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  1. Austin B

    Do u guys not put sugar in your cereals??

  2. Henry Beaverson

    Rhett: this is a good pie Me: he’s gonna eat all of it again Rhett: takes it away and doesn’t eat it Me: surprised pikachu face

  3. wow

    Jack's last one was my freakin' favorite😂 That was amazing!

  4. The Disney Fan

    Rhett and Link when will you do a video where you remember and pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, you did a video with him at least pay homage to him .

  5. Nick Brocker

    Just liked the video solely for the Nixon washing it down with some water-gate joke. That made my night

  6. 3 krazy kids

    Rest in peace goat legend.

  7. Eight Jane

    I shouldnt have watched this. I eat at McDonald's maybe twice a year and recently I've been having a craving for it. This did *not* help. At all

  8. Valerie Scarlett


  9. Kenz D

    I'm surprised they haven't said anything about it on any of their podcasts or channels.

  10. Mae Lydia

    When link bops his head to the ambient massage song, I lose my mind every time

  11. Hannah Myers

    Hey I’m from Saint Augustine Florida!

  12. goblen monster

    Who's looking for there first "let's talk about that" in 2020

  13. Jonah Prescott

    You should try cheesy snacks and how cheesy they are

  14. Dr.ZoidBurger

    I thought this was from Jan 28 2020 for a sec and heard them say Kobe

  15. jackyobo TTV

    you should do human burrito

  16. Kenz D

    Could you guys do like a donating to the kobe fund??? Its be amazing he's done so much for those children.

  17. Danny B


  18. pandora konzel

    Order some smiths from pa!!!!



  20. Katie Marshall

    ok so they wanted to have peanut butter m&ms cuz apparently they're better than peanut m&ms. and then the reeses pieces beat the peanut m&ms. AREN'T PEANUT BUTTER M&MS REASES PIECES???

  21. King Dre


  22. Belgand

    It's not that surprising that they haven't encountered a hangtown fry before. As the gold rush origins imply, it's a Northern California thing. It's not uncommon to encounter up here. Tadich Grill in SF is particularly known for it.

  23. Justin

    Rhett's falsetto surprises me every time, I don't know why

  24. Dakila Lozano

    someone you know is definitely eating one right now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Frsh Mrk4

    Mannn.... I miss Kobe.

  26. Derick Feigum

    The look that rhett has is saying yup he has finally lost his mind

  27. Ben Cater

    I just got this in my recommended 😳

  28. Jason Lai

    Who watches This At Good Mythical Night

  29. Bricio Cadenas

    Omg I 🧡 Emily !

  30. Sofia Rose

    Rest In Peace 😔

  31. Rustbucketllama0 Gaming

    Why was link biting rhett😂😂

  32. Subham Shrivastava

    For a change (from the comment section), I actually am in total support for the winner. There, I said it.

  33. malcolm champion

    At 4:24 Me trying to dance

  34. Big_Khan

    It still feels unreal, like it's just one big dream and this is a hoax. May he and his daughter and the other families Rest in Peace

  35. Lavenderixi

    I love how they have to mention they’re straight😂😂

  36. Scott Armstrong

    8:33 That ain't true anymore

  37. Decemptum

    :I'm doing it dry... You can learn.. a lot that way" no link.. you should never do it dry EVER!

  38. Angelo

    Funny how nick joins around the corona virus breaks.. he’s trying to sabotage you guys

  39. mad

    ok me likey the tank tops...😛 those arms tho...🤯

  40. Randy Young

    No cheddar won't even watch although American is just new cheddar

  41. Katie Marshall

    but- but- but- isn't a cheeto a chip???

  42. Gerda

    first time actually watching in the morning

  43. K B

    You could have soaked a grilled cheese sandwich in tomato soup. That's tasty.


    The soda should have been without ice because ice could change the flavor

  45. Dead boi

    Link reminds me of when I’m winning in Mario party the whole time then the bonus stars come in and I lose.

  46. t0x1c_ chessyboi

    Forgot shameless starrrrrrrrrrrr warrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssss


    Number 9 looks like he has a mini seizure!

  48. Scott Armstrong

    Why is felix so dang small

  49. Mark Cristal

    Its the youtube algorithm

  50. Justin

    The fancy feast was too fancy 😂

  51. Soap Suds

    Emily is bae

  52. Shelby

    12:07 - find you someone who looks at you like how Link looks at Davin when he's poledancing

  53. Justin

    2:20 I don't know if Link was being sarcastic but when he said "we can do that!", I 100% believed him.

  54. Pelican74

    Fire your creative team. You need new ppl with new perspectives

  55. K P

    Theresa? who is that? never heard of her

  56. Hayden Kennington

    0:28 why does Link make me think of the president from the giant robot scene from monsters vs aliens.

  57. Justin

    2020 Survivalist Rhett would eat the trail max actually on the trail

  58. XxSkittlez

    Rest In Peace to the legend himself Kobe bean Bryant. I will miss him forever and I’m devastated

  59. Robin Nolte

    That’s the single most sexiest pizza I’ve ever seen

  60. Elijah Porter

    Josh's fitness transformation is so inspiring!!

  61. Zoe's Zoo

    Link: decimals are for losers Also Link: I eat a spoonful of peanut butter 0.8 times per day

  62. Evan Woods

    Hydrated in food form: Satiated or nourished :)

  63. Slackerboy87

    Arin looks like post Malone without the tattoos

  64. Justin

    "Lo and behold" is something Childish Gambino would say in a rap

  65. Kelley Abitbol

    I think dude thought those were links real feet. Teeheeehehe

  66. 3? ?

    Panus in the anus

  67. Zach Martinez

    Oh my god I remember Nacho Libre

  68. Kayla Houts

    This just makes me smile. Hes so happy

  69. Ira

    "That's a nice move, Link!" - Link Neal, 2020

  70. UrBuudWill

    i wonder what else myth can do with those fast fingers

  71. Kyle Wilson

    Its been * insert number of years* and I still haven't seen it

  72. Coryntheus Rotharmel


  73. bby d

    No one: Link : So is that a yes?

  74. Hua Yin

    Link was actually serious about bringing his own pillows. He talked about it in an ear biscuit 😂😂

  75. Hey It's Eepoch!

    Who's here in 2020!?!? Just finished listening to episode two of the Lost Years on Ear biscuits and decided to rewatch everything!

  76. Kloie Eitter

    Village inn

  77. Gleep Gleep

    Banquet is disgusting

  78. Trevor Butler

    Pre-ordered his game and beat it and it was an amazing play

  79. Seco4800

    Anyone else thought they meant cards when they said "deck building"? I thought I was gonna get skinny if I just build MTG decks all day xD

  80. wholewheatbreadd

    Definitely always get happy meal with 6 piece chicken nuggets with buffalo sauce and extra fries as the side

  81. ToXicMonKeY889

    Where can I get that shirt? With the retro stuff?

  82. Nicholas Carmean

    I get plain Mcchicken's and drown them in buffalo.

  83. Ugandan knuckles

    Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant And His Daughter

  84. James L

    2 straight guys huh

  85. Giovanni Atencio

    He really do be eatin them beans tho.

  86. PeacefulPagoda

    Link! Dude!

  87. GoHomeRog

    Hello Nick!!! Good to see ya face. Hope this makes you feel welcomed =]]

  88. Kayla Shannon

    I don’t know if it’s me but since rhetts hair grew he looks more attractive 🤫😰

  89. Weigt Junction Alaska

    I love Necco wafers!

  90. sina942000

    First Chester, now Kobe. Y'all need to stop having celebrity guests.

  91. iloveducks

    Link was totally in his element

  92. Young.frankenstein55 _

    Cincinnati Mohawk ROTFLMAO

  93. Ohenry 1234

    That face Link made in the end embodied all the disappointment of not getting to pat down Cameron.

  94. Breanna Perea

    As a former Chilihead, the orginal crispers are, in fact, made with a tempura batter.

  95. Katya !

    Totally hilarious!😂 Hope they can do more like this within or in addition to the current format. They are just the best!! 🤣

  96. The Golden Goldfish

    Rhett:Year eye with two straight guys Me: .....and a lesbian

  97. Patrick Fairbanks

    She said hard on.... Hehheheheh

  98. Zero Barge

    I love how Link did the “cowardly” move first, but kept on calling Rhett a coward for doing it back. I personally wouldn’t want to play a game with Link.

  99. Hallucinogenichusky

    for yall to have Kobe on this show and not pay tribute is disgusting. Ubsubbed...Not a single video..cmon..

  100. HuBLeX FPV

    There is a program called “Sit and be Fit” that is chair exercise and started in the 80’s....