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  1. Unknown

    But he aint the only one to not raise there hands doe..

  2. brookskill Scotty's

    Wow just wow

  3. Tsukai Nova

    Not sure about the science but sharks have electromagnetic receptors that is used to detect their prey. Wouldn't the magnet actually attracted the shark?

  4. Paladin Tactical

    I wonder what she did to anger him that much...

  5. RandomJoole

    As a husband I would relax and get a whisky from the bar and afterwards tell my wife I had to be there with the children

  6. Hey You

    Oh god she started playing the victim because of her race. Worst kind of person.

  7. Valcoft 00

    Can't imagine the thing that i hate the most other than myself, until i found this video. Thanks youtube.

  8. Stoned Batman

    Home owners need to start shitting in boxes and leaving outside their homes...

  9. Damianos Outskas

    Nuke china to kill everyone with the desiese, *SIMPLE*

  10. Dan KH6DAN

    I thought for just one second that she was questioning Donald Trump. Just for a second. Although, Trump would have had her thrown off the property.

  11. Bob500

    Isn’t that normal in us and a

  12. Grantelbart

    How can somebody die in a minivan? How about smashing the windows?

  13. Emilio Javier

    Anger lowers one's intelligence, and hate clouds one's judgment.

  14. Elwood P. Dowd

    Do you have a Doberman? Then yes.

  15. Vile Ink

    I'mma try and stay the hell away from this woman

  16. Milan Benek

    Americans... the dumbest

  17. Nimrod

    Was a terrible act, tasteless and offensive. But she did apologize, many don't. To be objective though, she didn't mean it in an offensive way,she was complementing the actor. Maybe a fan of the actor struggling with condition will feel encouraged when he/she realizes a star had the sm condition.

  18. ELMST X6


  19. Robin Thao

    They died because we didnt fix immigration? So if someone dies from getting hit by a drunk driver, is it because we didnt fix our alcohol laws? Stupid ass people. They made a choice and paid the price. No one forced them to get in that truck. They trusted the wrong people. You cant blame the immigration laws.

  20. Kemosabe 88

    in China we eat those cobras like crasy

  21. Beano Leano


  22. Terri Silva

    I live in r.i to and I see one but mine had no face just a human form but know eyes no nose no ears just a face wit no features

  23. Dirty Muzzie

    If my parents made it family live in a school bus, I'd murder them.

  24. you

    1K comment

  25. Tim Podhorn

    Hipocrit...good at double talk...give him 10% & he will save your soul...

  26. Irene baebae

    I have a question, how do know what..forget it

  27. Luc Longly

    It just looked like some sort of awkward foot movement without malice. 🤔

  28. Mickey Andres

    Thank you Sir! 😘🐶💕

  29. you


  30. Gabensy

    N.W.A. once said already ........

  31. Charles Greer

    They shoulda just let them go. I remember years back in vicksburg ms they found a african American lady dead on the street. Back then sherriff paul barrett was still alive and sherriff. He was known for being a very tough but just sherriff. And it didnt take him long to get his man when someone messed up in warren co ms. They found the guy and brought him to the co jail. Seems by mistake they put the guy in a cell with the murder victims brother. Well mister killer didnt see the next day. Found him dead at the hands of his cell mate. All that was ever said was we didnt know he was the victims brother. Like I said old paul was a just man either way it went you just didnt mess up or run to his county bc he always got his man.

  32. you


  33. you


  34. Queen M America

    Fat lawsuit

  35. Cyrus Dabar

    Caught red handed "I didn't do it!"

  36. you


  37. Jlymor Pestaño

    Why can`t he just say "Send bobs and vagene" like his friends do.

  38. you


  39. you


  40. IllisMoreo 87

    The snake practically slides on the grass like it's ice....... and the dogs stared frozen like, "What's our humans doing?!"

  41. Carlos Spicy wiener

    Shoulda booted that Jeep door shut and left a nice size dimple in it

  42. William Jefferys

    I nearly cried 😢

  43. jimi oyefeso

    They just mad she got that PHAT ASS BOOTY lol JEASLOUS

  44. Cale Shriver

    Everyone, CHILL... Sooner or later he will be in prison because of an accident and his mom will say the punishment is too severe and the world is racist.

  45. Jourdan

    This happened to me one time. Me and 4 friends went to shoot off fireworks around this guys property line and he didn’t like that so he got in his truck and chased me and my friends in a mustang going about 80-110 on a dirt road. There were a couple moments where a sharp turn appeared and my back end slipped as i was trying to keep control. We escaped and he saw us on a 2 lane road going the opposite direction and swerved in front of us nearly causing what would’ve been a rather severe accident. Very scary time and not at all worth it for either parties involved. Don’t do dumb stuff and don’t react irrationally.

  46. Alanwott

    Ight its my turn on the xbox

  47. blackbobjo

    Fire them all

  48. 「Pick Sky TvSøul135」

    If that was Jesus I start Praying

  49. Morty smith

    i just keep playing back that reaction of that kangaroo when the dude punched him lol

  50. Lady Yankee Rebel

    I would do the same dam thing!!! Just being honest!

  51. Jose Melendez

    And may I add glad you weren't by All This Racist propaganda the Trump Administration is putting out there

  52. karma tam

    I thought she was a teen Damn husband?

  53. T0N1 M0NSTER

    I probably would do the same but not as a joke!

  54. Curious Panda

    What if one of them dies?

  55. wealthy black man

    If a guy did that it would be sexual harassment AND LAWSUITS AGAINST HIM!!

  56. Brian Ellinger

    I bought a truck and tools and tried to start a business

  57. Mariecel Caracar

    What the stupid law

  58. roberto de vries

    Some suggest he was digging in his fathers murder 1963, he knew tóo much

  59. Anonymous

    Dang, she can handle a ball. Wait

  60. Lim Chai Ne

    Charlie For tik tok

  61. THAT GUY

    Ah yes, United.......the trash heap of flying. They enjoy ruining their pilots lives for little reasoning.

  62. Cindy Nwajei

    I'd have to move once I knew he knows my address. That is beyond creepy

  63. Effy P

    Yeah that woman's not Ukrainian

  64. Debasis Das

    Yes this doctor is child of pig

  65. brze cvaje

    does both die if not what? it would be creepy bcus he would be dead on him

  66. Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

    This is so sad. RIP King. He deserved better

  67. Pigeon


  68. Marisa 2K

    YT ppl will go the distance to snitch 😂

  69. R Bush

    Clearly why you shouldn't traipse around where you don't belong. Had she stayed on the trail with the rest of the hippy, wannabe outdoorsman she'd have survived her play date with the outdoors. Stupid is as stupid does.

  70. Noah Twist

    Wasn’t no damn accident. Chang the damn title.

  71. S K

    That wasn’t her drug of choice

  72. 「Pick Sky TvSøul135」

    Debbie is Dead! WHY DID SHE LEFT HER DYING FROM DROWNING?! no She has to Shut up (Not Debbie you know :/)

  73. xxbrooklynxx 6ix9ine

    Red flag A daycare called *Cookchilden*

  74. Adriana Eskils

    Her friend just did justice for Shann’an . What amazing friend. ❤️

  75. kalpana karthikeyan

    RIP Kobe Bryant 🥺

  76. Spaaa Geett

    She’s a killer. No sympathy for this thing they call human.

  77. Tsar Peter I

    Dubai is a coward lol but just acted brave infront or mommy

  78. vsaminat

    RIP Harambe!!

  79. 지민이 오빠 사랑해방탄소년단 사랑해

    It looks like he is on vacation...

  80. Marco Alexander Tejo

    Moral of the story: One of your middle school friends will be a criminal

  81. Broek James


  82. Thatss Jess

    Her child will be in the u.s. foster care system which is riddled with child abusers and pedophiles. She better hope her child gets adopted by a nice family.

  83. Gabby Jennings

    This is awesome, and it must feel priceless to help a child in danger, I’m so grateful for those Amber alert, whenever I get them I’m always checking for the car described and the license plate since I live on the border to Mexico cus that’s where they mostly head out to.

  84. Gwen Evans

    Baby with her hands up ,Like bad boys ,bad boys what ya gonna do 🤣🤣😳😳🤦🏽‍♀️

  85. J Mckibbin

    But craig and dayday only got whistles?

  86. Yolanda Liang

    iS iT squIsHY

  87. kaio rie

    now's not a good time to be sick. ive recently got sick and im extremely worried though ive never been to wuhan or been around anyone I know to have been there ??, IDK

  88. Baltazar Perez

    Good job Amanda 👍 you and you're husband.

  89. Marilyn Phan

    I don't see a bike lane on that road. I am glad the guy is okay.

  90. Lilly VonShtup

    Why wasn't his ass fired the first time he did it?

  91. Hot Gammiris හොට් ගම්මිරිස්

    ඩබල් ඇක්ෂන්

  92. Jasson Poirier

    Dude left his shoe behind lol

  93. Jaguars Family

    This is the land of the free .??? Merica 🇺🇸

  94. Rafael Luis

    It was just a prank they didn’t deserve to die like that they were young 16 years old

  95. whitetower67


  96. fessells ahmed

    That was cool. Well done

  97. Spaaa Geett

    One way America solved its obesity crisis. Call it thick and say it’s beauty. Then nail anyone to the cross who says it’s unhealthy.

  98. ShadowFlameGamer_123

    "National firestorm." How come I never heard of it?

  99. Pokémon Fan

    Is she stupid? He might've been chasing someone.

  100. World War 3 2020 by trump

    1:38 kim k.....comando 😎🦸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤼‍♀️💪