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  1. Jessiely Lopes

    COMO EU AMO ESSE HOMEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lia Fortuño

    Hear me out... Tiny Desk Concert with Sara Bareilles!

  3. Saibot 09

    Tags is feeling it🤘

  4. Massinissa Lakehal

    Give this man an award for « Speak » !

  5. Kai Dahlhaus

    The audio on this is _so good_. Props to that audio engineer, he fricken aced it.

  6. M. Ashley Reid

    Heard of him but I couldn't have picked out his music . . . I enjoyed this. I'm surprised I missed him. Already added to my playlist. I do appreciate the band backup mix. I'd pay to see him with the band as presented today.

  7. Diwaylon

    Her bars really touched my soul

  8. Citlalli Valles

    Oh my... Her HAIR!!! I love the music, but the hair is what got me.

  9. Juana Lastra

    Like si te dijieron que la buscas en la escuela a en pdl

  10. Rita Chase

    That was wonderful! Thank you.

  11. neil thompson

    Thundercat is black Post Malone or Post is a white Thundercat

  12. missbrandy247

    I’m from Detroit but I definitely rock with GoGo music!

  13. Annika Maxwell

    okay i am a huge larry fan but i would not be sad at all if harry and the orange haired girl got married and had a cute lil family while touring

  14. 12sin8

    19:04 Put on some decent headphones and enjoy the bliss!

  15. Adam Bowker


  16. Clark Adams

    RIP Adam

  17. Rich Ressler

    His hangout looks like mine. Cables hangin on the door....gotta love this stuff... The pandmemic will change how we are with each other. Hey man, no need to come over, just whatsapp me and we will get together. The walls of our homes will be led screens...

  18. O Chácara Cultura visual


  19. batmanfan20101

    Thank you Chai!!!! I love you guys!!

  20. wxllflower10

    almost at 1 mil boys and girls 😎

  21. Sunny M

    This is so beautiful omg

  22. Ayra Mendez


  23. Oronzo Ceci

    Hey Convertino, greetings from Bari!

  24. flipnamese75


  25. macpdm

    He makes my heart hurt but I smile because this sort of sentiment in music still exists

  26. personalgeorg

    As if she had never died...

  27. Shelby Darrah

    Been listening to her music on repeat bc of this video! Absolute 🔥🔥🔥 Girl has raw talent

  28. Glitzer Suite

    this band is brilliant

  29. Ines Nouri

    So many warm and cozy feelings ♡

  30. Antonio Campbell

    Reminded me of Alicia Keys

  31. Gino Trujillo Dolmos

    I<3 her voice , that's amazing

  32. Isabella Guimarães

    Thanks Westworld!

  33. Hunter Wilson

    how can you even dislike this :(

  34. Jassiel Garcia


  35. Zoe Hamilton

    Anyone know why she's wearing gloves? Is it just a look or is there a reason for this coincidental look?

  36. Lemon AID


  37. Gabriel Moratto

    Please, call Djavan to the stage!

  38. Franklin Smith

    I saw him open for Kung Fu Kenny in 2018 and have listened to November most weeks since. Don't mind the latest album, but November is hard to beat. So glad NPR got him in.

  39. Jill


  40. Elnaz khosravi

    Ich finde den text von dieasem lied toll😍

  41. Elnaz khosravi

    I love this song

  42. toshtile

    met michael after a concert in manchester,uk.many years back ,he invited about 50 people back into the apollo theatre and had a chat with everyone and had photos taken (before mobile cams) an absolute gent and star ,look forward to the doobie bros planned for the summer if they get to the uk.

  43. The Weeze

    This is horrible.

  44. Ricardo Montecinos Molina

    I need this complete interview

  45. pk cowzah

    Exquisite. The force of this performance stems from the bun on the leading lady's head.

  46. Leo Radebe

    Haibo Dabs Snoh. You didn't have to snap like that.

  47. zyggyz rolls

    the ads is the best.. thank you

  48. Chipped Diamond

    ~hey everybody~

  49. london

    Love her so much beautiful music and so nice to see the musicians vibing and enjoying themselves 😊💓

  50. jbaby007

    Alright, this is strange but I stuck around. I really dig the second song "Reverse Conversion Therapy".

  51. thewirah1

    Man, that Fender... It got me wishing that somewhere in parallel universe there exists a Jeff Buckley tiny desk performance.

  52. Jack Phillips

    RIP Adam

  53. Dan Sadeh

    I thought this sound is dead. Amazing. It's like Neil young meets led zeppelin. i'm hypnotized. His guitar playing really reminds me of Jimmy page.

  54. charro028

    This sounds like a Hot 8 intro! I love it!

  55. CommandanteMarco

    842 dislikes? Really? How the hack could someone dislike this?

  56. Paulo Fontes

    i can f...k whit my mind after this...

  57. Nestiris Almeida

    Yeahhhh, this is dope my sista 🤜🤛 Chicka I'am always with you ... Much respect, you have a great Soul ! 🥊🇵🇹😘

  58. Magda Arias

    his live performances will forever be a reminder of how immaculate his voice is

  59. kiko kk9

    This was so good, starting to believe everything sounds beautifull when you have a choir singing with you.

  60. Miles Emad

    why didnt he play feel the vibe that song is so good

  61. Miss T

    This is JUST what I needed right about now!


    Thank you NPR for exposing me to new awesome artists. I've found another gem thanks to NPR.

  63. Levi Ortiz

    She hella cool loved this awesome flow good vibin

  64. T S

    Shaggy’s part is a cover of Shinehead’s early 90’s cover of Englishman in New York called Jamaican in New York. A cover of a cover of a cover!!!

  65. javier al

    Hi Michael! Good to see U

  66. Fauna Rose

    The words hit you so hard, the beats are also just amazing. I love these guys!!

  67. Saibot 09

    Love the 3rd Song!! 😍😍😍

  68. Brontë Tierney

    This girl can be compared to nobody. She is a force of pure, raw, talent. To be told your song is a “downer” is nonsense, it’s real, relatable and showcases such mature writing skills at a young age. The future is bright for this one

  69. Watene

    The fact they don’t mention Melanie faye on the guitar is a travesty, look her up she’s dope.

  70. Dawn Dakin

    That voice! DELICIOUS!

  71. B

    Me: :( Hayley: ᵃⁿᵈ ⁱ ᵍᵒᵗᵗᵃ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵗᵒ ʀᴏᴄᴋ ʙᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍ Me: :’)

  72. Hawkelek

    Thanks, I really needed this.

  73. TheWillsGaming

    That transition at 11:58 sends me to another planet

  74. António Vandias

    12:36, this transition. Right to the feelings. Every time.


    Such a beautiful chill vibe, so romantic and relaxing. I love you this set.

  76. Dawn Dakin

    This makes me happy!

  77. rn2trappy

    sky high deflating ideas

  78. Roza Gazzaz

    Can you guys bring her back already?

  79. Rome TheVisionary

    He got his whole family with him.

  80. John Humphries

    Thanks for producing, NPR. I understand this will be good for gaining new listeners. Hence, I endorse because NPR is vital. I'll even refrain from description however tempting. J All stay well and good

  81. DJ Zetta TV

    Lucky Daye has to be one of my favorite artist right now!! Such a talented artist and awesome music!

  82. Adriel Ozaeta


  83. christian mumbles

    Thank-you Tiny desk for bringing the legend in to your great channel,he is absolutely amazing ,I am now 48 and my dad always played him solo and with the Doobie brother's and I have just sent him this great post. My favourite is Michael McDonald- I can let go now. Try and listen without shedding a tear in this current situation.bless you all.

  84. Augusto Lehn

    They should've realized by now that they don't get the same musical chemistry with other people. Their solo projects aren't 1/100 as good as TBC

  85. Ronnie Mayo

    TDC has been killing it lately.

  86. Mal Robinson

    She spit vides and she got great vides

  87. eno c aquaowo

    I’m emotional from the onset of the first chords. Thank you Npr.

  88. Dominika Hrtusova

    back here watching

  89. ryan Gist

    So much this! How stellar? And it’s so cool to see the brothers rockin’ together just like in the very beginning. Rich has always been one of my guitar hero’s. This made my day. Long live the Crowes .

  90. Michael Parrott-MacLeod

    He has a Pro-one synth. Awesome.

  91. Marcos R. Andrada

    Detonó mis bocinas, que voz!

  92. Billy Crosby

    And I ain't gonna lie. I teared up at Ripple. Beautiful.

  93. Dem Toledoo

    NPR, You need to make a Tiny Desk with Paté de fua

  94. KarlJ

    “Explicit language”...?! 😂 Is this even 2020??

  95. Taybee Ferragamo

    I am crying real tears! Idk if they are happy tears or the fact I love him so much!


    Now this is what i'm talking about !!!!! this why my music teacher wanted me to experience the xylophone......Mr. Malone (Conduct in a higher Power)

  97. JoPa GeRi

    His voice isn’t quite what it used to be. But man he’s still got it.

  98. Billy Crosby

    The harp on Bird Song takes the connection from Earth straight to heaven....Jerry must be grinning.....

  99. 18 copecks

    awesome! bravo!