Hey everyone!
This is a channel where I record my everyday life and share it with you guys!
I hope you'll enjoy and maybe even find them entertaining hahah!
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  1. Nora King

    I wish it was only 2 weeks of quaintine

  2. bruce b

    Or until she dies. She is old.

  3. leah gayton

    girl your vlogs make me so happy!

  4. DUSTIE Mumaw

    Who’s watching this during quarantine and laughed when she said two weeks in quarantine she thought it was crazy I’m like nope two years

  5. Daphne Marie

    I spend about 800K bells on turnips every week & make over 5 million bells a week. Tara, use turnip exchange for better turnip prices!

  6. My random Life

    She is insane

  7. My random Life

    Take her to court for stalking

  8. SiMpLy_ Life

    She is like a creeper version of a Karen! Sry if I offended any Karens out there.

  9. Kayla H

    Wait so how did she reach 1 million subscribers and now says she only has 511k??

  10. Hannah Hhhh

    i am devoting my whole quarantine to this series

  11. Vincenzo Lee

    I wish there was a time stamp chart for the different events on your videos. I love the interaction with and about the neighbor but the rest is boring to me.

  12. Kelsey Keena

    would love an island tour video! during all this quarantine animal crossing has been my getaway and would love to see yours :-)


    Literally every time I watch your videos I just think of wanting to be just like you in the future❤️❤️❤️ILYSMMMM!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Miranda Rickerl

    1 million views or 1 million subscribers? Where did half of the subscribers go?

  15. Brie Quisumbing

    hey tara ik this is random but what are some of your fav books? ik you typically read self improvement books like “you are a badass”, do u have any other suggestions? thank youuu, stay safe. ily <3

  16. lacie baudin

    It’s best put your milk and milk products in the back of the middle shelf it’s the coldest spot of the refrigerator

  17. BMIT04 jessesue

    Hey Tara, fellow Canadian here! 80 years old or not, she could own a gun!

  18. red88alert

    Badass chair! I have two in the main livingroom of my house next to my couches lol I know its meant for outside use but I couldnt resist and I love them! I always switch and use one one day and the other the next and so on and so on.

  19. Jason Balls

    Didnt she say that she dosent watch TV but knows you post on youtube

  20. Chase Wissbaum

    Can you give an Animal Crossing Island Tour! And how many hours have you played it

  21. • m o o n c h i l d •

    I feel like all the neighbors should unite and talk to the cops and get her arrested lol

  22. Gaby Camel

    Tiktok not suitable for the first world 😂 here in Venezuela it is normal to find bugs in fruits and vegetables, there are even those who eat guava or mango with worms

  23. Zosia P

    this is a wierdly fun roller coster idk why lol but I like the updates since my life is kinda bland (knock on wood) and I need some entertainment

  24. Sandra Garcia

    You are SO awesome! I live vicariously through you...being that I'm 39 and all🤷😝

  25. Liñda Snowden

    Don't be embarrassed this happens to everyone. You both grow and change it's normal I'm 60 and just broke up with my boyfriend i dated him almost 50 yrs ago we akways remained friends even dated off and on until i got married. I lost my husband in 2001 and raised our son. We moved in with my mom and i got together with my old boyfriend things went fine until recently and i realized that after all these years he never really grew up or matured. So if you are single take time for yourself before you start dating again think about what you really want in your next guy friend there is nothing wrong with not having a date for a while get to know yourself better and when it's meant to happen it will. I wasn't looking or dating when i met my husband we were complete opposites so i knew god meant for us to be together. Your guy is out there just be patient

  26. Emy Hoedemakers

    In so happy that you have your fench and privacy back.. but Oww my God she makes a lot a noise 😱 for real 11pm at your door.. tis your house you feel so scared.. just wath your saying i hope she doing oké to you!

  27. SarahNativeWolf A

    I grew up on a farm and we always did this before we ate any fruits or vegetables, then just rinse all the salt off with water so this has been around for years and I'm 44 years old

  28. Kurt Russell

    Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp

  29. LemonAide_YT

    When Taras friends come over Witch be like: AhaQhahHHahAh... Taras friends: who’s that? Tara: oh that’s the witch Taras friends: shook

  30. lacie baudin

    You're the only youtuber and tik tok that adds creamer like I do lol

  31. Abi Showering

    Can we talk about how perfectly those eggs broke at 7:40! Omg satisfied

  32. Miriam Martinez

    I came for the crazy neighbor chisme but God you talk soo much 😫 I don't care. I don't care about your day or your meals or watching you do nothing but talk. Just spill the tea and I'm out

  33. gohantaro

    Must be nice not have to work.

  34. Liñda Snowden

    Congratulations on your 1,000,000 subscribers evidently crazy isn't one of them otherwise she will have no reason to watch you over the fence

  35. Liñda Snowden

    Full moon you know crazy is going to make herself be known she just won't be able to resist

  36. Sam Sonite

    It's dirty, throw it away... -typical millenial I wonder what it feels like to be the "cringe-generation" 😬😬

  37. K Sloan

    Shes 80 you won't be dealing with her too much longer 😆

  38. Fatima Mhmd

    This is the story of a 89 year old witch called Jill.jill was such a nice person when one day she ate her favorite fruit,Strawberries! Jill was excited to eat the strawberry and she ate it! Until...after two hours Jill was poisoned and then she went to the doctor the doctor said I’m so sorry but you got infected with the (selfish virus) this is from the cursed strawberries you made...she came home feeling angry and unhappy one neighbor asked her if she was okay and offered some tea so she would be better but she refused...she shouted “GET OUT OF MY PROPERTY YOU RAT THIS IS MY PROPERTY NOT YOURS!!” the girl was sad after hearing this from the “witch” what she called her,but the girl was patient and held on strong!she never let useless words get into her brain,after that day the witch woke up having a green body big HUGE ears and a LONG long nose with swollen eyes and purple lips with a ripped black dress,from that day on this woman “witch” was known in her neighborhood for her really bad behavior and an unkind person where NEVER kids showed up even one step closer to her “property” what she says..then she went to jail Friday night it was a really happy day for the neighbor hood! They were happy and enjoyable again! Then she came back for a really REALLY bad revenge was nobody expecting.....she stalked people,she hit people,she destroyed people’s property’s and worse! And for years and years have passed on and the witch is still mean and there is no medicine and will never be... And that’s how the story ended. Thank me later✨😌

  39. Oisin Horgan

    Love you tara enjoy watching all the bhlogs love from oisins mummy.

  40. officialmaana

    i started watching when you were still studying in school with phil! so cute!

  41. Liñda Snowden

    You all make a very handsome family. Crazy lady really shouldn't have a problem with your outdoor lights she evidently isn't happy unless she complains about something. She also seems to need to i ject herself into your and her other neighbors lives. Have you ever seen any of her family or friends if not there may be a reason like maybe the way she is has driven them all away. She is very nosey about things that she has no reason to know.

  42. Kathrine Waidtløw

    Where is your cute outfit from!?!?!

  43. Addison Wolfford

    Idk why you don’t move

  44. Megan Leanne

    Thanks for testing the strawberries! I've been wondering if it really works too! I love how you put hope the bugs like garlic salt as much as i do. 😂 Thank you for sharing the email template. I sent one as soon as I read it

  45. Liñda Snowden

    With any luck she will either get put in a home or she will drop dead soon and you won't have to deal with her any more. She evidently is not of very sound mind. I will pray that the stress she inflicts on you to lessen. Good luck and I'm glad that there are others that have had negative experiences with her so you all have a support group

  46. AB to AZ

    At the beginning did anyone forget this was a crazy neighbor video? Btw I’m not asking u to like

  47. Elizabeth Ndouja

    Oh I thought she said spraying them with her nose 👃🤣.

  48. Brooke De Jong

    So a little late to this but you should check out ned CBD

  49. Kpop_연인

    Does your friend have a channel? If she does what is is called I want to go subscribe she seems Fun

  50. Jay S.

    oh if she removed a tree ON YOUR PROPERTY, it's big trouble. Tree Laws are INSANE and she could be fined HEAVILY if the tree is old & rare.

  51. AB to AZ

    This dirty sock can’t just politely ask hey may u please take down ur lights or she could do something to block them ON HER OWN PROPERTY no she has to bring you to court for god dang lights?

  52. Janet ‘96

    Whatever you said , felt so much like something i went through for 5 years of college. We broke up. I still get dreams which affects the next day. Some days are harder than others. All i want to do is curl somewhere , but i have to study. I am preparing for plab. With the world the way it is and my mind running around everything seems bleak , but for some reason it was cooling to listen to you say this. It makes it a little less lonelier... i hope you continue to.

  53. Madelynn Pelster

    It's funny.. it was supposed to be 2 weeks welp now it's been about 3 months.


    Terra be safe this lady is so friken weird idk why she does this! Literally a seconed ago she was like omg ur so pretty but then she spys on you. Dont get too close to her. When i saw the video when y’all became friends im like yay but now .. just stay safe

  55. patsy sebera

    Hey, every part of the country pronounce things differently. Go to Alabama and those people would freak out. People up north say works differently than the south. It absolutely does not matter. When I heard you say pasta different that I do, I knew you were Canadian and assumed that is the way you say it there. Maybe those that criticize you are so miserable themselves that they want everyone else equally as miserable.

  56. Friend Craft

    TWO WEEKS NO YOU MEAN 3 MONTHS and I’m not trying to be mean I love your channel

  57. I really Don’t know

    2 Months later we’re gonna be out of quarantine

  58. Jasmin B

    Can you make a video showing your Animal Crossing island? I’m so curious!

  59. J King

    You do know that TiKTOk is China PRC owned and all your personal information you have shared is now in China on the cloud. Hope you have no personal banking or tax info on your account, just saying.....

  60. Amelia Borst

    you should get bluelight glasses i have them and they help my eyes sooooo much! they are not actual glasses they just help with staring at screens for a while you can get them off amazon no doctor needed!

  61. Ronita Sinha

    Now that's, what I call a horror movie cliche. I am scared of even talking about her right now.....like I feel like she keeps stalking you by taking down the trees from her side of the property. Please be safe! <3 Take care

  62. Susan Tescione

    You should be scared. She can carry a weapon.


    You can grow a tree in your backyard so she can’t see ur bedroom and can’t put it down

  64. Jillian Foisie

    Girl hang out w all the people u want! Especially hikes! So fine! You don’t even need a mask if you’re 6ft apart outside! ESPECIALLY bc masks don’t even do anything to prevent corona from spreading. They’re more of a comfort thing for people. But I fully support you getting out there to see friends, people need that!!

  65. Jillian Foisie

    I forgot your best friends name is jillian HAHAHAHA and i started to clean my room while watching this and heard Jillian and I was like 0_o....

  66. Ronita Sinha

    oml- Can I name the movie? o.o

  67. Scott Cole

    You don't pickup a hammer in a fight? Tell that to your neighbor. lol

  68. Corrie Viljoen

    who is watching this 2 months in courinteen

  69. Corrie Viljoen

    at the very end I am dying :))))))))))))))))***

  70. Addison Wolfford

    I just found this story and have watched most of it in 1 sitting

  71. sophie's world

    Lol just binge watching your crazy neighbor series also I've now been in quarantine for 3 and a half months it's crazy hope everyone is doing great

  72. Chloe Guo

    Tara's mom when she sees a dog: Awwwwww, it's so cute! My mom when she sees a dog 5 meters away: OMFG, stand back, it's going to kill us, ahhhhhhh...

  73. Tracey Tocher

    she seems like crazy but maybe shes probably really lonely but she sounds CRAZY tho

  74. Scott Cole

    I had a similar styled neighbor while stationed in Germany. Long story short - do your best to be a good person and before you know it she'll be a life long friend. Have faith in humanity but don't drop your guard. lol

  75. James Leonard


  76. Ella Stevens

    I am getting a iPhone XR as my first phone for Christmas but I have to pay for half of it butttttt I love buying food.

  77. Kailey Elizabeth

    Where did you get your beige coloured set from?! It looks so good on you and I need it! 🤍

  78. Vincenzo Lee

    Golly the trees should matter. It takes years and years to grow one.

  79. Dolly Renteria

    This made me realize that I am blessed to have two amazing neighbors. They are both different but they are the best. We drink and cook out together all the time.

  80. Dixie Aguilar

    Obviously she’s old and alone. There’s no telling what she’s dealt with from previous owners. She sounds like she’s got severe anxiety. She also sounds like she’s been taken advantage of. The gist of her convo with contractor man. Next time try a little kindness because one day we’ll all be like her. Old and alone

  81. brianna

    When quarantine goes on for about 5 months longer. (for big groups of people)

  82. Lord Bullshit

    The Witch is living on the wild side. Damn, I kinda wanna meet her so I can be like,"I want you to be my teacher! Teach me how to be mean and crazy!" 😤 I think I'd make a good student. 👏

  83. Yeetus Feetus

    This isn’t related to the video but bro, I keep getting diaper ads

  84. Rhonda Perdew

    Don’t engage with her, Oh lord the drama!! Stop Gossiping !! Just stop stop the cycle of negative

  85. Stan Skarbek

    You think 2:00 AM is a decent hour for turning off your outside decorative lights??? YOU are the wrong one. Some people like to go to bed at 11:00. If you're in for the evening, not expecting visitors to arrive, you don't need your outside lights on. Give your neighbors a break!

  86. Angela McLean

    Anyone know the song at 13:10?

  87. Banana Joe

    Girl I feel bad for u😢😢😢😢😤😤😤

  88. Aliya S.

    U usually start the day with coffee and end it with wine lol

  89. kaytedid30

    You need a sensor that makes a dog bark when triggered maybe that will keep the witch away

  90. judy lee

    You're getting a lot of mileage out of this old broad aren't you. Don't you have anything else to vlog about? It'll go on as long as you keep it going. Disengage. Use your HOA, Attorney, the police. Take yourself out of the equation and see how quick she looses interest.

  91. fourbuick

    She is so beautiful.

  92. emma neuhauser

    stay strong girl

  93. Debora Figueiredo

    "ill be upset if there are bugs in there".... ummm do you not know where produce comes from? chill.

  94. Rebecca Smith

    You should have a cook out. And get everyone togeteh but her after eveyting is over

  95. Hazel Nut

    Tara mentioning sims: Me completely annihilating the forth sims family of the day: 0-0

  96. Rhiannon Autumn

    Me in June of 2020: ya, it lasted WAY longer than two weeks, and is still going, oh, and don't forget the riots...

  97. Raksha K

    Im just hapoy that she has a friend that is her neighbor and i dont mean the witch

  98. Gift L.

    12:14 for the video footage. She talks too much though prolonging the video.

  99. Ak Olivier

    She will end up making that promise then throwing it in the trash

  100. Nicole Biggs

    I bet they got freshly picked strawberries or something