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    Old all day it hit different toonami Monday-Friday

  2. Chad Boi


  3. Uranus

    Remember guys, Dio can stop time for 10 seconds ONLY. ..Only...

  4. luigi414

    I got the greatest idea ever. You HAVE to do Hood Transformers

  5. Sick Jamez

    I've never watched a white sitcom.

  6. Mongameli Cele

    Bruh this is so true😅

  7. Jasper Duncan

    love you guys. def big inspiration to my life

  8. Sam Cosmo

    Im bout to fold sum clothes

  9. Lord Clarke

    Naruto story line is full of plot holes and retcons

  10. Golden Goose

    Bros acting is flawless 😭 watch SNL steal this skit

  11. Dom Mischief

    Samurai champloo had the best anime music. Don't @ me fam.

  12. axel chris

    2:30 LOL that is so true

  13. Michael Archie

    Anyone know the outro song?

  14. Djsomeone 1


  15. Malek Tesfamariam

    Let us get another back and forth: best anime arcs

  16. jerrit20

    How in the...was that UNT?! How the hell have I missed this the whole time lol.

  17. Moriyah Yahoudi

    I'll step to you bro... only to ask you out on a date! Dude on the left is fine as hell!

  18. Black Posydon

    What’s worse is when this happens in the middle of a fight.

  19. octylMan

    Man I find basketball such a difficult sport. Everything I do results in some sort of foul. I dribble for too long? Foul I take the ball from opposing team? Foul I block a shot from going in the basket? Foul I defend? Foul But it's never a foul when others do it :/...

  20. Moriyah Yahoudi

    Too funny!

  21. Deneuve Bandoo

    Didn’t realize he spelt “doesn’t “ incorrectly in the title until now 😅

  22. Moriyah Yahoudi

    So which one was Ken? Ryu? Naruto? Blastoids or 1 of them Digimon characters

  23. Moriyah Yahoudi

    Dude🤣🤣 why you beat that boy up? He didn't do nothing to you! I just used a double negative!

  24. Donovan Mitchell

    He did fight the whole movie 😂😂

  25. Bobby Moncada

    Gon from Hunter Hunter 😂

  26. Jumpman 23

    "Oh shit,fuck" " *wHo wAS tHaT OnE niGGa tHaT RoaSt mE iN cLaSS* "

  27. jus chillin

    Dont look over here


    Hisoka VS Gon

  29. Rob Baker

    Racist as hell.

  30. Luka Dončić

    I ain’t racist

  31. - Suueyy -

    The reason racism never dies is kuz yall wont let it. Remember the days when anybody could be a slave ? Yeaaaa.

  32. Music lover

    Wait How did daredevil see the movie Lmao

  33. Rob

    The accuracy 👏 😂

  34. Blake Watson

    We need the skit of the driver "pulling up to the window then" and when he does, it's undercover boss and the ceo is mad they ain't rude enough

  35. Gabar Saint

    This is some funny ass stuff!!

  36. Daddy Iove

    I know moon Knight


    hahahahahha Mark bro I hate when you look so contemplative hahahaha shjit sooo funny bro

  38. The Master of Aiming

    Transformers aligned games have better npc than them The npcs die, can kill enemy npcs and arent that trash

  39. M L T

    first name i'll write in that n**** note is james charles

  40. ArtsyMe

    They right about dis tho- XD

  41. Colette Tyler

    New anime can’t beat my hero

  42. M L T

    why this in my recommended?

  43. Amber Broadus

    rdcworld 1 if yall are going to do back and forth again yall should do what if superhero fights including dc comics marvel

  44. maont

    Moon Man? More like Kkk Man

  45. Giftybright Ebangha

    I have a feeling that the most enjoyable aspect of all this is the fact that its low budget. I just think a higher budget will ruin everything ....my opinion

  46. TheIcekilla88

    This is the funniest video y’all have made so far 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. ShadowKnight 5204

    Y'all killed me with Yami Yugi. Its even funnier because I'm on season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

  48. Greg Knox

    Avatar the last hoodbender I never seen Desmond so calm

  49. Chr15Payne

    My man ain't put up even one shot but he claiming 6 points

  50. Adam Bazan

    But didn't yugi supposed to have Slifer instead of obelisk

  51. Greg Knox

    Desmond was trying not laugh

  52. Giftybright Ebangha

    Dunno why this villain made me think of orochimaru

  53. Alfred noe

    thats cool

  54. DBZ,DBS, Fan

    Hisoka vs. Gon

  55. hyper neon

    LMAO poor kid

  56. Greg Knox

    *music stops* Aight then * music continues*

  57. James Tolson

    Boy, when he hopped that fence... I fucking died!

  58. Greg Knox

    When he say very lit

  59. Casian Benton

    Kid neji vs kid sauske would be a good topic

  60. matic ulaga

    Cowboy Bebop rly be the shit

  61. Johnny Hustle

    "Nah he aint learned yet"🤣😂🤣💀💀💀

  62. Mullah San

    Some ppl dont know black widow went through the same experiment as captain America

  63. Abang Fulvian

    Anti child abuse: *Exist* Anime : *Break rules*

  64. Y!kez 91

    Rockn the Tobe!!

  65. Shayne Gallagher

    Outcome would be reversed if it was gon

  66. KANGA

    They not posting porn that’s some physical activity

  67. Double O

    I been saying AoT is top 4 all time and I dont give a flying fuck what anyone says. But MHA music?? Yuki Hayashi goes nuts on MHA music, I HAVE to give them the Soundtrack. And the fighting too in my opinion.


    Y’all stupid for this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Yacine Boudella

    When main characters die in Naruto they don't come back Kakashi Naruto Sasuke Garra Orochimaro Gai and the entire hidden leaf village : nervous sweatly

  70. Yacine Boudella

    Let's be honest Naruto Shippuden became DBZ in the last 200 ep

  71. intelligentbiscuit

    So accurate 🤣

  72. Jonh Chorizo


  73. Lost SoulsAnimation

    "Oh shit he brought holes into the category!" i can't stop laughing 😂

  74. Alex MYL

    0:20 Uhh.. 10/10 oscar for this kid XD

  75. Brian Barnes

    If it was legit I'd take Cvs crew to wop on em lol

  76. Modern Viking

    He runs away from both cars with the baby its like an olympic kidnap-relay pmsl

  77. Harun Ashura

    Oh my sides 😂😭😂

  78. Don Bk

    That’s a hit 🤣🤣🤣😂

  79. Mister E

    can someone tell me the anime at 13:26?

  80. Long Shlong

    “ARE YOU DRUNK J.R” “Nah you not drunk, YOU TRASH” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. Yazzzir

    I'm thirsty for that part 4

  82. Andrei Santos

    11:55 that’s faxxxxx Dragon ball slow ass hell but is still good tho

  83. Fake 7-

    U no I’m the only one watching this in 2020

  84. Best Radio

    It's funny cause in a real 1 on 1 fight moon knight actually would clap Hawkeye lmao

  85. Night_Owl

    I was actually expecting an epic fight and the villian lose to that kid😂

  86. Thomy Fun

    The only time I ever turn on dubbed is when I'm distracted for a second

  87. Thomy Fun

    If this was the response every day, I'd say that there would be no child abductions. if only...

  88. TNB Joel

    Yep y’all forgot about fresh prince

  89. kolade fasesin

    Anime house 4 wya???👀👀👀

  90. kolade fasesin

    Anime house 4 wya???👀👀👀

  91. kolade fasesin

    Anime house 4 wya???👀👀👀

  92. kolade fasesin

    Anime house 4 wya???👀👀👀

  93. Jesus

    Yall need to stop killing these kids. We aint got no more room up here and we've already started sending kids to hell

  94. なっちゃんですう!

    Does that kid got beat up for nothing idk i couldnt hear it clearly

  95. craig Malhava

    Moonlight has shoot with hawkeye

  96. craig Malhava


  97. Isaiah Zeek

    This nigga feet pointing towards the other rim lmfao when he shoots 😂🤣😆😆😉🤣😆

  98. Booty Wizard

    this is gon and killua the whole chimera ant arch lmaoo

  99. John Smith

    You guys were spittin at the end

  100. Extreme.

    This reminds me of Kuroko basketball