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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2018 American Idol, Maddie Poppe!
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    I love Sam

  2. kc HP

    Same shirt hahaha

  3. Jane Kapandula

    This girl makes me cry 😭 if only she knew

  4. WSGtr

    Best vocals on the show so far delivered right here. Gave me goosebumbs. He's definitely top 5 material.

  5. tranquility rose valerian

    Awwww gud luk girl u have nice voice

  6. Jalen Miller

    What’s up homies

  7. liz quin

    He was screechy sad he lets the nerves get to him

  8. •Limelight Seavey•

    One day I just want him and the rest of the boys to just show them their voices now

  9. Ted Bear

    Im from the future. I present you, your american idol

  10. hara ecca

    What kind of performance was that? I get the story behind it, but the delivery was just mediocre.

  11. Ingrid Felfly

    She's adorable! I'm so happy for her!!!!!!! Also you judges are so sweet❤

  12. Arixxbrittney

    katy singing titanic in the backround 2.00

  13. Sassy Boo

    How her pediatricians miss this disease.. usually they measured the baby head at each doctor's visits.

  14. Eco Educator

    @Jonny West What's the title of this song? I think I've already murdered the replay button. Will definitely buy your album - Your Fan from the Philippines

  15. Second Opinion

    Wait thats a Dude. Why every season they bring on the Broke Back Mountains.

  16. Muhammad Zulkarnaen

    Social distancing??

  17. Arixxbrittney

    katy perry when she walked out and went back in😂😂😂

  18. Julian Smith

    I love that Trixie Mattel and Katy Perry have the same dress.

  19. Suzanne Walker

    Leona Lewis was and is much better, but Kelly is a good singer.

  20. f3 e2

    Makes it so hot how he pours all of his emotions into it.

  21. raverdude61

    So much respect for Sheniel! Yaowwww she's the real MVP!

  22. Allegra Lockett


  23. Isles Celestine

    Why was Katie making those faces during the first song?

  24. Couldn't find a good name

    No band arrangements? : Okay,I'll arrange all this with my guitar❤❤

  25. mark g

    He killed it like Django unchained

  26. KazumiLivesForever

    *_I just hope no one is Covid19 positive in the audience._* 😶


    Why did she change songs?



  29. Jane Fonda

    HE GOT IN??? WTF is this show

  30. Ranjan Basnet

    Why aint they posting his new videos??

  31. Jane Fonda

    coz she gave away her daughter

  32. CarolineWatkinsmusic

    johnny spotting at 4:03 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  33. Pam Michon

    dump his sorry ass your beautiful

  34. Joseph Chavcorz

    She’s one of my favorites

  35. Youre Road

    I'm shitty watching this a hundred times. Quarantine feels😩😩😩

  36. Joseph Chavcorz

    She’s one of my favorites

  37. minitebuhzed

    America idol shows how uncultured America is the best singers of the generation perform and they don’t win this show is a joke America is a joke

  38. Ashley Ha

    joshua bassett vibes

  39. Mr. RGN

    I think think guy could win this year.. Like Laine Hardy he played guitar.👍👍 Keep it up bro.

  40. Eclipse Occur

    When I was 7 I wiggle my pen to see it bend

  41. Abel Chavez

    There is always 1 that gets hurt .. the feeling will never leave us.

  42. CarolineWatkinsmusic

    “welcome to the WORLD, my friend” 😂😂😂 lionel’s too good

  43. The Amazing SARAHGG

    I don't believe its her singing 🎤! Unbelievable,she looks like not singing but just standing.

  44. Someguy Yup

    He’s gonna win.

  45. Nelson Cordeiro

    what a voice and emotion 💯

  46. Corey McShane

    This was absolutely amazing


    Ugh. So handsome and so talented. Dream boat

  48. Someguy Yup

    She looks like if Hillary duff was raised in a trash can.

  49. carly caporrino

    absolutely in love with him

  50. Veronica Mejia

    Wow just wow he is going to be a star!

  51. wtfvideos4

    He is such a good singer, and his gf inspires heart. Love it

  52. Christopher Estrada

    Proud Filipino here

  53. Becky Klepper

    Love her ❤️ but that song was rough.

  54. Emily


  55. 808hardwrkr


  56. gideondavid30

    In all fairness, American Idol isn't a religious music competition. It is possible to sing songs about God without using worship songs.


    Very good job girl....

  58. barsha shrestha

    O my god out standing

  59. LaLa M

    Man this guy is underwhelming and mediocre. So fucking full. Awful. Definitely don’t get top 40, let alone top 20.

  60. Madan ilham

    Cerpen bagus Dalam saya nila mungkin Penampilan mu bagus Mungkin kenapa tak main Bend karena suara kamu Sudah oke saya diam Dalam hidup ini sayang

  61. Pronoia 01

    can't stop watching, I just really wished he won Idol

  62. Lyrical drugs

    Nepali ho ni 🇳🇵

  63. MiniFlip Po Tato

    Happy 1st Anniversary <3

  64. marjury marjury

    Mabuhay and PINOY!!!

  65. Jo Duclair

    sounds a little like tyrese at time! am i crazy?

  66. Bryce Cruz

    April 2, 2020 😉👍🏻

  67. Lucho O


  68. Aashish Regmi

    Arthur Gunn is inspiration for our other NEPALI brothers & sisters who have such true & pure global talent and can be recognized as globally❤️❤️ 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. rupesh khanal

      Yes.....best wishes for him

  69. juan hernandez

    Katy y Daddy yankee. son los mejores


    Yay a musical my favorite! That’s probably what I would sing

  71. sagar pande

    Waiting for Aurthur Gunn performance This guy also a decent singer as well

  72. AFA ESE

    Alejandro is proud

  73. Adin Musić

    He reminds me of Charlie Puth. In lower registers and in falsetto, they sound very similar. But Charlie also sings with the whole capacity of his voice and for Alejandro i do not know. Maybe his voice is like that. All in all he is very talented guy.

  74. Lois Eberhart

    This girl can sing, but doesn't even come close to Cyniah Elise when she sang the same song. This is one of my favorite songs and I didn't care for her take on it as much as I did Cyniah.

  75. kaneki_tghoul

    Ardhito pramono

  76. Momin devkota

    🤩 the boy ❤️❤️best of all ❤️❤️❤️ Person with the great talent ❤️🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  77. K. Moreno

    Wow 😍😍😍😍 she is amazing

  78. K. Moreno

    Trying to hold back the tears in my eyes... she was absolutely a beautiful singer with a huge heart and beautiful attitude! I pray she goes so far 💖

  79. Grace Edwards

    Notice how on this season they keep going back to Alejandro and not Laine... There's a reason.

  80. Sunder Rana


  81. Bailey Winter

    1:15 wth

  82. Wilwen P Mogak

    He is really good!

  83. Zee

    He kinda looks like Iñigo Pascual

  84. Warriors🎗Mom

    Not impressed!

  85. Warriors🎗Mom

    He is my favorite!

  86. VALLIGIRL16002

    Loved this. I've played it over and over. Just love it! So sad she didn't make it through to top 20, but I sincerely hope I see her next time around. She has a whole year to get even better. If you read this, Amber, maybe just work on your breath control, and stick to these timeless songs that show of your beautifully contrasting high and low ranges and emotional expression of what you're singing. Please don't give up. I want to hear more. Btw, your voice reminds me a lot of Frankie Valli's daughter, Francine.

  87. Jeff Daniel

    The band on his back 🥱

  88. mark louis suderio

    If you dont get famous in Hollywood come to Philippines... you will certainly shine here...

  89. Diana Villavicencio

    She broke my heart when she start crying and her grandmother asked her why she crying and she said because I want you to be here. 🤩

  90. Mark Siegfred Elises

    Maggie is a girlfriend goal. Hehehe

  91. Rich Bsy

    Brother Francisco Martin congrats for making it on the Top20. Hoping for a Top10 soon, Then Top5. And of course the winning. GOD Bless you on your journey at the age of 19 unto what you will become in the International music after this pandemic. God Willing po!

  92. Sushma Limbu

    shrinkme.io/7QyqGGf New song of Arthur Gunn

  93. aodom0889

    Her parents better WORSHIP in that audience!!

  94. Grafton Daniels

    This is a ballad...

  95. Angelica Barber

    Dang. Evelyn Cormier made top 14, and she didn’t even make top 20??? 🤔

  96. Lizzie Hinrichs

    he good btw i am a small utuber

  97. dachi 97

    Actualy 4 singing comptition alejandro more good 👍 but for music industries?😅

  98. Pierre Stevens

    Granny is having her moment and I’m living for it. Know somebody please help me understand how she is 78 and got them heels on.

  99. dachi 97

    Look more than voice

  100. Bernadette Barnes

    God bless her soul she sings with a passion she means what she sings so real so unique so authentic just Sam keep being you Just Sam and you are destined to go far.