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  1. its blaisèy

    Alessia cara killed everyone

  2. cassie

    i wish she faced the camera more during the high notes 🥺

  3. Sawyer Jillian

    her hands legit shaking

  4. Eve

    what brand is that dress it’s so pretty

  5. Kat Ritter

    YES QUEEN sang!!! So proud o you Mama!!!

  6. Matias Selaez

    Que mierda de canal por que no ponen sub. En Español los latinos tambien vemos esta mierda

  7. movi3srock


  8. Lucy Jane

    so when is kim getting joe exotic out?

  9. cassie


  10. Quarantine Cuisine ASMR


  11. Gwei K

    So encouraged by Jessica Alba!

  12. Shanna Lilliston

    We are so Blessed to live in the time where we've got to see these two Icons do their talentented Magic through the years. Legends

  13. Bella Almengor

    Aw Yayayaya so cute

  14. Ellie Howard

    I love how he plays a detective when he also played Sherlock. However, this is a different type of detective. No longer a consulting detective

  15. JustMe

    Scar FaceTime, The FaceMask, E.T.P

  16. Carolina Pinzon

    Jummy was low key flirting with Sofia

  17. Amy Driscoll

    Yes! We finally got to ride down the slide 😂

  18. Kumkum Kumari

    Jimin was cheated 😂😂

  19. Yossy Rada

    Kris definelly cried. Tears of money.

  20. Excruciating Nugget

    I seen the movie(:

  21. princess Wonderlusst

    Kim being a snake spinning the story, & blaming Kourtney for finally blowing up at kims passive aggressive, bitter ass comments, and not taking accountability for being such a bitch. Whats new?? Good for Kourtney for slapping the shit outa Kim. Best part was how she made a print of kims face on kloes wall.. best thing I've seen on TV EVER......

  22. Dani ARmani

    No sabía que ya cantaba la hija del piojo Herrera, pensé que lo único que sabía hacer era dar cachetadas y comer por supuesto

  23. zzzzz78759

    He thinks he's a president, I guess, with all his briefings. I feel so badly for him. His family needs to step in and take him out of the public eye.

  24. John cahill

    They got it on point

  25. Prudence Playz

    When I saw James Corden OMG JAMES IS HERE

  26. IPCC SaysLessThan11Years

    It's so SCREAMINGLY obvious that Biden is going to lose to Donald Trump. Obvious to everyone except deluded Democratic Establishment. He's about as exciting as Super Gonorrhea.

  27. Nathan Patrick

    Jane Birkin’s voice is better now than it used to be

  28. Saltwater Joys - Kelley Joyce

    Does anyone else just want a full on tour of Jimmy’s house? These glimpses are intriguing

  29. Marked Moments Photography

    Jimmy kimmel and Conan are better talk show host

  30. ramon toribio

    I love jungkook

  31. Devil Shoez

    Adam had a mustache 2 days ago on Conan

  32. Stephen Wilson

    The man is lying about Trump.

  33. Marluci Silva

    Ahhh melhor de 2020 adoroooo

  34. jjaapp18

    This would've been better if the dog didn't talk.

  35. Rohan3

    Do The Right Thing-- STAY HOME. #QuarantineAMovie

  36. zeynel gunes

    I LOVEE JJUUNKKOOK😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  37. NamesAreBad Help

    I thought come out as in the closet 😂

  38. Lisa Rivera

    I love your home. It’s so interesting. Can you give a tour or is that to invasive?? Sorry but it’s the most interesting background

  39. Chaos Control Media

    True leadership. Joe Biden is Alpha.

  40. LucianLegacy

    THE Gary Frick Jr.

  41. Parak Crizaldo

    So Gary is female

  42. chip Robertson


  43. Adit Yeets

    Cudis not the best

  44. Irmak Işık

    1:35 ❤️❤️💕

  45. Francene Reyes

    Jimin dont be shy put some more😆🤭

  46. Rosa Freitas


  47. PÅŘŽÏVÄŁ ft

    Me encantan sus canciones🎖🎖

  48. JLynn Harris

    My absolute favorite show to watch ❤️💯love the family and their beautiful home..we need more music videos with The Roots and maybe have the girls read us a story (Frannie can read and just let Winnie be Winnie😂😜😂)

  49. Areeba Shaikh

    How can finn be good at everything I mean.. voice acting looks humour .. I mean come on he is soo damn underrated


    ARIANA GRANDE i want u to be cat again pink haaaiiirr

  51. Maddy R.

    why is no one talking about how GOOD calum sounded omg🤩

  52. Mikael Hanna

    67% Brazilians 13% Englisch 30% Colombians


    Hey Michael why do you always wear really really baggy Grandma clothes is it because you want to hide your penis, and why do you wear pounds and pounds of makeup is it to hide your 5 o.clock shadow, and does your husband Osama tuck and tape your penis for you

  54. Leonardo Bautista

    Jaja gracioso

  55. Jonas Printzén

    ... when 'I' listen more times than not ...

  56. Rocio Arenas


  57. dasari renuka

    2:53 nobody is talking about jimin's cheating on national TV 😂😂😂😂

  58. ASAP SAVAGE Vlog Channel

    i was chilling until he said lebron is the best basketball player living right now. smh

  59. Tom Siebert


  60. Live Coil Archive

    Fallon is such a dumbfuck

  61. Yeni Kanal

    Jimmy tell us how did you fly?

  62. miles goldberg

    omg she is everything I love you hailee

  63. Brooklyn Farley

    Michael would be so proud of her

  64. Esther Hounsell

    I love EVERYTHING you do 😊

  65. JustMe

    Jimmy, don’t you know that if Franny turns to the camera she loses? Weren’t you a child? LOL

  66. Rythm G

    Team Kourtney 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  67. A A

    If everyone is in quarantine who did Kim’s hair and makeup?

  68. Michael Cannaday

    So funny!

  69. fatmir uruci

    Dont let your guard down pablo is a master of disguise

  70. Ajusshi leader

    someone said that cardi doesn't even know that an hexagone has 6 sides and I'm wheezing lmaooo

  71. YY Mino

    DEMI As good as always !

  72. Lura Bunny

    I vote for a glass to be interviewed next

  73. Jay Bateman

    Can’t stand Miley Cyrus, sorry I’m not saying this cause I can’t stand her but she is a proper shit singer.

  74. Gummines KaitlynnGamingTwT

    Oh mah goshhhh , WEAR YOUR MASK--

  75. zeynel gunes


  76. Rose Johnson-Tsosie

    How our First People are dealing. "Native Humor For The Quarantine"

  77. jinyoonkookvmonhopmin s2

    Amo muito cara❤️🎵✨

  78. Jordan Cazz

    Stupid Jimmy . Liberal puppet ...

  79. zeynel gunes


  80. •RachieGamer•

    Hard work pays off

  81. thedog98mauser

    Frigin awesome it

  82. Alon Lib

    That was the good old days

  83. Mahesh Walatara

    fuck is this idiot?

  84. lalabear Muhammad

    And this is why Jamie foxx is one of the GOATs he just hit notes most women professional singers can’t hit 😩

  85. Emily Little

    Next interview the squirrel outside the window! And maybe a bird too!

  86. Yeni Kanal

    Why Jimmy playing alone with flying dead fish?

  87. çøñfûßèd Pøtåtø


  88. B McG

    'random' pleease showbizz some of us are not dim minded


    There should be an energy drink called as Jhope

  90. Sebastián Espinoza

    The voice on the dog made the video boring, i thought it was something funny with the dog or something :(

  91. lilly verges

    tysm Adam and Jimmy

  92. Elle Otanez

    Who would’ve known lil miss kourt had handssss

  93. Mathieu Deflem

    A misguided attempt at performance art during this pandemic.

  94. CL WELLS

    Jimmy - I want to see the rest of the room you're sitting in, lol.

  95. Jodezza

    What a absolutely flawless live performance, go on lass :D

  96. Mariangela Reis

    E fica a pergunta... Como ela sabia as músicas q ela tinha q dançar sendo q o cara tava atrás dela e ela nem olhava pra trás?

  97. Traci

    nick is just sooo pretty 😍😍😍