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  1. NeverRelax

  2. tobymichaels

    Disinformation at its worst. Pure "appeal to authority" logic as no evidence is proffered for any of your claims. How dangerous to abuse your professional credibility to aver so strongly on a situation which is still so scientifically ambiguous!

  3. Mewfred11

    You will dig into a new world

  4. Jason Kaushik

    I'm with you on your opinion but the problem is, you're not presenting any evidence that vaping, in general, is bad for you. Only that you could be respectable to being poisoned by poorly produced products. Why can't we see data that show vaping, in general, is causing damage? That would shut the kids up.

  5. brian puente

    Thers a new symptom well to my knowledge .so i was quarentine w my friend fred and well it was just us so i mean we wer tested and wer negative so one night we wer drinking and one thing let to another he buttfucked me and now i am positive on the coronavirus so i had to quarentine some wer else so wear protection when fuking

  6. W1L50N8T0R

    Watch this if you dare:

  7. Мария Николова


  8. DrowsyCemar

    Does it effect people with sickle cell SS because I have sickle cell ss

  9. Pyari Pyari

    This is why we find the idea revolting, it’s an inherent defence for offspring to be healthy

  10. mr & mrs

    These two idiots should go back to Hollywood as one month later practically every word they spoke has now become false information. From masks to travel. On all counts your wrong. So much for so called experts. If we listen to idiots like this we would be in a much worse situation than we are currently.

  11. Emax Professional

    Don't go out and get yourself tested.. limit your exposure to other people to zero..

  12. whale news1234

    Is this for kids?

  13. CatGirlsAreBestGirls

    Tbh I dont think I've seen one in person before

  14. supernovasuper Plays

    Me: *coughs* Asians: *intense sweating and fear*

  15. Debby Marshall

    If someone who has had a pulmonary embolism to the lungs and has recovered be more at risk as well?

  16. supernovasuper Plays

    I thought you MEANT A.R.S not A.R.D.S

  17. LollyHolly

    Cats struggle to get along when introduced as adults because their body language is reversed. For dogs wagging tails normally means interest and excitement but for cats their tails swishing can be threatening. If dogs and cats are raised together they really don’t mind each other

  18. Luiz Pedro da Costa Ruszczycki

    The problem with this video is using chinese data. Its never real, aways manipulated.

  19. Arun Devarajan

    Doent look like a virus created in the lab..lets please give credit to the wuhan animal market area...humans are still not as intelligent as the animals...Just by developing a car or computer u dont necessary call urseld intelligent..Intelligent means livingbin harmony with.mother earth..and thats whatbthe animals do all the time...cant you just learn from them...and all the hype about going to Mars , First learn to live on planet Earth.

  20. uwu

    My smoll schnau nau chihuahua female doggo humps all the time I don't know what you guys are talking about, I thought all chihuahua dogs were like that 😂

  21. FiveMinutesToFame


  22. JL P

    It’s the 5g people. I get dizzy headaches when I got outside. I’m a healthy person but this happens when I go outside.I told my doctor this before the covid thing exploded. Notice the old zombie movies the people turned that way by radiation in the air. Notice that it’s hard to make sense sometimes when writing a sentence.You reread something you wrote earlier and you sound like a babbling idiot.Dont know if we all will turn into zombies but Hollywood been telling us truth through movies and music.

  23. Emon Khan


  24. Eazy_Lifeb TV

    Why don’t they just pump out the liquid in the lungs?

  25. Braz Nart'n

    These fish were bred to be sterile?? Extremely suspicious....

  26. Harry Potter

    Its a serious virus stay home save Lifes

  27. DGTasdiq

    0:58 R.I.P Made up Republic of Bangladesh

  28. Juju Rellama

    them damn things look like the insects from the Aliens movie

    1. misolou fout

      I have Corona and this is scary

  29. zr gaming

    Says not to trust the internet. Posts on internet lmao

  30. OTURANAYI 86

    everyone: booblight me, an intellectual: *TITLIGHT*

  31. Juan Gallardo

    Stay at home people.

  32. Ash Vee

    It hurt me when you threw some of that coffee into the sink. 🤣💔

  33. Lily Ingoldsby

    Dogs 100% feel guilt. Whenever my pupper gets in the trash and is caught, she slinks and gets real close to the floor, slowly walking toward my dad.

  34. Lilia Checcone

    the first one didnt suprise me. another dog came to meet my two girls one time. a puppy. teh ;D my spayed dog immediatly began humping the other dog. :D

  35. ivan stoimenov

    When she said about argentinosaurus she was wrong because Argentinosaurus was actually 37m tall

  36. Rafiq

    That organ was the liver, not pancreas

  37. Zhibo Yang

    *1:03 that's not pancreas, that's liver

  38. DaxCool

    i brush away my dogs fur that didnt come off while he was shedding, i dont shave his fur off because it grows back slowly so he'll just freeze when the weather starts getting colder around autumn

  39. Na Na

    I don’t have cough, fever, runny nose or anything but, my heart feels heavy. Do I have it?

    1. Na Na

      misolou fout I know Am I gonna die?

    2. misolou fout

      Wuhan coronavirus is deadly.

  40. Shamus Bob

    Camels feel like I'm watching a Star Wars fan theory video on a background creature, like it feels alien and ridiculous of an animal. Imagine being an alien and you come down here in your ufo and the first thing you see is a Camel, you'd think you were gonna see wild ass creatures to follow but then you see naked humanoid monkey dudes listening to Linkin Park.

  41. Hiwa Jalal

    Damn it I have a fever.

  42. IPSoft Creations

    A veterinarian fox!

  43. Artacia

    Blue yellow and grey huh. Blonde, blue eyes. Nice to know my dog can distinguish me from my siblings

  44. Claudestine Celis

    This vid: going to china Corona virus: *so you choose death*

  45. The Fat White Elephant

    the Geoduck clam is really creepy.

  46. Arian Baraku


  47. Mr Blackman Nigger

    Must be scary living in LA

  48. suman ghosh

    0:50: up to four hrs on copper, up to 24 hrs on cardboard, up to two and three days on plastic n stainless steel. 1:06 - not air born but can b in droplets in particles in the air. Can last three hrs in droplets in the air. Stay six feet away from people. 1:40 - CDC thinks pkgs or mail won't transmit virus.

  49. Haider Ali


  50. Prower

    Is runny nose a symptom?

  51. 김Charlotte

    "Cats hate water" Dunk any animal (including humans) into water No animal likes getting wet

  52. براہمداغ

    There should be a small wearable electronic lungs apparatus. Kinda like artificial hearts etc. Would save so many lives.

  53. jbhamid

    Too hard. I'm getting a cat off the side of the road

  54. SKX FX

    I want to have vantablack colored hair

  55. Sasha

    This was so good to watch. Thank you!

  56. Riz Ali

    This is the result of 5g

  57. Mr Nervous

    Save the ventilators

  58. Shiny 345

    7:10 Someone really did that myth 😂

  59. KEC Is Now Bisexual

    Myth 7 was interesting for me. My dad is allergic to every type of fur under the sun so we got poodle mixes and he’s not allergic to them at all! He doesn’t even sneeze around them. We must have dogs that produce an extremely microscopic amount of allergens.

  60. KJM Slay

    If you don’t pick your baby up or try to soothe your baby when he/she cry you can NOT be trusted. I don’t want anyone around me telling me not to pick up my baby when he cry.

  61. M2DaV 123

    Melissa Doyle from Australia's The Latest copied part of this word-for-word in tonight's episode. Copyright issue!

  62. Shota Aizawa

    School: Sorry, we can’t do that.

  63. Andrea Salindato

    That's why I have to be more cautious these days bcoz of my diabetes. GOD BLESS US ALL!

  64. TurqoiseRope 36

    Yeah well I'm watching this at 1:30 a.m with only 4 hrs of sleep cuz of online school. Dumb quarantine. No not even its school

  65. Kebab Chi

    My dick r/don'tputyourdickinit

  66. Mrs Gamer

    step 1: dont buy a goldfish

  67. LaviniaVeiled

    Babies smell different than people? Lady, babies are tiny people. Say adult humans if that’s what you mean. Get out of here with this. 🙄

  68. GameWizard772

    As I watch this at 2:00 am 🤔

  69. jas jassim

    M having difficulty breathing sometimes.....and not at all fever not even a lil bit.....but its been 1 week since i hav dyspnea.....and the main thing is that my heart is pounding like anything....i checked the oximeter since that day and still i hav tachycardia.....but no other symptoms like cold or sorethroat .....but m feeling weak maybe becuz m paranoid as fkk....someone bring me light to this🙏hope its not corona

  70. Banter Ator

    I haven't eaten breakfast on a school day for three years. I'm never hungry at breakfast time and I have to think to actually eat breakfast (I naturally wouldn't eat breakfast and don't eat until lunch on school days). To be honest, the snack I eat around 4PM is a more consistent part of my diet than breakfast is.

  71. Bashar Naeem

    Is she wearing pajamas?

  72. Bashar Naeem

    Dog saliva was a Celtic medication

  73. Blinbin

    Did anyone else look up to see if their ceilings were like these lmao

  74. KaiaSaurus

    Lol babies are different than people? Interesting, I thought they were people. Maybe babies are different than adults?

  75. Jonathan Dabre

    Great Doctors and Engineers from India go abroad and India remains underdeveloped

    1. Kavindu Kalhara

      Jonathan Dabre Because doctors and engineers in south asian regions earn far less than their western counterparts

  76. Blake Bautko

    This podcast episode discusses Coronavirus and what citizens are currently dealing with and how to stay positive throughout all of this! Please listen!

  77. Bakchodi 2020🤣

    For subs like this!! #Ankiigusain

  78. isaac

    I HATE those damn lights!

  79. Cassie Sousa

    Can indeed say, my parents being extremely strict made all my sisters and me in fact act out and sneak around them and do things that aren’t so well behaved 🤣

  80. Gabbers! TotallyTots!

    I've also heard that cats purr if they're in pain, the vibration soothes the pain I suppose, it's sad when you think about it cause you could just think they're fine😔

    1. A HA

      Yeah, that myth is infuriating and almost as dangerous as that dog wagging tail = happy.

  81. Ika Glublu

    Where indonesia?

  82. Andres Rodriguez

    Sleep routine? Night owl Wake up at? 12 Breakfast? Skip it Parents? Get mad Hotel? Trivago

  83. MyPinky Videos

    Mmm the only contact lenses I use are the ones of vision and I’ve never slept with them but one day I almost did oof cause I felt something in me eye

  84. First name Last name

    Is there a reason my bottom ones are WAY sharper than my top?

  85. Jeremy Brown

    Males and Females Get Belly Button Lint And a Stench

  86. Irish Man

    I am 38 years old, and I have Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. I currently have a sore throat, fever, chills, body aches. I am kind of freaking out.

  87. Owen

    Everybody chillax. If you're under the age of 60 the death rate is extremely low. Don't panic and do the research for yourself, look into the numbers. The virus spreads really quick, but if you're young and healthy you shouldn't be scared for yourself, be scared for the elderly who have a high risk of death. If you're someone who's freaking out, don't. Panic and fear makes people do stupid things, especially in groups. You should be concerned and prepared, but being terrified is unreasonable. No one is reasonable or intelligent when they're scared.

  88. Fathur Rossy

    Gk eroh bahasa inggris su😌

  89. Joel Vorensky

    I had the symptoms described in the video. I'm happy to share my solution. I crush a whole garlic, add cayenne. I do enough, enough of the crushed crushed garlic/cayenne with food, rice, chicken broth, pasta, scrabbled egg. I can do as much garlic/cayenne twice a day. I sweat out the virus during night sleeps. This gets into the small hairs of the digestive tract and cleanse the virus. Next, I'm an asthmatic so I use a nebulizer with inhalation solution Impratropium Bromide/Albuterol Sulfate when I have shortness of breath. Next I do use supplements, zinc, grape seed. Next, I practice the discipline of "Animated Laughter with Feelings", (on book "I Dare to Heal with Laughter". The repetitive "Animated Laughter with Feelings" cleanse the accumulated "Fear" (Face Everything and Rise). The result of the repetitive laughter is the dynamic release of the healing hormones, endorphins, opioids, T-cells, antibodies, anti-aging and serotonin.

  90. Green Ranger

    Can you just inhale, hold for couple seconds then exhale, and do several time as self-test? I believe the body is amazing and it can give many clues.

  91. Michael M

    This is all false, I recently just died and all I saw was a prompt saying that I can now play as someone named Luigi.

  92. Elijah Schwarz

    My dog absolutely loves hugs

  93. Erik Schiller

    This could have been avoided if China focused on stopping the spread of the virus and not the spread of information.

  94. jj jj

    how many of you here have a cold?

  95. DottyGale8

    What about on cloth surfaces?