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    You dont do it with cards you do it with cans. It makes it sound like a dirt bike.

  2. Donald Back

    Balla In the house

  3. Jake Hoot

    That chickin honestly made my mouth water

  4. Monkey Bah


  5. glg shadow

    Intro looks like Matt doing the rasingan

  6. Frost-ed Flake

    I’ve eaten a bigger donut in 20 minutes, I feel incredibly fat mentioning that

  7. Elizabeth Nguyen

    i'm so upset they didn't fluff the christmas tree

  8. Jordan Shoemaker

    That’s weird

  9. Jordan Shoemaker

    WHAT! It just changed back

  10. Jordan Shoemaker

    Is it just me or is the channel name and title glitching for everyone

  11. Briana Yaek


  12. Rybread 212

    Bruh you use them for airsoft sport like paint ball but better

  13. Julia Hairston

    Tanner predicted the situation ab Drake & Adonis lol

  14. Lazer Fluorosence Leads MAPPLE

    Every puzzle were impossible and worst ones.

  15. iTruly- Spectacle

    572 Snicker

  16. Sheila Brown

    I love how Michael is the only one who wiped the bottle.#coronavirus

  17. Korbin Jordan

    The sound reminds me of my parents having alone time

  18. Nicholas Phillips

    Roze with a z

  19. Bubbie the Cat

    You never said clicking another video on the side of the screen hahaha hahaha lol

  20. love gotcha vids love u guys

    Go to 17:10

  21. HauntingBeast49

    Bruh I live in Alabama

  22. Bryce Marlin

    Well Chanel

  23. TheMangledTriangle

    Sorry Matthias I know this was filmed months ago but I don't want to take a chance that Rona has me scary

  24. Dyhlan

    No its an incomplete circuit

  25. Alice


  26. Kristy Pena

    Kid in you have friends Me.taking off my shoes Kid in school.?( ̄^ ̄) Kid in school.looks at my sock Me.nope Me.(┳Д┳)

  27. Foster Kid


  28. Ranga Rage Macko's Channel

    When theres no Australia box: sad aussie noises

  29. Aditya Ya


  30. paloma De La Cruz


  31. Davis FireStar

    Nooo ams not cute >~<

  32. Chloe Strother

    ~Intense butt clinch~

  33. Phoenix Grant

    i appreciate tan-man's Fae tee shirt from cowboy bebop

  34. MummaJas 84

    Hey Tanner where is it the vid

  35. Desiree Foster


  36. Desiree Foster

    No u

  37. Christian Fisher

    Can we acknowledge the fact that these guys have a whole room filled with nerf guns? 13:22

  38. Madathil Gamer99

    I’m ten I’m not even scared to FNAF

  39. Patrīcija Arāja


  40. Airsoft Mat

    Hola senor como estas

  41. the best

    Taner:knows deku Me:NANI!

  42. Flossum

    *Hand sanitizer prank intensifies*

  43. Itsme Autar


  44. press f for harambe

    a new thing can be a mega nope were everybody votes nope and then you destroy it with a baseball bat or something

  45. Yeeyee Gaming


  46. Mark xxx

    That is mineral spirit, very common for most digging tools. It's a common smell at Homedepo. This smell is commonly found in the garden section. Also found at Walmart garden section.

  47. Rafael Paredes

    Watching this on corona time getting triggered by the toilet paper gun

  48. Itsme Autar

    Matt: pens don't exploded anymore Me: At school lots of peoples pens were exploding so they still do

  49. Tony Moore


  50. Dulce Sarai Donabo Miranda

    *say this in a mobster voice* SOOOFFFT PATTTIESSSS

  51. Catherine

    #gross #cringe

  52. Danica Mellodge

    We love you Matt my baby brothers name is Matthew UwU

  53. Christian Fisher

    Am I the only person who respects the 80s style intro?

  54. Dr. Bruce


  55. Tyler Fletcher

    2:34 Welcome to episode #169 of Pimp my ride

  56. Bulletin Lps

    *ok but what’s more adorable than the product itself is when matt very gently explaining how to open and use the toys* (2:27)

  57. Jason Huffman

    can someone pls meme Micheal with the jello cups

  58. Christine C.

    Natural skin is a million times more attractive than tattewws

  59. Reggie Fils-Aimé

    5:11 tan man

  60. DJROCK 445_wolf

    Tanner:MICHEAL IS THE MOST CUTIES PENGUIN EVER DUDE! Me:ok then i agree with you duck/chicken.

  61. Michael Johnson

    I actually love the energy in this video it made me laugh so much

  62. CurryKingWurst

    Of course you can drown in a puddle. Stupid question.

  63. Porg4140

    Crossy road

  64. GOD Gaming

    Where is the join button

  65. Mikayla Rutter

    Can I have Matt's superhero book lol

  66. Bella Lee

    "crossy road" "cross bow

  67. Pippa Drummond

    the stopmotion is to be used with the minecraft minifigure collectables.

  68. Elena Garcia

    taner moved the table and the lambo moved with it

  69. Carol Chapman

    Look at 13:57 no!!!!!

  70. Ugh Ugh

    I feel so bad for Michel I feel like tanner and Mathias have a good relationship and Michael is just left out like he has to repeat himself and he gets ignored sometimes and just sits their not talking or tries to and no one answers

  71. Debbie Relyea

    Don’t smell the Gluuueeeeee

  72. Ziad Khaled

    Hi guys I love you videos I'm from Egypt

  73. Zurii Choi

    17:23 *Sees Suga's face* 😏

  74. Hi Hi

    Welcome to dope or nope where they try to make their videos exactly 24 minutes

  75. Madison Stovall

    Rose: This is kinda creepy (scoots away from Patrick) Patrick:Yeah (scoots closer to Rose

  76. Rahima Alshammery

    Micheal should have the shoes since shoes are important to him unlike tanner and matt

  77. SmallNoisyBird !

    Little did he know corona will take the summer

  78. JaxtheKing05 Gaming

    Tanner became the hit man

  79. Angelswift

    No one likes your videos

  80. Reid Farris

    I like watching these and thinking about how amazing it would be if was given things off my wishlist randomly

  81. Ryan Woodhouse

    When they says amazon I said amazon in the voice like the adds in a tv show and I had almost peed my pants

  82. Landon Davis


  83. EmojiBoy

    Just join membership, hope I get a shout out 😁

  84. Cecil Anderson IV

    Product 1: bop it Product 2: every Anki product Product 3: GET A DOG

  85. Jahaziel Compean

    One tim i got shooot in the le

  86. Patrīcija Arāja

    tunny money

  87. Eirich Matthew

    Have y’all heard of the wicked witch of the west? Oh sorry I meant Kanye of the west

  88. Patrīcija Arāja

    tunny money

  89. Ruben Mendez

    He scared of offending blind people like they're gonna watch this video

  90. Cati Da Duck

    does no-one in this comment section know about Harry Potter and the Dark Mark reference!?

  91. SwedFighter 420

    A year younger then Tanner I remember it all I was the youngest cousin here's one the horrors of nightmares tickle me Elmo

  92. Travis Ferreira

    I love dope or nope you guys make me laugh everyday 😊

  93. Mac Attack he asked for it

  94. Travis Ferreira

    Baby daddy

  95. Paris DeBose

    wheres the !PONIE!

  96. Aljoon Kimlett

    Depression isnt good. Im not out of it yet but I've come to terms with it

  97. Luke Marcum


  98. Luke Marcum

    For sure I would wear those

  99. xXpezcoolXx

    aren't you guys supposed to stay home?

  100. Diamond Storm

    Mooooooooooooooooo 🐮🐄