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  1. Yasua Yamada

    Froot loops is the best!

  2. Yorokobi Sweet

    MARKIPLIER GOOD MYTHICAL MORINING VIZZIE POP Three of my favorites have done a collaboration YASSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Varu X

    A dynamic-duo? How about Rhett and Link?

  4. Syd Stone

    "I'm just angry" 2020 mood

  5. mark kay

    i need more iliza in my life. she is a gold mine of hilarity

  6. Elijah Drake

    No pamplemoose?!!!??!?!!??!!!!!

  7. Cotasam Nemano

    No you forgot to put clothes on.

  8. Alessandra Rose

    Everyone butthurt about her calling Rhett a “hotter rain man” is neglecting the fact that Iliza is also married. It was obviously a joke, and yes Rhett is hotter than rain man. No harm, no foul. Y’all have obviously never seen her stand up.

  9. Erick

    Heyyyyyy I have dreadlocks, they smell like the SHAMPOO I use when I WASH them.... Thank you, this has been a psa

  10. Athena Rose

    My favorite gmm video ever!!

  11. Katie Brown

    Love you guys sm but never have her come again

  12. Devyn Wilson

    Iliza is my favorite person in the world 😭💗

  13. Tootuff4ya

    No one: School nurses after someone breaks there arm and can’t move it: ICE.

  14. mark kay

    i never knew who iliza was, but she might be new favorite comedian. hands down, hilarious

  15. blue7339

    6:41 what??? 😂

  16. William Gugins

    Hi I just love to watch your videos thanks for being so great at your gob

  17. Milo Gomez

    She seems one of them

  18. Thomas Cook

    The best MRE is for sure the hashbrowns and bacon

  19. DreamWeaver

    Rocky toad

  20. Melanie Horowitz

    Link sounded so good, especially his second turn ^~^ they all sounded great tho ^~^

  21. uzeir gamazsi

    i sat through it and they replayed a few clips

  22. Robert Gittings

    Spenser Confidential was a good movie.

  23. Dizzayye

    Link was simping so hard

  24. Wonton Hunters

    Where do you find these candies

  25. annon Annon

    Damn it! I didn't watch it until today (04/04), so I'm using that as an excuse to make myself feel better. smh

  26. The foam Farmer

    9:55 link kinda looks like the godfather

  27. Erin Gray

    I’m so pregnant and this quarantine has made it impossible to buy warheads. I want them so bad. Please mail them to me 😂😭😭

  28. LayMing Lee

    there's no reason to take points away from rhett saying "Beautiful Mind"

  29. umama zakaria

    Can someone translate what it says on the package?

  30. Austin Driver

    I love how excited link gets about the mystery airhead 😂

  31. Bobby Mendoza

    Member’s Only Rhett??

  32. duy giang

    In space they DO eat pb&j with tortillas

  33. Vladimír Pokorný

    3:49 for the smile

  34. DreamWeaver

    Turkey sushi=tushy 🍣🍣🦃🦃🍑🍑🍑🍑🦃🦃🍣🍣

  35. Taidana_ Neko1

    Rhett is hard to guess coz his beard covers his face XD

  36. Kain Wikked

    Sugar ants hurt more

  37. Matthew Lien

    Headphones people!!!

  38. Charlie Wright

    Dairy queen has the best crispy chicken sandwich

  39. Jcsj_1995

    Why does guys johnson keep randomly showing up in their videos lol

  40. CrunchyPeanutButter-420

    I kinda like Little Caesar’s not gonna lie

  41. Mary

    i came for rhett and link, i stayed for 6:45

  42. randi32506

    Combo of water in the nose and sun in the eyes! I used to get water up my nose while swimming in my grandparents pool, the quickest way to get over it was to look toward the sun ☀️ (not directly) and the inevitable sneeze cleared everything up!!!

  43. xs_ fox

    Awww i love sour food so much. I would have won 😍

  44. Simone Millsap

    i know this was uploaded a year ago but read the captions without watching the video

  45. Nicole Honey

    Took me a while before i hit the comments 😂

  46. Stormageddon, Banhammer of Justice

    Nobody: Rhett: HELLO

  47. A Stellar

    “Hey Gritbit lips come over here and pucker up”😂😂

  48. Garrett Cecil

    Y'all playing Batman.

  49. Assem Ragab

    Terry's literally everyones dad

  50. nadyaK snaiR


  51. PotatoTube XD

    Ride the tuck. For the BOBA!

  52. Nick Keeth

    Felix is so small nexed to them

  53. Genevieve Witham

    Why is her ponytail so perfect?!?👱🏻‍♀️

  54. M g


  55. Denilius123

    13:13 I love how only Iliza shows her registration to that.

  56. Andrea Rae

    The rewatch value of these! I’m here after today’s “sweet vs sour” epi 💕

  57. Gabby Rumohr

    Am I the only one who thought it was adorable the way that link said “ is that a snout”

  58. BoldAndBrash

    So many dislikes! Omg people are so salty they got pranked 😂

  59. Rik Reichert

    Love her comedy! Very funny chick!!!

  60. Annie Bailey

    This is the only April Fools prank I got pranked with this year.

  61. Eli The goat

    Phis food is the best ice cream and band

  62. Andy

    its corona

  63. Cash0307

    I don’t like her she’s not even funny

  64. Rose Freeman

    5:58 that was a good compliment that I agree with. Haha

  65. Nicholas Mendoza

    9:52 "ear removal oil" 😂

  66. Austin Eure

    That ice cream national anthem was on point!!!

  67. sister linaa

    rhett looks like a modern pirate who farms

  68. Aqua The Wolf

    Rhett looked like a goat on the last one


    I’m shook they had snacks from Saudi Arabia and I didn’t know!

  70. Jonathan Sloan


  71. Bradley Gerard

    Omg I like your guys videos and I'm really getting into them, and I love Iliza, your very funny. Good video.

  72. MmeganN E.

    Their hair styles swapped over the years... right?

  73. Joe M

    Rhett looks like a lion 🦁.

  74. Nubajev

    Rhett: Jock strap? Also Rhett: It's an STI.

  75. Soul Tarsier3424

    Think rhetts seen the cats movie

  76. Alex Acevedo


  77. voidremoved

    Put nasty things on a green screen and make Rhett and Link guess whats behind their head

  78. Paige The cool person

    took me a while

  79. Madisyn Murillo

    Bro I was soooo confused😭😭

  80. Joshizard

    Aren't we supposed to be social distancing.

  81. memesarelife memesarelife

    rhett should have won he said soda can

  82. jnueve snue

    I swear link is so jealous of Rhett. Rhett looks better his taller and everytime a girl comes to the show they like rhett more and u can see link all jealous

  83. birdfrog


  84. Rex the Royalist

    Rhett and link looking like the big labowski split into two, Rhetts got the hair, link with the clothing

  85. Koi Halli

    Link was being a simp when he gave her the point

  86. Simple Simulation

    Play Extreme Nutball: Taser Edition

  87. Coco Cotton

    The stroop waffle is from Holland

  88. Dustin Huiting

    The fact Rhett says sbf instead of spf is great

  89. Overlord Of Random

    the funny thing is, those are sometimes that chewy, but probably not on april fools day

  90. Anonymous Political person

    What about little Caesars?

  91. Matthew Bergeron

    These votes make me realize how moronic a huge percent of this community is. Just wow

  92. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

    Rhett has the coolest shirts on GMM. Occasionally, Link will sport something that’s superior, but Rhett usually is wearing the best stuff.

  93. Marcilene Rose

    watching this in April of 2020 and fantasizing about being able to go outside

  94. Barry Pattern

    These are all the same arguments that have been debated before. What is obvious to me is the landscape in these pictures. The surface is sandy but sand is created by erosion. Also, there are rocks lying on the surface. How can these rocks end up on the surface of the sand without making a crater or a rolling trail? Why are all the rocks rounded? They should be sharp. The moon's landscape in these pictures is something we would expect to see on earth.

  95. Joseph Cowan

    I think this is the funniest episode of GMM. I might have peed a little bit

  96. BloodRoseKitten

    Keep yourself, your community, your friends and your world safe. Social distancing for the win! GG for GMM!

  97. Bineapple Bizza


  98. Makayla

    love that i’m 8 minutes in thinking it’s a normal video and just now checking the comments

  99. Alister


  100. anonymous anonymous

    Thanks link we rly need it Rn