work and you’re so appreciative of your fans and watchers. You’re awesome Grace. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  63. a stupid unicycle

    release the hardy cut

  64. Paul Chen

    It's a great show. It's like fresh cologne. It never made me cringe at the awkward situations. It goes down smooth. As a result, I went through the 10 episodes really quickly.

  65. Brett Gowlett

    This is my favourite video you have done. It's great to see you be so passionate about the films and your elevator pitch for each was concise and engaging. Thank you!!!

  66. D Noyes

    This all reminds me of fans wanting the Superman II Donner cut, and I'm glad we the fans have both the Donner and Lester cuts on that blu-ray. Hypothetical Question: is the 'Ayer cut' that much different from the Blu-ray Extended Cut Suicide Squad version? That has extra Joker and Harley stuff...or is there even THAT much more? Too bad Synder cut wasn't ready at launch-then again HBOMAX doesn't even have a Roku app, partly why so many people didn't sign up

  67. Ebewele Praise

    We're getting a Suicide Squad movie soon but there's no JL sequel anywhere within sight so the Snyder cut is obviously the best option as of now

  68. Landon Doeckel

    Personally I don't care about Ayer and his different version of Suicide Squad...Zack Synder worked and earned what he has finally been given.

  69. Ebewele Praise

    I'm a die-hard DC fan but I still feel the Ayer cut couldn't substantially help the movie any more than the BvS Ultimate Edition could

  70. andrea campoy

    I don’t want this garbage and Zack Snyder deserves to have his moment, and for it to be his own

  71. John B

    Pleased Snyder is back, maybe he will answer about the Martha thing and how during filming no one spoke up and said wait a fkn second brother.

  72. TexasVagabond

    Where some see “Full House” or “Family Ties”, I see “Step by Step”.

  73. Smilez xD

    I'm still in love with this movie

  74. Broderick Schwinghammer

    Hey Grace, I think you're ahead of the Curve when it comes to Defending Jacob. When you did this review it was at 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, it's at 71%. I think people are discovering the show as more episodes come out and their opinions of it are changing. You said it yourself that it starts out like a run-of-the-mill murder mystery before getting a lot better. I think more and more critics, and audiences are starting to discover it the longer it goes on. Just thought I'd let you know 👍

  75. Lu Ca

    Maybe I am the only one but I dont care about the suicide squad cut. After seeing Jared's joker spots I was underwhelmed. So, Truthfully I only went to see it for the Batman scene and because I like Will Smith and Viola Davis. Visually I liked Harley queen but her scenes were a disappointment. I did not enjoy margots performance. Enchantress was awful and so were the full "evil army". The movie was a mess and it was the same director, frankly I don't see much improvement for it. Maybe a couple of more scenes, while Snyder's has more promise as his vision is vastly different than what we got. Get the Snyder's cut first and if there is interest then the Ayer's cut.

  76. rogerm4a1

    People are ungrateful. The Snyder cut was enough. First let it come out before we ask for the Ayer cut. It needs to do good for them to even consider it.

  77. Firing Clan

    Whose manzz is this.. Tammy rocks

  78. Haider Raja

    @7:46; reverend: “Mr.Fisk repeat after me”, “I wilson” Fisk: “I wilson” reverend: “take the Vanessa” Fisk: “take the Karen!!!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  79. gplus46

    got to love Grace, tearing up, priceless

  80. Mazin Malaikah

    Snyder Cut 2021. Ayer's cut in 2022 for me

  81. 23Prospero37

    Sadly Kathleen Kennedy did interere with the Rise of Skywalker and destroyed it too. The theme parks failed and Kennedy is interfering with the Mandolorian as well. Star Wars wont be saved until Kennedy is gone and it won't be soon enough

  82. Mali Adrienne Currington

    I signed up on the first day. I am disappointed. They have a small selection of Looney Tunes and NO Merrie Melodies. They only have a few Hanna Barbara offerings. This does no compare to Disney in anyway. The only saving grace is that they offered me the service free (2 days after I created a separate account) as an AT&T mobile phone subscriber. So i'm going to close that separate account. if not for that promotion, I would have not cared about the service until some time in 2021.

  83. Leofd Ferreira

    38 milhões 😨 gente kkk

  84. HeroOfLogic

    I was gonna wait until the Snyder Cut came out to get HBO Max, but I would definitely get it faster if the Ayer Cut came out. Would be interesting.

  85. tash evans

    What about the extended cut it had a lot of of footage of the joker on that.

  86. TherealBeaston

    Wait why may Watchmen not return???

  87. EvilGrillCheese

    I mean... how worse could it be? I would watch it.

  88. Gendgi

    Sabrina's cat shows up in the Netflix show since season one Grace :)

  89. Cyn Melen

    Definitely prefer the Synder cut over Ayer. He worked hard on his version and deserves to be shown to the masses.

  90. Thedarknate08

    Do what Two-Face would do and flip a coin😂

  91. Vivek Chohan

    People are striving to get the movies they want to see for beloved characters which have been fleshed out for decades. It will be great for some, disappointing for others (both the snyder cut and ayer cut), just like the theatrical releases

  92. DelaTube69

    first they want a snyder cut, then ayer cut.... what's next; trank cut? oh my...

  93. toonmili03

    Too many streaming services. And HBO is definitely not a priority.

  94. Christopher Hutchison

    What I would like to see unfold is Snyder and Ayer collaborate on their scripts and flesh out what would work for any additional filming on Ayer’s cut. Film that as part of Snyder’s additional photography and release them when they have a good enough cohesion of Ayer’s original concept. Give us what we as originally thought we we getting as DCEU fans. I want to see both cuts and if they can actually connect and make them better than what they would have been even better! Also HBO Max really needs to step up its DC content and add The Ultimate Edition of BVS as well as Nolan’s Trilogy, Christopher Reeves Superman films, Batman the animated series and the rest of the content of DC Universe. Make it worth the customers while.

  95. MovieBlocks Productions A.K.

    I thought that Moriarty was handled ok. It was clear that he was already in his plan before she butted in. He was just ok with helping her out a little. And I thought that the part with molly was ok. That's why when sherlock said "I won" she said, "did you?". And yes I hate that sherlock's sister was redeemed in some way.

  96. Carlos Lima

    I agree Henry should have done the Shazam cameo I assume that's why he's rumored to be in Shazam 2... Henry's trying to better his relationship with the WB as he should, I want him to continue to be Superman in the DCEU

  97. J

    AT&T/WB/some higher ups at DC are all silly silly silly silly people. It really makes me think of when Mr Burns has Smithers pull a string so he can slap Homer, Smithers, and himself and in various combos and orders.

  98. J

    Really she was going to have a Motherbox in her? But with a motherbox and a powerful magic user, you'd think she could just snap and Darkseid would be there, no?

  99. Complex Matt

    Lets not get too greedy. I would love to see Ayers cut, but I want to see JL more rbh

  100. Steve Pryor

    Until they sort out some UK coverage, fuck it, ill try and force myself not to care.