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  1. Dane Tattersall

    God damn! Jeremy, the hair is banging today.

  2. Tristan Cills

    you're hair is fabulous

  3. warren byrne

    But Jeremy, with your hair like that you look like our Lord and Saviour... Keanu Reeves.

  4. warren byrne

    Awwhh,. Fibsllym

  5. JGUN25Ar

    Anybody know the order of the animated movies so I can watch them

  6. Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

    Master Jeremy, you know what could get more episodes onboard for you⁉️⁉️ BRING BACK THE VLOGS‼️‼️‼️ They we’re so good, and I, for 10,000, miss the,‼️‼️‼️♥️♥️♥️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💯💯💯🕊🕊🕊🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🥃🥃🥃

  7. TheBrownTown007

    His hair looks so damn cool, wish my hair looked that good long.

  8. Steven Yang

    Watch Devilman Crybaby

  9. hell no

    man that movie was brutal

  10. James Leffley

    Aye bro where’s that Zelda review now??

  11. Vegan Dweeb

    Loved the movie, but it lowkey felt like the same plot line as infinity war/endgame

  12. Deadchannel

    Please grow your hair out.

  13. Bob Rob

    Jeremy Jahn Wick. HOW DID WE NOT KNOW?!?! He even has a dog!

  14. Tizzo 82

    Yeah, the animated universe is all connected.

  15. shashank kumar

    6-8-2-4-3-5-1-7 .. true hierarchy for me who has read the books 6 times and watched the movies 5 times

  16. Unknown

    In other words: buy it when its $5 dollar on sale.

  17. tuschman168

    We should talk more about Jeremy's hair.

  18. The Grove Collective

    Your Arnold impression 😂😂😂 Perfect

  19. The Lawn Gnome

    The entire 15 film saga is a great series I mean the ending makes more sense if you have seen Justice League Flashpoint Paradox. But, each of the films stands on their own quite well. I highly recommend Batman Vs. Robin. It is losely based on The Court of Owls story line.

  20. EW 20

    The Force Awakens the Last Jedi for The Rise of Skywalker

  21. mattia Chr.

    jeremy, will you do a video about making a murderer 2? i would love to hear your opinion.

  22. mazen taifour

    Do a top 20 favorites of all time c'mon man just do it and get a 20 million views

  23. alexiel axel

    Wish i could watch this on netflix

    1. Dat Asian Guyy

      Same bruh

  24. Maome Kat

    Jeremy your hair looks very cool & different. You can actually cut at hide, the side fade you use with even plain scissors with 1 tutorial movie

  25. BlackFyre

    Jahn Wick

  26. Vexed Forest

    Definitely try and see the latest Death of Superman movie. Pretty dang good.

  27. Mark Goldsmith

    Don't you dare touch thst glorious mane!!

  28. Gelo Bean

    Can you review The Last Airbender? Have you ever watched it?

  29. UltimateHibz

    Your hair

  30. Chuck Kaslow

    I kinda sounds like they used some Final Crisis in this but stripped out ALL the really heady Morrison-material

  31. Scottsy Official

    You look like John wick if John wick was a gardner

  32. Blackketty

    Wow you’re like Keanu Reeves’ younger brother

  33. Kjellbjørn Åsmo

    The movie starts where death of superman/reign of the supermen ended.

  34. Alam Acosta

    Jimno from American Pie doing reviews!

  35. BlitzGnu

    2:14 It might be an unexpected laugh to some people, but a Star Wars fan notices that it is a reference to episode 6 where the last time Luke had a lightsaber, he threw it away.

  36. Jader Bonilla

    DO "TIME FREAK"!!!!!!!!! I think is a fun movie :O

  37. TheOneYouFear 1

    Batman Last Knight on Earth

  38. charles swearingen

    A good graphic novel? Death of Captain Marvel. Batman: Long Halloween. Spider-Man: Blue

  39. Always

    Aww poor Ciri, I thoroughly enjoyed her storyline. I felt the desperation of her trying to find Geralt and Geralt trying to find her. When they met in the woods, it was such a great moment.

  40. Wayne Worthy

    Jeremy rockin the Keanu Reeves look!

  41. Ares Langer

    Just watched “Brawl in Cell Block 99” crazy ass movie, you should review it.

  42. ded eyez

    Speaking of Lucifer... could you review it?

  43. Lunatic Fringe

    9:27 so no one wants to mention how perfect that impersonation is?

  44. Mister Physics

    The grown up he worshipped killed his mother. This is the fate of all altright kek nazis, everyone they care about will be killed by the fascists they support.

  45. Silver Scream Studios

    Hey! I know it's not a comic/graphic novel but, I'd like to hear your opinion on Scream (1996). I just recently re-watched it, I forgot how great it was. Anyway, I hope you're having a fine quarantine and keep being AWESOMETACULAR... 😄🖖✌️

  46. Mister Physics

    When you punch a nazi, you are also punching a pedo. They are the same people.

  47. Mister Physics

    Rebel Wilson restores my faith in Australians.

  48. Mister Physics

    i'm being told tot watch Unorthodox on Netflix now, it seems Jewish brides are all shaved and then forced to wear a wig for eternity. can i just say, all religion hates women, sexism 101, harm girls and blame an imaginary sky daddy

  49. ElectroShock

    I just saw this movie and damn it's an amazing movie. The soundtrack is beyond amazing. The music is great and really gets to you. The end of the film is sad but overall this movie has spectacular performances.

  50. The Khan

    Darkseid >>>>>>>

  51. lakshay redhu

    jeremy : john wick 3 is not awesomtacular Johnwick : I NEED GUNS A LOT OF GUNS

  52. JokesKillers

    I need to buy this movie

  53. Supbro

    *Charging omega beam* Darkseid: All this for a dog? *Calmly reloading gun* Jeremy Wick: Yeah....

  54. Epic Madness

    Rewatching to see Jeremy's hair

  55. Elvijs

    Not digging this cheap looking DC animation style. The covers always look a 1000x more epic than the actual movie.

  56. Adhimas Ilham

    You should watch The Night Comes For Us

  57. JediPrime

    0:03 well the poster is just as bad as the movie itself

  58. Aurabinda Ghosh

    Please get a haircut already😂😂

  59. Syed Abdullah Ali

    I enjoyed the movie Not my fav DC movie Not even top 5 But it was a fun watch And Spoilers King Shark's death>>>>Superman's death in BvS

  60. JoeMama'sBaby'sSister'sAuntie Jay

    Sooo...emo avengers endgame? I'm not saying it's bad though.

  61. Maestro Drake

    Try reading Masters of the Universe: Eternity War. Great Finale comic.

  62. Ernesto Gonçalves

    I was hoping there would be a Snyder Cut but I didn't know if it could be good. Apokolips War made me think it really can be pretty good!

  63. Aman Shukla

    Man how can you not give it an Awesometacular ?! Don't you understand physics ?! The Theory Of General Relativity, which relates time to gravitational force, is the central theme of this movie. And this movie does it so well, it's accurate as hell in depicting Gravity Time Dilation, How a Black Hole and Wormhole would look like, Centrifugal Force, and Conservation of Momentum. Theory of Relativity is one of the most challenging concepts of Modern Physics, and I never ever thought in my life that a director would make a movie on it. The fact that Nolan had the guts to make a movie on it, and that too, such a beautiful one, is worth enough to grade the movie with an "Awesometacular".

  64. V

    please dont cut the hair, i look at you like john wick.

  65. Aman Shukla

    You know what the problem is? The problem is with these critics who aren't educated enough to understand these complex phenomena of Modern and Classical Physics. They don't understand the Mathematics and Applications of the Theory of General Relativity and Conservation of Momentum very well, so they just pounce on this masterpiece of a movie. I'm not a Nolan fanboy or anything. I'm just someone who loves Physics, and seeing some dumb critic berate a movie that so greatly deals with one of the most challenging concepts of physics, is annoying as hell.

  66. Rabbi Steve

    Great review, Jeremy. Looking forward to seeing this, as the first Justice League Dark animated movie was one of my favorites of the DC Animated direct to video movies.

  67. digiteen99

    Constantine is hanging out on the waverider in live action

  68. Rabbi Steve

    Well, my favorite comic book of all time is Neil Gaiman's epic Sandman. Anyone who hasn't read that is missing something. But if you haven't, don't start at the beginning. Gaiman didn't really find his voice until the 7th issue. I'd start with one of the stand-alone anthology volumes, either Fables & Reflections or Dream Country. Then, jump into the bigger arc of the epic starting with The Doll's House (vol 2) and then all the way through to the end. At any point once you're ensconced in the story, you can go back and read the first volume. One can also start at the beginning, but don't stop until you at least get through The Doll's House, because that first volume is just not that great, except for a few shining (or rather dark) moments. But in context, it's better.

  69. Unknown Valor

    How do you top Justice League Dark: Apokolips War? Bring on the Dceased movie!

  70. OconByrd519

    I think its safe to say Jeremy doesn't ever have to worry about losing his hair.

  71. TheBellement

    Jeremy, if I may say so, your hair looks AWESOME. I hope you’re well and safe.

  72. rose novel

    Dont get a haircut wtf!?

  73. Micah Welsch

    Somebody doesn't watch Legends of Tomorrow

  74. Aman Shukla

    I think whether you liked the movie or not depends upon your understanding of Physics and the relation between gravitational force and time. This movie explores the Theory of General Relativity very well. The use of Gravity Time Dilation, in the way the astronauts don't age, as time becomes slower for them due to the increasing gravitational force of the planets, is incredible. The working of a Wormhole is also beautifully and accurately shown. The depiction of how a Black Hole looks from the outside is accurate as hell and a sight to behold. The use of Centrifugal Force to produce 1 g so that the astronauts can walk inside the spacecraft normally, is clever. The use of Consevation of Momentum to provide gravitational assist to the spacecraft to escape the Black Hole, that's all real Physics. I was so much invested in the movie, because right now I'm pursuing a master's degree in Theoretical Physics, and to see a movie depict all of those complex concepts of physics so fluidly and beautifully was more than enough for making me love the movie. Now, about the end of the movie. We still don't know for sure what's inside a Black Hole. What we do know is that Black Holes (the rotating ones) might act as some sort of "teleporting devices" by bending the curvature of space-time, so that could explain how he managed to reach back to our solar system. However, we know that a person would never be able to survive the journey to the centre of the Black Hole, since the enormous gravitational force would squeeze him like a spaghetti. But still no one hasen't gone into a Black Hole so we don't know for sure what happens inside it, that's why I'm fine with what they showed at the end of the film. Because although we don't know what will happen if we go inside a Black Hole, it is generally accepted among physicists that whatever happens inside it, it's bizarre as hell. Nevertheless, this film is a treat to watch because seeing all these complex and mysterious phenomena on the big screen, and that too, so accurately depicted, along with the great cast, realistic acting, astounding visual effects, mesmerising music and awesome direction is more than enough for me to call this movie a masterpiece.

  75. Benjamin Branch

    Your hair is badass please keep it

  76. kayoti

    Grow the hair out! 🙌

  77. Identity

    The only good scene in this movie was the bar scene

  78. PlayStation Guy85

    God this movie was terrible if you blink your eye it was already over

  79. TheCyborgninjafox

    Batman White Knight

  80. Dennis Frias II

    Jesus for me watching this movie was for some reason soooooo depressing.....

  81. insanekyo

    Jahn, if you liked apokolips war, you should definitely check out the other entries in the "dc animated universe."

  82. Wesley Edwards


  83. Jonas Benedict Lontoc

    I would like to hear your thoughts on Batman: Under The Red Hood please

  84. Kate Lopez

    You are very attractive with your hair like that

  85. Grand Moff Tarkin

    Let it grow man and maybe you can hit up the longhairs

  86. Kelly Huffaker

    "Did u or did u not know Dookie Shoes?"

  87. Noob Artist600

    Glad for anyone that enjoyed the film because ever since the reboot started by Son of Batman these films have been all over the place in terms of quality. As far as I can these new writers aren't capable of writing character arcs so much as shallow character interactions inbetween subpar fight scenes. At the best of times the films just a popcorn flick far removed from epic finale DC may think it is.

  88. Bret Mailhot

    just watched it finally it was amazingly scary also I just felt unsure where it was gonna go I was literally suprised at the ending

  89. Suave Pereira

    Can you please review Luce 2019

  90. Saifur Rahman

    Who wants him to review "Attack on Titan"

  91. nirenberg190

    I beat it in like 2 hours lol

  92. Aeonic Phoenix

    I just rewatched Snyder's Man of Steel and it is so amazing and so underrated. Justice is served.

  93. Ghost

    Jeremy getting that Xmen Wolverine hair.

  94. Johnny Cotton

    no love for wired al as dark side

  95. Captain SHAZAM!

    Personally the 1960 version is one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite western of all time!

  96. Zoltan Kovai

    I don't get who came up with all this "back on track" bullshit. The character and his story Were on track, with first two installements (And the videogame prequel) offering something different, interesting and progressing in something that could have been an epic sci-fi antihero saga. Then some "fans" (as always) put the thought into director's mind about "back on track", and this film comes out. Semi-remake in a wrapping of a sequel, in which the character that used to be tough often appear to be more like an annoying parody of tough (Read Wolverine from the first X-Men films to Wolverine in his own films), in the recreation of challenges that should be already past him. In general fairness, the film is solid antihero action flick if you never watched or played into previous entries, but totally unecessary in the view of the saga as a whole and definitely falls behind the previous entries in terms of originality and usage and presentation of the character.


    Dude this movie is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  98. Woo

    Apparently a lack of birth control is a path to the dark side.

  99. Cesar Ortiz

    Battle front 2 is free now, and tbh plays jedi fallen order, this game looks a million times better also mk11 looks amazing and they trying the same thing with half ass par controls but games look super dope, kinda valuing that now jedi look and story was wack idk I just wait 2 yes tho it seems like because I ain't pay 100 for story games

  100. G. Whale

    Darkseid's victory is short-lived thanks to the combined might of Justice League French Roast & Justice League Breakfast Blend. Snyder Cut THAT.