Hannah Shaw is a professional kitten rescuer, bestselling author, and humane educator on a mission to change the world for the tiniest felines.

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  1. Ashlin Washington

    Some of them have a baby toy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  2. Moonlight Gacha

    All cats in my neighborhood are stray or have an owner. The stray ones are really socialized and my cat is one of them who spends time outside and is socialized. There are no details where I live U_0

  3. LauraPaules: Mom of Beauty & Fashion

    I want to love on Chickpea!

  4. Karen Lee

    It's going to be very pretty when it grows up it has an overbite,, I fostered a cat that looked like a saber-toothed cat I called it for fang,you should have seen those teeth they were way longer than a normal cat,, but the vet said it was just an ordinary cat,

  5. Charlie Ballew

    Chickpea is such a perfect name for this round little darling <3 I hope her future owners keep that name

  6. Echa Kiut

    So kiiuuttz

  7. Echa Kiut

    So kiiuuttz

  8. Ken Mabie

    Such a cutie

  9. Moonlight Gacha

    That cat is living better than my cats 😂

  10. lizzyp

    She is the cutest!!

  11. MzFaithluvly

    She's so cute...she looks like she has a smile.

  12. JstUrHope bts

    Omg i can't! What is she like 4 weeks ? The marking s are adorable omg. Too freaking cute. 💜. Doesn't make a peep. Should have named her peep lol. Keep us posted !

  13. bryan mcgrath

    that kitten is in good hands

  14. Tales Tavares

    Unico portugues aqui vendo essa fofura?

  15. Izameh Pep

    We got 3 kittens then mom abandoned it like 3 days old we take care of it and we are scared if we dropped a tiny drop of a milk there might be an ants in theyre bed we feed them using a dropper from medicine and i couldnt believe theyre eating in young age 4 weeks and yeah theyre grew up to 9 weeks

  16. DarkCalibur

    whaaaooooo chickpea

  17. Adam Osborne


  18. Elana Vital

    I would've named him Figaro. He looks just like the cartoon

  19. Myrna Laboy

    So cute I could just cry for joy! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  20. Cindy Hewitt

    Where did you get that cage/playpen or did you make it? Looks escape proof.

  21. Zen Dragoon

    It has a mustacheeeeee aaahhh

  22. Edwin Knutsson

    And people say dogs are cuter. This invalidates that claim.

  23. Chie


  24. Jackson Douglas

    Dam it I want that frocking cat ;-; sooo cute

  25. Rowan Talley

    She like "i thought that is was somthing rather than milk."

  26. Arivle Daba

    I once had a kitten like Apple i didnt do anything to her, the legs went ok when she gets a little bit older.

  27. Jacqui Barnes

    My 5 month old LOOOOVES bottle tops. Milk bottles, soda bottles, the lids from her pet milk... polished plywood floors and they ZOOM hahaha Definitely going to make some of these though!

  28. Terrilea Carlile

    Omg the sucking sound! Adorable!

  29. Mika Sea

    Боже мой, какое чудо!🤗💚🤗

  30. Agata Meble

    Her eyes are so gorgerous. 😍

  31. Siouxchik 1

    OMG i want this little 👼🐾🐾

  32. Jonathan Pluym

    This showed up in my recommendations. And I am here for it. So cute! 😻

  33. beth windows

    The world's going to heck I needed this

  34. Sandra Logan

    So So" Cute😊

  35. Matthew L'Herault

    We just got a kitten that looks like that and we named her Sweet Pea

  36. sarah pantoja

    Awwww you’re so awesome 🤩

  37. Leyla Hart

    oh my lordy, just stumbled across this channel. What a cute couple, amazing tats and that cute little baby! my life is complete. (curently looking for my first ever rescue kitten / cat)

  38. The Gaming Toaster

    I did buy my ragdoll kitten from a breeder before I learnt about this. But as soon as I learned I informed everyone I knew was thinking of gifting a cat/dog for the holidays. And those people all got them from shelters. Now I’m still very happy with my kitten but am preparing to work with kittens in shelters as a foster mom.

  39. susan brazeal

    Thank you for taking care of those precious kittens!

  40. Novice Price

    I will be sending you my dental bill. As now I have cavities from that sweet baby.

  41. Sarakatiuska

    Everything in this video is freaking cute!

  42. Novice Price

    What a cutie. Sweet baby.

  43. Tony A

    Get those ears going little girl!

  44. Tox

    Feline creatures really dominate the world, they can be cruel and cute at the same time! Physical attack + Psychological attack!

  45. ilgidelisi

    i just love her i wish i lived close i'd adopt her in a heartbeat 😭

  46. shannestaful

    im gonna do this when im older

  47. Maria Carolina Gavioli

    THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! I love you and I appreciate so much your work! I’m a fan! 🧡

  48. Eva's Clubhouse

    And we foster

  49. Eva's Clubhouse

    I ha have seven cats.

  50. Witch of the Wild Wood

    My poor fragile heart

  51. Hi China

    wow so little sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely and cute😜

  52. Wendy Woo

    Oh yeah super cute. All of it. Super cute

  53. Frank Hartgers

    OMG I almost died during this🥺

  54. karakarapi

    w-who seasons their rice...

  55. Chris Phinney

    U are not aloud to be that cute stop it .... I said stop..... Aaaaaahh ur soo cute

  56. Fleur Noire

    I need to adopt this kitten!

  57. Zaliha Musa

    Can I give the kitten a goat milk if l Don't have a milk which it suitable for kitten

  58. Christy Hernandez

    I need that, where and how much. I have terminal Cancer and that would help me alot with a house of fur babies that give me love and joy. Staying alive with my fur family is important.

  59. Zaliha Musa

    Can I give the kitten a goat milk

  60. ぬことおかわりと料理


  61. Gorgeous Mama Cat

    T H I C C P E A

  62. Stephanie G

    What a cutie-patutie!!!

  63. Laura Győrösy

    I think i'm in love with this kitten I went her, no I need her🥺🥺

  64. Galäxÿ_Płãys :3

    Me, 0:00 seconds in the video. *THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD COMPELS YOU*

  65. MidNight

    We used to have a 3-legged type one diabetic cat and she adjusted very well with 3 legs and was the biggest love bug.

  66. Ellie Bla

    Bless your kind soul. You inspire me so much

  67. Ayesha Humaira

    HELP! one of my kittens hasnt opened it's eyes and it has been 15 days since it was born..its siblings have healthy eyes..should I be worried?!

  68. Ayesha Humaira

    Can someone help me? One of my kittens havent opened its eyes and its been 15 days since they were born...the other ones from the same litter has both eyes perfectly healthy....what do I do?!??!???

  69. Ayesha Humaira

    Should I be worried if my kittens haven't opened their eyes at 15 days when one from the litter has eyes?? please please please help mee!

  70. Nasgrantx !

    I’m just liking this because the thumbnail Is adorable and the name melts my heart

  71. Baby Mouse

    the kitthen is so beautiful Btw after watching this video ALsel really needs to make a love button now

  72. Patrick Marcos

    This is the kind of videos I really want to watch.

  73. Margot Almanzar

    Excuse me ma’am that’s not a burrito it’s a purrito

  74. MoJo putnam

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 she is definitely adorable.

  75. moustached goose

    This a million times!

  76. Patrick Marcos

    What is her breed?

  77. Mint Mochi

    They're so sweet! <3 they're very lucky to have you too, you seem like a wonderful cat mum.

  78. Lily Wilcox

    Am I the only one that watches more of this channel in quarantine?

  79. SimplySam

    Should have called her Otter!!! Lol but absolutely adorable! My heart ♥️

  80. syazanaadrina NEVIES

    This vid is trending #22 in malaysia!

  81. Mary Bulawan

    Can you stop bing soso cute,you are so adorable😊😊😊

  82. memebigboy

    Chickpea means "giggle pea" in German and I love that for this kitten ❤

  83. Proxsea

    Completely irrelevant but what is the genre of music it's got an asmr vibe to it.

  84. Tehsin Choudhury

    But I dont have terramycn and I am in lockdown! Help!

  85. Rach H

    Nice kitten lady video to brighten up your day ❤️❤️❤️

  86. FarDistanceGamingFriends

    Foster kittens: Have 3 moms Real mom Foster mom Adoptive mom

  87. Andrea

    Greatly needed💗💗💗

  88. Paige

    I'm crying this is adorable-

  89. 9lives girls Band

    I’m might get a kitten and I hope it’s this cute if not I will still love it

  90. Launi Larson


  91. Aila B.

    She looks like a little baby otter 😻

  92. Mehak Raja

    Hi I have watched you for 2 years I was wondering if you can do a video on which cat stuff you bought I am interested on getting a kitten or cat so that’s why please thank you!

  93. DipityS

    Yep, I'm in love. Totally fell for little Chickpea. It's so satisfying when we watch them fuss away from their bottle and then latch on and have a good meal. Thank you!

  94. Nea

    she's so tiny and cute, ahw my heart 🥺🥺

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  96. Sharon Faber

    My heart's so happy with people like you in the world that help fur babies 😭❤️😘

  97. Wolverine Logan

    It's too hard to resist the cuteness of a cat.

  98. luckyisme10

    so awesome!

  99. ChopRamen

    i canNOT with chickpea. every post of her i literally cant look for very long bc it physically hurts me. i am not kidding about this. she's THAT cute

  100. Ingrid Lopmat

    I want a chickpea!!!! Where can I get one!?