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  1. Mockingbird

    What an interview! You don't often see players speak so freely and emotionally

  2. Fletch

    No more FA Cup replays from next year onwards would help everyone and add more drama

  3. Luis Acosta

    Zidane has been the best player to play in the French league as far as equals, ronaldinho was probably better, and so was ibrahimavic... Neymar has done nothing on his own never carried a team to any wins besides the olympics 😅

  4. lebeech876

    Screw the FA - way to stand your ground Klopp The FA should get read of two legs, go to extra time and pks

  5. thisisCHOPZZ

    Bale is happy in Madrid. I used to think he has a fragile mentality, but no. He's a gangsta who won't be affected by bs. And for being paid like a G by Real 😎

  6. Marvin Lewis

    He tried to put the tie to bed.he can't risk his best players in this competition for 90 mins.glad Shrewsbury have a payday at anfield.ynwa

  7. Terry Suttling

    At end of the day he has a 1st team squad an under 23 squad and under 18 squad you have 3 squads every team can choose who they want from all 3 squads simple as that I think the youngsters from every squad should get the chance to play against senior teams to help develop players

  8. Herman Pizana

    Pretty good arteta so far, undefeated streak

  9. you always

    Atleast they telling the truth , unlike so called ex legends

  10. Adrian Miller

    I was reading about his time playing soccer literally like a day prior to his passing. I was so stunned I refused to believe it

  11. El_Camacho443

    Different between LeBron and you is LeBron didn’t down grade.. you just came bc you weren’t going to sit on the bench anymore plane and simple.

  12. Ashley Thomas

    Ever? Err, no. Ronaldinho, Henry, Zidane, Ibrahimović all played in France.

  13. Liam Damster

    when they have no content then they start with these topics, waste of time for this video. it's only 3 games in

  14. Anders

    Ale Moreno: starts commenting Me: skip 10sec, skip 10 sec...

  15. Omoregbee Ikponmwosa

    For me as a Chelsea fan.. I will pick piatek, I don't see jovic doing well in the premier league.. Piatek is better

  16. Aloha

    Why would Barca or RM need this one trick pony?.. He has nothing to offer!.. They would never take him.

  17. Carlos GC

    Virtually *every* football star, active or retired, is saluting Kobe on social media. That's impressive for someone who was not a footballer. Kobe was truly loved in the football world and he will be missed.

  18. brown beast

    Gossip and haters without any real fotboll to show.

  19. Wacy Ur Rahman

    Are you serious that klopp should worry about FA cup. As we are on our way to grasp a title after 30 years and also CL is in important phase.. I really appreciate klopp stance

  20. Salman Khan baber

    Well said Ali

  21. Virgil Maguire

    Sheffield Wednesday 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  22. Salah The Diver

    No VAR, No Party

  23. Banana Bitw

    ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Adam Jet

    they will consider that

  25. Adam Jet

    If winner of FA Cup can play in Europe like last time where winner of FA Cup automatically play in Europe's Cup Winners Cup, then they will that it was something to give more priority.

  26. Toby Woods

    Be good at Liverpool

  27. Tristan Pfeifer

    Hilarious. Was laughing the whole second half

  28. marcus epstein

    Ronaldinho end of convo

  29. mightyred1967

    You can tell the era the players played in by who much they love the FA cup. For many, it was the only chance to see live football as league football was hardly on tv... and even then it mostly recorded Now.. football is virtually 24/7 and who really wants to watch Man City play Fulham at home... or Liverpool vs Shrewsbury at home. People prefer the big matches.. and the FA cup isn’t the place to be..

  30. Roberto Green

    So unlucky, Shrewsbury, if not for that own goal. They’ve a decent chance at Anfield though, with Klopp confirming only kids will play in the replay. If Shrewsbury go there full of fight they might just have the luck of Aston Villa.

  31. Ruben Ybarra

    I would like to let the NBA know if for the rest of the season. All the NBA teams could wear a circular logo either #8 #24 on their jerseys. To honor a great LEGEND.

  32. Gareth Keenan

    Even teams outside of the Big 6 play their reserves in the FA Cup. It's time people accepted that the FA Cup is less important the the Premier League and Champions League. That has been apparent for many many years now. I don't know why some people still don't realize it.

  33. Mark Lee

    Liverpool players = multi-million £ assets Liverpool needs to protect these assets. All those taking moral high ground would do what Klopp is doing if they were in the same position. Would a business ditch a project that pays them £1000 for one that pays £100 and risk critical assets? No way

  34. Milly Mahinra

    I know both and Jovic is better but Piatek should switch the clubs because AC Milan is not very good

  35. Leo Cooper

    I still think they have a chance at winning the champions league mark my words

  36. xrizbira

    "If you cut open my left arm it bleeds black & red, if you cut open my right arm it bleeds purple and gold." KOBE MambaOut

  37. Davo Martirosyan

    City got De Bruyne, we got Fede Valverde

  38. ViceRoy

    Whoever Watched the Game between Barca And Valencia ? Well , it was not Setien's Fault at all , it was Players except Stegan , Messi And Vidal. I don't knw what Arthur was thinking , Barca needs someone like De Bruyne who can make impossible passes n can shoot boom. De Jong can do that but he's playin way too deep , he gotta stand high coz Arthur's not that good as a hitter. To win games ,ur mf needs to shoot as well , even Pep can't make Tiki Taka work in today's football even with Xavi , iniesta or whatever. Football has changed , Setien showed some positives but the mentality of the players is really bad rn , to make Barca look better ? Sign Koulibaly or just forget abt the Titles .this is comin out from a Madrid fan coz I want El Classico really good. Even though Real did didn't score in last Match , real was dominating throughout the match . Tbh I don't why people judging Setien so early , gotta give him 6-10 months atleast to knw how it works + 2-3 signings . U can't top in a week n that's why u gotta be calm , even at the start of this season , u heard people yelling ZidaneOut ? For real , he won 3 UCLs in a Row ? People r mentally ill now a days.

  39. Pedro Dipp

    Why do they keep bringing up the 800 hundred passes, Barcelona knows they aren't playing well, this isn't what intend to do.

  40. Jr x

    You need haircut

  41. Junior Mints

    Um, who cares?

  42. Garden Organic

    Barcelona only want to spend their money on overpriced players because having popular players translates to more revenue for the club. It’s all stupid, buy some quality f****** players in positions where they’re needed

  43. FrankDF


  44. 10000liverpool

    Craig is stupid. If Liverpool played a strong team one gets hurt then everyone is bitching of why he played starters lol

  45. The Gentle Walk

    After 30 years without the League trophy, pretty much every fan was openly admitting to being quite willing to ignore the FA Cup in preference to concentrating on the League championship. Looks like the League is pretty much in the bag and all of a sudden people start polishing their halos (incl pundits) about the FA Cup and are happy to castigate Klopp who is trying to protect his players, trying to ensure the League win, wanting football associations/orgs to get their act together with fixtures etc but as usual the media is always on the lookout for a juicy story so Klopp is now the Devil Incarnate ! And, even some LFC fans have begun playing the same game.... bunch of hypocrites! There's loyalty for ya.

    1. twentyseven227

      It's obvious they're fake fans

  46. Նորոգուած Մտքեր

    as Liverpool fc fans worldwide we support the manager's decisions all the way. Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool squad are much more important to us than the corrupt FA

  47. gontse moeti

    Juls is drunk in love. Theres no way hos better than all those

  48. God's Home

    @5:33 fake

  49. sylvester fernandes

    Zidane won't give up this lead

  50. Sebastian Rigo Osorio

    The fly be like: "stfu bruh!"

  51. Bless MyEar

    He can really do voice acting for cartoons or movies

  52. keepingthemotion

    Szceneszy better than Buffon laughable

  53. Anagh Ks

    Klopp has a right to field any team he wants. But saying he himself won't be present is arrogant and self obsessed. That guy is full of himself

    1. Anagh Ks

      @twentyseven227 managers take all the vacation they want on off season. They don't have to play Euros or Afcon or WC qualifiers. Are you stupid or something?

    2. twentyseven227

      @Anagh Ks yet vacation exists for all jobs. You don't need to run to need a break. Some people their job involves sitting all day and even they need to take a break.

    3. Anagh Ks

      @twentyseven227 because managers don't run around. Duh

    4. twentyseven227

      How so? Break for players but not for the manager?

  54. G Flow

    Guardiola tied and lost his first games. I guess she’s should’ve kicked him out right?

  55. dooda77 penn


  56. Andley Wu

    I thought my video speed settings were set wrong 😀Vamos Chicharito !!!!

  57. Sullay BJ

    Most clubs need strikers but not enough good strikers 😂🤣

  58. Rajesh Barman

    Sid lowe is best 👍💯

  59. David G.


  60. roger winston

    This lad has the coach vibes . Better than soles

  61. shehan miraj

    I'm wondering why they can't go for extratime or palanties after the draw ,🤔 strange

  62. osito osito

    U suck chicharrón

  63. K K


  64. johnny67448

    Weren't these clowns calling for the coach to be sacked at the start of the season? They know absolutely nothing about football.

  65. Donant Iskandar

    Normally I like these pundits, but this time they look like unrealistic, Fergie used to play youngsters and reserves for Cup competition, and it resulted wonderfully, don't hear them Klop, let's do the double this time 😘

  66. Jobin Jose

    2:29 Brazilian striker? Seriously? I mean he's wearing spain's jersey in the photo that they themselves displayed in the video

  67. david birchall

    If the u23s play then they should be playing for the u23 manager. It would be disrespectful to him for Klopp to take over

  68. amos wahu

    let Chelsea met Liverpool

  69. Adam Lennard

    This why foreign fans are ruining the English game they only care about the top 6. Proper fans would want your team to win every competition. I’m surprised Liverpool don’t want to end United lauding it over them that they won the proper treble. This is a great Liverpool side if they only won the league this year that Is a let down.

  70. D Wr

    Still doesn’t feel real.....

  71. david05111

    I like Craig, but it’s laughable for him to criticize the Liverpool squad which drew against Shrewsbury when LFC should have had a penalty in the first half and the penalty awarded to Shrewsbury in the second wasn’t one because the foul occurred outside the box. But for mistakes made by the referees and no VAR being involved in this “big tournament”, Liverpool win that game comfortably

  72. Ashutosh Mishra

    We are spoiling Grizzy :( I am Messi fan but I don't like it when Messi doesn't pass the ball to him ,like Messi took 4 freekicks against Valencia , he could have let Grizzy take some tbh

  73. Kibaboo-BB

    Havent watched Piatek, but Jovic... He's looking so good, he's been a bit unlucky with benzema's form, but I'm confident he will have a great career.

  74. El ChamoNY

    I’m a Man U fan but Arsenal’s future is looking promising with Saka and Martinelli as forwards

  75. FallenSuperheroSG

    The problem is having 2 cup competitions, which dilute their importance. What's the point in having Carabao and FA cup? Merge the two cups and get more "prestige".

  76. Auto-Tomato

    Remove Premier League teams from the League Cup, there's no need for those teams to be in a third domestic competition nowadays, with how competitive the league is, the top 4, the CL & Europa, possible Super Cup and CWC...it's all getting too much. Add in international friendlies, qualifications and competitions... It would ease the fixture list, help the teams in Euro competitions and give the Championship and lower leagues something to really play for. I don't blame Klopp, but I can see why maybe he should be in the dugout.

  77. Aman Mehta


  78. Alberto Ascari

    Kobe è rossonero

  79. JJ Ryan

    Barcalona have no 3rd striker. They are starting a teenage noob from the academy. They are not looking for a top player but their traditional workhorse 3rd striker like Pedro. Dembele is coming back online but he is injury prone. Another panic signing.

  80. LETv ኢትዮጵያዊነት ።

    You guys talking trash,who are you to talk about jose Mourinho

  81. Batty Rash

    Just to devalue it even further.......Arsenal have won it 13 times

  82. Willy123

    Arsenal youngsters looking alright!

  83. Randall Mulkins

    Allison Henderson Schmeichel Patricio Fabianski

  84. oof man

    bruh madrid passes barcelona once and everyone making a big deal 💀

  85. killercaos123


  86. Abyss

    As for Barca what a shambles of a club they are. The decline continues.

  87. Alexei Ramotar

    Barca will be missing Valverde soon enough. Setien even managed to blame the players for the loss. He'll be out this summer.

  88. Abyss

    I don't understand Stevie's logic in Piatek. You have to first see if the player is worthwhile not if you can get him for cheap or in loan, otherwise it's just more money wasted.

  89. ShakeelD1

    FACTS: Jan 19th 2020- vs Man Utd- W (2:0) Jan 23rd 2020- @Wolves- W (1:2) Jan 26th 2020- @ST- D (2:2) 3 High Intensity Games in 1 WEEK!! Klopp as caretaker of our team and club has other factors to consider that these guys haven’t even begun to talk about. The FA is a colonial based institution that views players as beasts of burden that keeps the money rolling in.

    1. ShakeelD1

      Adam Lennard lol CLEARLY you’re NOT A BALLER. you have to be a player to understand lad so it’s not your fault sitting on your mighty couch there. But thank you for sharing diddum 😉

    2. Adam Lennard

      ShakeelD1 oh dear the poor diddums can’t play 3 games in a week pathetic.

  90. jorgscz


  91. Nako Oneil

    totally agreed

  92. sourav deb

    Steve nicol is so biased....he should be fired

  93. Badon Nongkynrih


  94. camolambo X

    I'm sad but why are they calling football soccer that anoys me

  95. Martin Aguilar

    is the KAKAKAKRTRASHIASN CURSE at CALABASA USA GATED COMMUNITY home of the ARMENIA WITCHES that took KOBE and his DAUGHTER>> where are the GASOL BROTHERS or PAUL GASON since he played with KOBE several years..

  96. Hanafi Salleh

    Will we be having the same conversation if its not shrewsbury, like man utd or everton? Yeah its a bit disrespectful if jurgen is not gonna be there tho..

  97. clarendan ADIWAR

    Haaland & odegaard Will surely help Norway in the near future

    1. Mukund Balasubramanian

      Wait till they get Solskjaer as Coach

    2. John Nkurunziza

      Can’t wait for the link up

  98. Dylan Huddleston

    this reporter was ignorant to him hes such a great guy and hes asking him rude questions

  99. Dylan Huddleston

    i mess w chich

  100. Jack Johnson

    This season is ours la Liga Copa and champion league finals or semi final will be jus good enough for me this season