VALORANT is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter video game from Riot Games launching worldwide June 2, 2020.
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  1. wesley wihlborg

    I love all of the behind the scenes!!!!!

  2. Dee Mark

    미안해서 어쩌나

  3. Ân Mai

    Ngầu vãi chưởng 🔥🔥🔥

  4. nikohamyla

    ReachyWasHere #5867

  5. Liam S

    Pulled a ubisoft and showed like 1% actual game play and 98% cinematic view of the game. (I did my numbers correct)

  6. FatConductor

    What language does jet speak?

  7. Nathan Trieu

    Exactly like the game, you die after saying you got this and you reload after 1 shot

  8. Blackbird z32

    What the fuck this is badass!!!

  9. Nicolas Rodrigues

    This feels like the best days of overwatch all over again and I love it

  10. 지나가던병신

    미안해서 어쩌나?

  11. Shapshap Shapshap

    I like this animation style, it kinda reminds me of apex legend’s animations.

  12. Mrs Refrigerator

    This game looks like shit. These characters are children, but it's not even "arcade" it's fully serious like a MW game but with Children. Fuck me. And it's going to sell millions.

  13. Jacob Manriquez

    When will this game ever be free instead of having to watch hours upon hours just to get a single code😫🤦‍♂️

  14. 김냥범

    한국어 쩐다

  15. Black_Leg_Sanji

    I dont even have steam but I'm hyped for this

  16. Oyun ve Donanım

    oyunun kapalı betasını oynadım ve yani bilmiyorum ilk balarda valorant hoşuma gidiyordu ve sonra oyun velet doldu küfür eden var bide bana küçümseyen yani bende doğal olarak yüklemedim şu anda baktığımda indiresim gelsede malesef bu yüzden indirmicem

  17. Something

    0:54 did I just see Jett punch that window?

  18. cailean paris

    love the art style in this, very painterly

  19. LuuSkii Dam


  20. Wurkhill

    Crazy Riot released their game today and COD pushed back their new update just for #blackouttuesday

  21. TimeSpy 415

    I like how the fire acts as a physical barrier and then 4 seconds later she just dashes through it.

  22. PennyCrosley

    If you are wanting a show based around this game, you will get it. Just wait for 11 years. That's how long weve been waiting for league and they just announced a show.

  23. XxAzraelxX

    Name of the ending song?

  24. 진지한탱탱볼

    제트:미안해서 어쩌나? 와 졸라 멋지네

  25. Xion Nation

    All the goosebumps in the world have fallen upon me!!

  26. Es Lo

    Wheres the arrow guy?

  27. neigod


  28. Emeet

    italy june 2020

  29. Cenk Emir Bayraktaroğlu

    çakma pheonix seni bulucam olumm

  30. southchum101

    The movement looks gay


    My canal

  32. IposkiVEVO

    this should just be a whole anime

  33. Guillermo Langa

    Ñeee Breach jobbing

  34. Breefcasejoe

    Funny cause the game is 0.00000% like this

  35. James Blackwell

    The black guy cant even win in a cartoon lol. Yall are so insecure.

  36. Nick Teio XD

    Jajajaja el tetris es mejor cracks

  37. Joey Kim

    I got the chills anyone else?

  38. 생이매

    미안해서 어쩌나~

  39. HC MT

    I was today years old when i found out phoenix can bend his wall in game

  40. Nat´s Ariat

    dont trust in Riot cinematics, trushme...

  41. MikiGreen

    funny how the game can’t even pull 10k viewers on twitch 😂

  42. crystalier

    This game is a mixture of CSGO + Overwatch and the graphics of Paladins

  43. Fresh Sizzle

    Where are all the cheaters? This trailer is really misleading.

  44. Fresh Sizzle

    A severe lack of hackers. Very unrealistic.

  45. mk wilding

    Ay if y’all could check out my music let me kno wa yu think 🖤

  46. Heller Santiago

    Oh god! Overwatch

  47. News 213

    I love the music

  48. i will not tell

    But the question is did she get the defuse off???

  49. Jovas Esco

    He sounds like KSI.😂😂😂

  50. Tyler Fields

    Pheonix: I SAID STOP Jett: haha me no speak engrish

  51. evan Ellis

    When that music started at 0:02 I thought it was gonna play Darude Sandstorm

  52. Stuart Lee

    Reyna lowkey looks like Syndra and Sindel

  53. Akash S

    Pretty sick animation!

  54. Kelly Park

    1:27 THAT WAS HOT

  55. Jona Carr

    Boring ass game

    1. dark shadow


  56. Kelly Park

    I got fuckin chills

  57. april00026000

    I'm not gay or anything but I would risk it all for Phoenix lmao

  58. Joel Kang

    I am so glad that instead of just saying a character is Korean, Riot actually fully-voiced her in Korean in this trailer

  59. wargumbyx

    league of legends ...10 years of failure, so they made a second game #humanityhasachance

    1. dark shadow

      @wargumbyx LMAO..u must be is only popular In SEA because most of people can't afford to buy pc thats why people still play that suckass on the hand is more popular known worldwide (korea,us,europe,china,etc) worlds 2019 grand final get 4+MILLION VIEWS on twitch..yea they balance team's kinda suck but lol is not *failure* at all no matter how much u try to deny it

    2. wargumbyx

      @dark shadow is the game good or bad? it is bad, the fact that it is popular is irrelevant. for example mobile legends bang bang is even worse yet even more popular...

    3. dark shadow

      (number 1 esport scene,still hold the top 3 most viewed game on twitch and milion of player log in every month) Yeah 10 years of failure

  60. Khalil

    game is already dead

    1. dark shadow

      1.2 milion views in 24 hours = ded game Lul

  61. Mike Hawks

    Is this his game or a movie?

  62. огурцов иван

    И чё? Эта шняга нравится кому то?

  63. Apiwut Chantamala

    0:38 *see Phoenix use W as ult* Me:what fucking key that he use to walk?

  64. DINAL LA

    Any Game is a beautiful game, As long you don't have the option the Build a Wall in the middle of a Fight.

  65. sk k

    국뽕 치사량이다 크어어억

  66. XxSakura1231xX

    I’m actually cheering on my boi Phoenix, and probably maybe Sage on comms 👀 But ahH!! I love how Phoenix did the lil sniff before goin in, and the music is sO gOOD- his eyes even glow red and his jacket has flAmES TOO 🔥 Ahhhh, I can’t wait to see more ;; But yea yea kudos to Jett too,, she looks hella cute here 🤭

  67. Alessandro Amundarain

    could you please! make it for mac as well... thank you

    1. Micah k K


  68. Mihai Matei

    Man, phoenix sucks at quick time events

  69. skArpPT

    This is what happens when Overwatch and Counter-Strike has a baby

  70. Timbee Harris

    so who else played one match for the first time and was told they suck

  71. Benson MAD

    Will this be released on console

    1. AnimationReincarnation Gaming


  72. Revitalize Synergy

    seems like a VERY, VERY watered down version of “Shadowrun” which was released on Xbox 360.

  73. Eswa

    That viper kill was the worst aimbot i've ever seen like it took way too long to aim at the head

  74. tyreek

    like for jett porn

  75. Benson MAD

    This do be looking like and apex trailer

  76. Leqpy

    is it free?

    1. AnimationReincarnation Gaming


  77. AsiimovAWPer

    Hey guys, kind of off topic but I made a discord for Valorant and it would mean alot if you guys joined. Its a looking for group discord called Valorant Connect Gaming. Stop by, we also host tournaments for money.

  78. Чех Дворовой

    О даа! Вот чего я так долго ждал!!

  79. SCP 682

    It's like Fortnite and Overwatch had a miscarriage.

  80. Blightn

    ngl this was so well made

  81. bogiee 101

    is there a story line to this game now?

  82. Alijah Peeks

    when will we get it on ps4

  83. Compadre Amigo

    El viejas está en la miniatura

  84. Dxemon

    Here before valorant kills fortnite

  85. 나룬tv

    발로란트 정말 기대된다 하하하.......

  86. Felipe Zorzi

    let me guess, only for pc? 😒

  87. Magician12345

    Once they can have a play mode that doesn't have you wait till next round to play, then I'll come back to it.

  88. Blakmajika

    god i love this aesthetic

  89. SJ C

    미안해서 어쩌나

  90. Eppsheep

    So what I’m looking at is basically overwatch, counter strike, and fortnite in one?

    1. Capital Plum

      Kinda. It looks retarded

  91. Zagi Productions

    Sad apple noises😥

  92. Ryku qQp

    brand and akali?

  93. Lucius M

    all the other agents doing cool outplays, raze: “FIRE IN THE-“

  94. ArtsticFlea

    Riot, has all the money in the world to make a great game but instead made a rip-off Csgo/overwatch game.

  95. Nando

    This looks like overwatch/apex

  96. Bobby Wu

    Defenders side actually win that one

  97. Jhon Franco

    This guy is a CHAD

  98. Zac

    Please add to xbox

  99. Sergio

    Черные, лесбо, геи и пафос на пустом месте... что еще можно ждать от нынешних фильмов и игр?

  100. Magician12345

    Tried it, kinda boring.

    1. AnimationReincarnation Gaming

      the slow paced gameplay isnt for everyone. much like why alot of people would prefer CoD over CS:GO and vice versa