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  1. Joachim Pnk

    1:34 elle met le lait après les céréales pour ceux que ça intéresse 😂

  2. franki baby

    i didn’t expect anything less from you emma, you bodied

  3. Kerry Bradshaw

    James sings “ so I cut you off.” And then the camera falls.........weird

  4. Emma pool

    Emma 2 days before she leaves: now your wondering why I’m packing so early Me:nothing My mum:packs 3 weeks before we leave Also my mum: I knew we should’ve packed last week

  5. Melissa Arredondo

    haters will always hate, you do you Emma. don’t let ppl who get upset so easily kill your good vibes 🤘🏼❤️

  6. Ally Plankenhorn

    these fits lowkey look good on emma but if I wore the same thing I’d look like a thumb

  7. Maddisyn Withee

    Who else here in 2020

  8. Savannah Crowley

    half of these outfits are more ugly because of the damn turtle necks 😭 damn girl, you don’t live in alaska

  9. Maddisyn Withee

    Who else here in 2020

  10. The Blue Bois TBB

    95 persent: messing up sentences. 5 persent: skate video

  11. Bella Carrasco

    "Hey hope your having a good night if you need anything just let me know" 😑 BS Emma dk what that means

  12. Becca A.

    Emma, You probably won’t see this. But I actually liked your last video. I don’t comment much/if ever but I watch all your videos. I enjoyed how the last one felt like hanging out with a friend/impulsively deciding to die your hair and then changing your mind. It was very real and honest. Frankly, I thought it sent a good message to younger audience that you don’t HAVE to do something just because you said you would. Don’t listen to people keep making the content you make. That’s why people like you, you are what made you so popular on ALsel.

  13. Maddy Wilson

    Emma looks so beautiful in this video😍😍😍

  14. Galaxy gamer

    Omfg this was posted on my birthday I just realized

  15. Amy Gamer

    Emma drinks alot of coffee thats why she have such a skin cuuuz her body and skin is screaming for water

  16. LeiAnn Nguyen

    um emma why aren’t you following your grandma lmao.....

  17. * xXDelaneyXx *

    Finally she dresses her age!!!

  18. Dimensionalconsciousness

    Bruh that face when she dances 😂 da fuck

  19. Jackie Marie

    This has been my style since birth. I have these beautiful leggings with little devil children on them.

  20. Becky San

  21. 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    “I had to find the things that were the most ugly.” My friends finding me in crowds

  22. Josie Alexander

    she's so cute

  23. BlahBlah Z

    does anyone know what she use to edit?

  24. Jessica Martinez

    I applaud her for trying a tank top over a turtleneck! Ahahaha! I would have never thought.Why can't she just wear it as is??

  25. C R

    did she get her lips done?

  26. Crowned One

    8:22 my heart melted sooooo unexpectedly when I saw the cat. Like a jump scare but more of...jump cuteness overload 😍

  27. Juliana M

    I freaking loved the last video, I don’t know why everyone is trippin so hard. I mean that’s Emma and that’s the content she gives. So if you don’t like it then be gone thot😠!! But I love you Emma, sorry if the hATeRs hurt u💕

  28. candy kísses

    I think she will look better in red *no hate i love emma ok*

  29. BOB GOTH

    Pleas invite me, cordially as your guest I would be honored to do coffins clothing shopping. Goodness blessings gness’.

  30. Rosie Trevitt

    i think i saw somewhere that your fingers are swollen in the morning is because u haven't drank water in like 12 hours thats why every morning when u wake up u should drink water

  31. BOB GOTH

    Sorry, I’m satanic. And so am I. And so are you. And so on. You satanist.

  32. Kamin HH

    7:19 Avril Levine vibes for sure

  33. Autumn Winrow

    Does anyone know the name of the background song that starts at 7:16?

  34. katrina gerum

    u literally just put water on ur hair the first time don't lie that's not how bleach works but whatever

  35. No You

    **cries in broke**

  36. candy kísses

    *l o l*

  37. Carol Baggio

    Emma! Your skin looks so good! Im so happy that your treatment is working! Yay. SMOOTH QUEENNNN! ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Daniel

    Can I stop smoking so much crack

  39. matheuspaog

    How come her voice became so deep? wow

  40. Abolfi Hazard

    I love cooking and my favorite salad is ceaser

  41. Amrita Mishra

    Em update about your cats. Your new kitten peeecchhh

  42. Tiny Dancer

    Boohoo. So she gets called out for uploading a halfassed video and gets upset??! How about just take the criticisms and put in some effort next time.

  43. Linabubina_xo

    The blue tank would look somewhat decent with jeans

  44. Nessa Oop

    She is actually really pretty without even trying imagine if she try to be pretty that be bomb as hell♡♡♡

  45. Lucy kucinic

    who else was surprised she waited as long as she did to start her own coffee website/chain

  46. Ishmael Cook

    1:25 oh cool score! look it's an Aspen, you can tell that its an aspen, because of the way that it is...

  47. ana larios

    when she said "watermelon shorts" i literally though she was gonna say "watermelon sugar" for a straight minute omg

  48. Dior Dunbar

    Emma: "Imma try make these ugly clothes cute" Emma: *literally just puts every shirt over a white turtle neck* Emma: "wow im so good"

  49. Samara Mata

    where is her shirt from

  50. Becca dicastro

    I’m just wondering why she owns the blazer already....

  51. katie 霖霖

    emma: is allergic to cats also emma: I GOT ANOTHER CAT

  52. britton elliott


  53. Abbey Canfarini

    I was watching this with my little brother who has never watched Emma before he said “wow she says the f word a lot” I responded with if u have catholic ears GET OUT!! lol I’m dead 😂😂

  54. Leyla Erciyas

    True fans don't even watch the video for what happens, we watch it because we enjoy her personality, energy and vibes she gives off. I love you Emma Stay strong you're amazing 🥰

  55. User02 •

    jus so you know that skirt is, wait for it. BLACK AND BLUE

  56. Leyla Erciyas

    Instead of giving her hate for not dying her hair how about we support her mature adult decision that she doesn't want to dye her hair! After all it is her hair and not yours so everyone needs to stop being so mean and just find a different hair dying video to watch🖕She's allowed ti change her mind.

  57. Grace Armstrong


  58. lil tee

    i mean yea, i was annoyed she didn’t dye her hair and uploaded it, but in the end she put *fail* in the title and maybe we all expected a different outcome but it’s your channel in the end and the shit you post is whatever the fuck you want🤷🏽‍♀️

  59. Kayla Sartor


  60. izzy ruby

    amanda looks like astrid from how to train your dragon

  61. XoxoBerres B

    Why does she look so damn amazing in the ugly cloths tho?

  62. Saige Flores

    Why is she putting a shirt under a shirt😂 😂..... actually making it worse! 😂

  63. snosal

    It would look so good dyed all over omggg

  64. Sprypine Games

    Nice editing lol. Subbed

  65. Isabela Martins

    anyone knows at what hotel they stayed?

  66. Rianna Bhat

    7:37 evident cat interaction

  67. Sophie Burrows

    the hair looks really good!

  68. cami g

    Why are people so pressed over this like damn do your pre calc hw and go to bed

  69. Jasmine Tapia

    Does anyone know where her beige pants are from in the first outfit?🥺💓

  70. megs

    i’m glad someone addressed how sexual tiktok dances are

  71. Albert Usher

    Hey emma please marrie me shorty you are unbelievably beautiful straight gorgeous

  72. yohan krein

    You are fuckn killing me. They fit your 12 year old sister.hah hah ahah

  73. Clara Gultom

    Emma : *mentions harry styles* Me : “HECK YEAH”

  74. malak benabicha

    aw she feels so forced that makes me so sad

  75. paige alayne

    i literally love you so much DONT FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM

  76. addy street

    I just started Acutane

  77. Theresa Vanderbeck

    7:32 thumbnail

  78. set clock --:--

    I ❤ Her

  79. B .M

    her freestyle was scary

  80. Jillian meyer

    at 9:57 kills me every time😂😂

  81. Jeydaen Lawliet

    Honestly, people who criticized you need to calm down and also Emma needs to chill out, nobody forced you. That you took it that way just shows how mentally weak and easily pressured you are.

  82. CIO

    nice chest

  83. Iokepa _

    the sequin top and plaid pants looks like someone miranda sings would wear

  84. swirlieeo sweer

    That coffee is hella overpriced

  85. Victoria Lekocevic

    I appreciated how real and raw you were in this...made me like you more tbh lol lol everyone is so fake all the time and at least you kept it 100 in this video lol

  86. Bob • 57 years ago

    Oh, hey there just looking at this video pass on.

  87. Mariah Rose

    Did anyone else notice the random ‘title’ caption that poped up in the video at 30:08?😂

  88. malak benabicha

    Lmfaoooooooooooooo this was hilarious

  89. Estrella Perez

    Does anyone know what hotel she usually stays at? I need a good hotel for a vacation I’m planning to nyc

  90. Grace Zucco

    I have you on my magizine!!!!

  91. Joseph Trapolino

    I’ve been around to many crack heads: I thought she had a puff bar in her hands In the beginning

  92. Maya Villalobos

    I’m a simple girl, I hear harry styles, I like

  93. Cousin Vlogs

    My eye color is light brown

  94. Emma Rose

    I'd make a joke about how I can't even style cute clothes, but I barely have any clothes to begin with.

  95. hi all

    emma the glitter tank top is That Bad don’t lie to yourself

  96. Apple User 2

    All the rich kids gonna be confused when Hatsune Miku starts playing

  97. James Puttick

    It’s a very minor thing dw about dying ur hair😂

  98. Rachel Basnight

    How many of you said “bless you” to yourself or out loud when she sneezed? 🤣

  99. gabriel washaha

    Oh no you didn’t have to do this Emma 🥺

  100. Royalty Squad

    The short wig you found could have worked for the frat boy costume🤣