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  1. sophie mac

    9:30 EMmA

  2. babyblueyoda

    The song sounded like le fiestin from ratatouille ?

  3. sir Toby


  4. Gabby Castillo

    Your ice is used for your coffee. Right.

  5. Berenice Magana

    House tour emma please

  6. judi

    She’s using the jelly gouache was stan 😌

  7. i be yeeting

    29:51 Ethan is literally looking at Ethan like.. what am I doing in life

  8. Fenne

    emma: am i gonna go next year? yeah me: sike cuz coronaaaaa

  9. Evie DeCarlo

    a dream i never knew i had: playing fortnite with emma chamberlain

  10. Kaja 02

    the easiest laziest emma Chamberlain like way to make Cookies i've ever seen

  11. 饠mika

    3:14 that's a bulimic mark on her knuckle.

  12. 饠mika

    3.14 that's a bulimic mark on her knuckle.

  13. Generations


  14. Madisyn Eysaman

    The next time u go to Paris if u have a free day u should go to every coffee shop in Paris

  15. Charlotte Copping

    Call him spaghetti !!!🍝💗😂

  16. 饠mika

    the cauliflower crust isn't vegan!!

  17. Leonóra Galamba

    am i the only one who thinks that if emma now drinks her own coffee than she’s not using ethan’s coffee machine anymore🥺

  18. Sophia Fisher

    10:18 Emma: YAaaAAaY!!!! Wait, why did I get so many zip-ups? 😂😂😂

  19. Rosen Wu

    emma makes me(20-year-old) also want to move out....wait i have no income :)

  20. Razika

    Hate to say this but Emma's hair color make her look like a peaky blinder

  21. Lyn Nakhle

    Bro emma says to do a fort i and i said "Bro i do a fort every weekend tf u talking bout"

  22. Coral Jones

    I love your hair like this!

  23. Maryam

    I want the sister squad backk idcc

  24. Ava Brimeyer

    if anyone knows where to get that sherpa thing pls hmu i want one so bad

  25. Maddie

    Did anyone else notice that the side of Emma’s hair is shaved .?

  26. allaine

    oldies said that if u cook with ur heart, the result will be delicious!!

  27. Zeina Amr

    i'm really curious as to why emma's sweater says "acne studios" on the pocket

  28. Emina Oruc

    if this is bad- i- i look like a pig.

  29. Jade Carter

    my onion power is always like that 😭

  30. kylah brewer

    i love how she says she made avocado toast and i had avocado toast for breakfast

  31. Julia Nicole

    9:30 my heart rate spiked

  32. Leah Owens

    I thought you shaved the sides of your head for a second and I was like wow Emma I wasnt expecting that one

  33. sarah bautista

    i miss this squad 🥺❤️

  34. Graice MoonGodest

    You could do an omegel vid or an all nighter just an idea

  35. Kim Breeze

    Emma: Napa just got a fresh new haircut and she feels like a baby seal Me : how on earth do you think what a baby seal feels like???????

  36. Alex Willoughby

    Get a pair of scissors for you tags 🏷✂️🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  37. Nischita Shekinah

    The fact that the stay home cushion is so apt now..

  38. AmInE WINNER !!!

    8:53 the cat thought it was his poop😂😂👀💀

  39. allaine

    "chamberlain coffee dot com babyyy"

  40. i post random songs and videos

    y’all literally forced her to dye her hair..smh she didn’t want to dye her hair why are you forcing her to dye her hair to please you? disgusting.

  41. Divyana Bakane

    you look beautiful <3

  42. Heather Michelle

    Consistent quarenqueen

  43. Andreas Gatos

    Go blonde pls🙄

  44. judi


  45. lily-mae manning

    There is a thing I keep seeing ppl use on tiktok for acne called the ordinary. Maybe try that. Ly💞xx p.s you look amazing anyway xxx

  46. Marie Moncerate

    the part when james did the "thing" to emma is 😑😐

  47. judi

    Honestly this is like the 2nd video I watched of her and she’s cool what

  48. dina majdoubi boulaaiche

    emma you should GO TO MASTERCHEF!

  49. britt amber

    why do i have a lowkey crush on ur dad this just became highkey im leaving now

  50. Allison Christensen

    anyone else bored during quarantine?

  51. Nikkita Reyes

    “Eat with me” takes one bite of everything and fast forwards lmao.

  52. Audrey Di Siro

    2020 anyone???

  53. qistina hadini

    im just crack laughing when emma complains about getting married and having kids

  54. pranjallpahuja

    emma: says 'i'm gonna go pick up ellie' a million times emma: says that she's saying that way too many times again and again also emma: says that exact same thing again a second later

  55. beautybekky

    Go to the store between 10 and 11 am guys, its the best time

  56. pranjallpahuja

    When she said nubbin and the defination came up I died

  57. dea

    l love your hair so muchhhhh

  58. Yeet The Chickens

    The eyeshadow look that she did looks kinda like the one she did on James's channel with the twins

  59. M e l e k

    Not even a soul: Some people: **thinks** "does she wear pants?" Emma: **answers question** "i am wearing pants"

  60. Lyn Nakhle

    bro my phone broke jan 31 2020 now it's april 7 2020 and i do feel like a new person

  61. Olivia Rivera

    Obagi has worked wonders for my skin. I HIGHLY recommend :)

  62. Sky C

    Bohdi is a mood

  63. jupiter is a bean

    Emma is a whole chef now

  64. Candy Cane

    Okie but you actually did a great job and made it look effortless

  65. chill bro

    emma omg omg omg play fortnite with me im lowkey bad but it's fine

  66. jiminiejins

    petition for emma to upload a fortnite gameplay video

  67. Sky C

    Loving emma and her past gang life

  68. Aan Soekarno

    You look like draco's mom from harry potter with that hair

  69. Isabelle Orlando

    JuSt pUt ToOtHPaStE On YoUr acNe

  70. Xiaofen Wan

    4:20 Why do all moms SAY THIS AND NEVER GO BACK

  71. Xiaofen Wan

    No one: Literally no one: Emma: *zooms in on cloud*.....”FLufFy”

  72. F

    8:53 OMG! 😂 The cat in the background, hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  73. Glitched_ Sadness

    I love you!

  74. zaying Hui

    I personally don’t find her attractive at all lol

  75. PaIgeMasTer *

    Chile.... You dont know what, "not having much", truly means. Lol You had plenty in there girl. Smh

  76. Alex White

    if you live in scotland trnsmt is so much better mostly because we get drunk before we go

  77. Xiaofen Wan

    When Emma puts the lipstick on.........*disturbing*

  78. PaIgeMasTer *

    The way your poor cat jumped back. Lol. Poor thing already knew. This crazy bish at it again. 😂

  79. Eirinn Whoriskey

    Who saw the cats at 3:35 If you did 👇like

  80. Sky C


  81. Monique van Halm

    aww i loved this video so much and i was singing with you xx thank you emma

  82. Xiaofen Wan

    Her mom sounds so YOUNG wth 😂 She kinda sounds like Sam from Sam And Cat

  83. Marta Groblyte


  84. Xiaofen Wan

    The title is......depressing -_-

  85. PP 18

    I just made oatmeal it sound really boring but here in the EU we don’t really eat/make it so yeah

  86. Sofii

    Can't wait till Emma becomes a Fortnite twitch streamer

  87. Xiaofen Wan

    Emma: “I really want to go brunette” Also Emma: “I wanna go like, barbie blonde” Emma 2020: *dyes her hair both*

  88. mika qt

    I honestly didn't love ur hair in the last video but, it has grown on me and now I love it. great choice Emma. xx love ur videos and ur personality, you are one of my idol's. xx

  89. Donna S. T


  90. Eunice Moira Padilla

    Dance segments everywhere!!!

  91. Ronnie Randall #69

    What’s that in the background at 3:36

  92. Christian Vlogs

    I finna make those bread sticks lol they look good

  93. Xiaofen Wan

    The cats at 3:35 😂 Why is her hair giving me SIA vibes?!

  94. Jeri Raya

    Your cat thought your burnt bread toast was shit that's why he was trying to cover up the scent with the imaginary cat litter 😅😂

  95. scnnycat

    They look very cute on the thumbnail🥺

  96. Soph-x-princess


  97. Ganessa :

    emma can you make a video of you playing fortnite?

  98. Eunice Moira Padilla

    Youre father is the male version of you hahaha

  99. Midnight Munchies and More

    Daiya cheese is the worst! Follow your heart mozz melts beautifully for vegan pizza!

  100. Kim Breeze

    Luv dat manpony