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  1. Honey Zafurah

    Unpopular opinion : I like his new look

  2. aylabwid 420

    What do you call seth jacket? Is that jacket? Haha

  3. V R


  4. Keven Lewis

    Tellers fake screaming is the best thing ever

  5. sir edzonko

    Would be nicer if Adam sung "OUTER ......SPACE!!"

  6. AdventuresMyName

    That’s our Australian baby👏🏻❤️

  7. Candy candy

    Wahouuuuuu quelle voie pas comme les autres elle donne de la joie de la bonne humeur .jolie fille mais qui a dommage se cache sous tant de couches de vetements .avec le succès j espere quelle pendra confiance en elle et sera que lon aime pour ce quelle est ....bravo je lui souhaite de réussir sa voie je la kiff j'écoute sa musique en boucle bravo merci 😊😊😊

  8. Amy Sorrels


  9. Wayward A.G

    I think Jimmy feels a iittle bit intimidated by Charlie? (In a good way, like he thinks he's so cool). No interrupting, loud speaking kept to minimum, he didn't even tell him it's a fake mic! Like he didn't want to embarrass him or something

  10. Christian Rafael Yégüez Malavé

    I'm depressed cause' my girlfriend broke with me. This interview made me forgot it

  11. WHEREtheFUNK

    So so fine. Gisele ain’t bad either

  12. Dusty

    I got one washcloth and one towel as a wedding present...

  13. Lyric. Madi

    Esperaba el HICE TORO ESTE LLANTO POR NARA y me imagino el publico super confundido q no entienden nada :v

  14. Mihir Gupta

    Rip mamba

  15. Jessica Eernisse Hagood


  16. Hello Bye

    No se si es lo que tiene puesto pero se ve bien tosca, mas nalgas y mas caderas

  17. Francisco Ramirez

    Like si escuchas la canción dance monkey en todos lados a diario.

  18. Amy Sorrels

    Super cool :))

  19. Monique White

    Kobe You Will Forever Inspire Me!! May you and your daughter Sleep in Peace. I pray for your wife and daughters.♥️🖤8/24

  20. Luis Peixoto

    One of them did not show up... didn't introduced himself. The last one.

  21. David Merlino

    I wear fake arms

  22. Atlαѕ- Z

    Everything that comes out of Jimmy's mouth feels exaggerated and unnecessary, down to the "YUP"s in between directions

  23. Siany Linton

    OMG, this is so emotional , may your soul rest in peace 🥺🙏

  24. Milagros Miranda

    Karol esas curvas son reales? |:0 O naturales? :/

  25. Ari_gachagurl 101

    *me seeing this* Me: THATS THE GIRL IM NAMED AFTER OF! my name is ariyana spelled different XD I loved her since I was about 7 years old I'm 12 now OMG like if you have been a fan for more than 1 year

  26. imirrawashere

    Why tf did she pronounce it "Stort"? 😂😂😂😂 I was confused as hell too.

  27. Andrés F. Marín

    I'm no crying you're crying 😢. The best of the all times. Thank U Kobe.

  28. terrorcop101

    Morgan Freeman fake quotes Queen Victoria: "We are not amused."

  29. Natalya Nichols

    I love JoJo Siwa

  30. Matty Splatty

    half the video i was laughing and the other half i had my hand on my face XD

  31. daydreamangel_xl

    I hate actors who don't watch movies or tv like they are above it all even though it's how they are making a living - at least Tom truly appreciate and love films.

  32. Gene Garcia

    Y does the first guy fall and never get up I mean he didn’t die does he need life alert



  34. spiritking

    patty's booty on gal hnnnnnnnggggggg

  35. Michael Christian

    Smh RIP 💗😞😭🙏

  36. Linda Kilbride

    Just a little advice for Mr. MacConaeghey - please, please stop combing your hair straight back. You also need a cut. If you would kindly leave a few locks fall on your forehead, trust me, it will bode well for you. Thank you for your patient ear and eyes. Your patience in general. I've been told you are a kind man.

  37. Diego Claro

    Hola me encanto tu canción

  38. Jasser Abu-Giemi

    Who is this guy?

  39. BerkleyCalifornia

    The roots are the best band on TV

  40. Redridge07

    I did not know Ariana had wheels like that

  41. Natraj Athreya

    Is it just me who thought that Jimmy (in character) looked like a clean-shaven "El Professor" from La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)?

  42. Ivan de Castro

    JACKIE BOY!!! Geezus Khrist.

  43. DMUB

    This beat ain’t even taking no shit off nobody.

  44. Wasabi Sanchez

    What the heck why is there no comments

  45. Rocketship 27

    Are you phil?

  46. chris


  47. anrina

    good lord Timmy, my heart. That tree bit. Jimmy and Timmy you did it again.

  48. Devin Trevorials

    RIP Legend

  49. Remuel Archibald

    Someone asked me what I think about euthanasia, I asked which country. #iusedtothink

  50. SharpShooterx tOne


  51. Andre Johnson

    Leslie Jones is a loud mouth, not funny lady and nothing more..

  52. Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    He looks like a retard acting retarded on purpose.

  53. Amanda Sligar

    Fuckin love the Beastie Boys💋❤

  54. Amanda Michelle


  55. April Lownsdale

    Man, rewatching this now.. heartbreaking 💔 RIP Mamba.

  56. BB

    The chair and tree scene was incredible omg

  57. Ayan h

    He was a light...

  58. morgan

    david in his natural habitat

  59. frostfenix47

    Sean Evans featured in a show is equivalent to Eminem being featured in a song. It’s no longer your show. Host god

  60. Bran Stark

    Dana seems like he low key might be a dick

  61. Adam Nichols

    Reese assaulted Yoda!!

  62. RG Swill

    0:4p not trying to be racist bit wow, 1 white and 7 blacks?

  63. Abhigyan Borah

    The Soft Head one was lit af 🤣🤣

  64. Austin 123

    Rip Kobe, Gianna and the 7 other passengers :(

  65. TheHanaFlower

    He was PHENOMENAL in Pride! One of my favorite movies ever... so he wasn't an unknown to me :)

  66. Agent Poe

    Thank you youtube recomendations

  67. Da Ascn


  68. Joey Cap

    Blown awaaaaay , this is amazing

  69. Mike Wazoskiii

    Uh y’all forgot the galactic republic song. HOW DARE YOU. LOLOLOL

  70. Susan Vaj

    So cute!!

  71. spit on my wings

    love love love

  72. Tori

    they are the ultimate triangle

  73. EM1

    That dress doe

  74. Harry Kane Worshipper

    For every subscriber, I am donating 1 dollar to help Australian wildlife

  75. mango

    Claire looks STUNNING in that yelloe blouse!

  76. Terrakinetic

    The fact that comedians can only become Sitcom actors or Talk Show Hosts in America is a travesty.

  77. Edwin Hackett

    Damn man. Pray strength for his family such a tragedy

  78. sari1484

    Giselle is like a Gazelle wow those legs😃

  79. Kaine

    RIP Kobe!!!

  80. Baby Pudge

    Bryan rose is toolbag! Remove his tired ass whiny bs from ALsel!

  81. Romulo 24

    *I'm* 4th

  82. Traci O

    Lol Jimmy was fangirling so hard

  83. Daniel Ramirez

    Short, clean hair cut is always the best. He looks the best right here. Ugh, I want him.

  84. maeve darling



    How he said Squirrel 🤣

  86. FBB fan 94

    It’s kinda crazy that he be 18 this and probably by the time ST4 comes out he be 19

  87. Ava Katsura


  88. Fissey Gaming


  89. Ben Bacharach

    This guy is a national treasure! That was like 3 great zingers every 40 seconds

  90. Bastián Muñoz

    R.I.P Mamba, Gigi, and everyone in the accident.

  91. Ana Caroliny Silva Jesus

    Sem ofensas mas ela n canta bem

  92. anastasia stoupis

    I don’t understand why everyone’s so sad about his death just because he’s famous? what about the 7 other people who died?? no shade to kobe and gianna but the other people who passed deserve attention as well

    1. luckyyu2004

      anastasia stoupis I know Kobe’s name back when I don’t speak English and can’t name all 30 teams. He is part of my childhood.

  93. Fausto Alvarado

    Cool videos

  94. Chris Redfield

    What a disgusting bitch. I hope a crazy fan murders her.

  95. jg pliskin

    I really want to know what video game he decided to play instead of trying to fuck a mutually attracted and young Nicole Kidman

  96. Blizz

    I'm sorry, i prefer Ariana Medium

  97. Marita Panuera


  98. Ziggy

    Damnnn thAT FUNKY BASS 😭😍 The live instruments and choir sound so fuckin good omg!!!!!! Dua Lipa looks so grown as well 🥺 aw lol not the same girl from the memes 😂❤️ hehe and when she hit the cow bell(?) so cute

  99. Grace Valle

    Nick trying not to laugh. I wish I could carry Joe. I would kiss Joe 😘. I would be funny if a real fan actually pick up one of the Jones 😂 instead of (Sara) Jimmy 😂😂.

  100. John Smith

    "Hello, Media" "Learn how to talk, Derner"! Lmfaooooo