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  1. Alexandre Alves

    58,000,000 yes we did and where is the corruption again??????????????????? cry baby cry hahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Tayce Sells

    Can someone give me the link to that video with the USPS driver photobombing those kids? 😆

  3. Tyler Brackman

    Very good work convincing you puppets that mail in voting isn’t complete corruption. Tug those strings.

  4. Ari

    Did they fact check LastWeekTonight? #FAKE NEWS

  5. Chad Phriday

    00:45 You're wrong for this John. So wrong.

  6. Chris Smith

    Can't wait to see how this plays out. XD

  7. ElFelix

    Tik Tok.........back in the day you could say it referencing the time

  8. Tayce Sells

    "Haha I'm just kidding, he'll win in a landslide and we'll see him take a shit on stage, that's just the vibe 2020 is giving..." 😂😭😂😭😂 (Edit: paraphrased of course)

  9. Cynthia n/a

    Wait. American police are *NOT* required to file a report every time there's a use of force?!? As a Canadian, that shocks me.

  10. Scott Howes

    We have had mail-in voting in Utah for years (yes, prior to 2016). It is a good thing. Works great. Trumpy boy is concerned that those that wouldn't or couldn't otherwise vote, may actually vote, and he has a higher likelihood of losing, due to the demographic that it represents. No wonder he doesn't want other states to join states that already do it. If he is elected again, we can plan on more of the current crap we have been experiencing (divisiveness, racism, etc). And by the way, why are we talking about this topic when, as "president" there are many other things he should and could be paying attention to. Please... whatever way you vote, please vote to get rid of Trump. I will vote for Biden, my wife (who has no political experience, but would do 10,000% better than the pissed off, 14 y/o currently in the office), cookie monster, Santa, anyone but Trump.

  11. Stphn mrrs

    I didnt even know there was a Luke Hemsworth....

  12. Jack n Jill

    I am from the future and I want to stop this guy... He is tear gassing his own citizens.

  13. Charles McCray

    Well said sir

  14. Jolie991

    john oliver: no one owns a working pencil or sharpener me with my unjustified giant collection of pristine pencils and staedtler sharpeners: 👁👄👁

  15. Triple Viktor

    Gee, I wonder why this popped up in my recomendations.

  16. Anthony Gonzalez

    Oli , Stay Out of my Fantasy!

  17. johnny Mansfield

    Just give out free pencils....they are like 2 cents a peice

  18. Thu

    Excuse you but my grammaphone pencil sharpener is a-mazing. 😂

  19. Deevo

    Holy CRAP, I have been watching Jelle's for FOREVER. GO BALLS OF CHAOS! LET CHAOS REIGN!!!!

  20. Jim Hood

    The demografic that disproportionately votes republican are older citizens aren't they the ones who would benefit heath wise from mail in voting?

  21. Vagabond_Shadow

    "PLEASE DON"T SHOOT , I HAVE MY RIGHTS " ? What a joke . You may be allowed or have some privileges but those usually go out the window with ZERO warning. Someone's "right" implies someone else's obligation. Between you and the police , who do you think has obligations and who has "rights" ? Teaching kids that they have "rights" will most certainly get them in trouble . This days one doesn't have to open one's mouth to get in trouble with the police , one doesn't even have to blink to get in trouble . Just being there seems to be quite sufficient. Too pessimistic ?

  22. Nom

    Isn't voting by mail the only form of voting in some of your states at present? (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington come to mind, no?) so those were all fraudulent and should not be trusted, ever? Do you dismiss them in your presidential elections? I never fully understood the american voting system anyways. Why do you only have two parties, that each put up ONE person and that's it? Why do you not at least vote for that person directly? For that matter, why is it always either democrat or republican? Surely only painting the world in black and white or left and right cannot be in your countries best interest. This way you inevitably sometimes end up with a choice between "Anakin Skywalker" or "Darth Vader". "Hitler" or "Musolini". I doubt you even realize how much the world in general is laughing at your president and the fact he has a higher than non-zero chance of remaining in office for another period. He is having a temper tantrum with twitter, while YOUR country faces one of the biggest threats in a long time. This time there isn't even a "brown" country to blame for it. xD I guess nobody can take down the USA, but their own leadership... Good luck in these troubling times. Hopefully when your death toll reaches half a million or higher and every 5th store is burned down by an angry mob, your president will again be free to tweet his verbal diarrhea.

  23. saxgoddess25

    Oregon went entirely to vote by mail many years ago. It was amazing, and I seriously miss that now that I live in VA. I did vote by mail in VA due to covid, and getting the ballot wasn't hard, but I discovered that you have to have a witness. Say what? The person has to witness you opening the envelope but not witness you voting, then they have to sign the envelope after you seal up your ballot. It's asinine.

  24. Zvie Oercane

    Imagine being the legal team for John Oliver. I hope those guys get paid well.

  25. Mister Burkes

    +LastWeekTonight @JohnOliver you need to do a reboot of your The Decline of the American Empire show

  26. QuesoCookies

    You know what is really good at synthesizing a fuckton of data from diverse databases to validate votes? Computers. Absolutely, we should be just as critical of the risks of hacking a vote-by-internet system as we are of vote-by-mail (or vote tallying in any form), but you know how to best increase voter participation? Make it easy to do. Hard to falsify, of course, but easy to do.

  27. Back in blaCk

    Nope. Sry cuck Oliver. Voting by mail has already been proven as fraudulent and a way to deny voting. Because ballots have to be mailed and depending on where you live and who holds power at that time, dictate and determine who actually gets to vote by mail. Here in Ohio already many of the voting population has already been denied the ability to vote and it was done through mail in voting. Most republican voters didn't even get a ballot. And voting multiple times can occur unabated. To say it just doesn't happen and dismiss it entirely is very much a Democrat strategy. Reverse it for different regions. In the north and west, the Democrats stifle the vote. In the south and Midwest, it's republicans stifling the vote. They are the same. There is no difference. The only difference in party is how you want it. How do you want to get fucked? By Democrats with a thousand knives in your back? Or by Republicans with a shotgun to your face? Make a choice.

  28. QuesoCookies

    You know what should be illegal? Attempting to block citizens' right to vote. And it seems like there are quite a few blatant admissions of guilt here. Lock them up.

  29. nameless cow

    they should send a sticker with the ballots that say "please vote"

  30. Gus green

    My pencil sharpener sits on my desk. Covid19 was on the cusp, but Illinois still had the primary. Pritzker chastised the public about not sheltering before the order, but didn't stop the primary.

  31. Jackie Johnson

    I wish the government would make it illegal for industries and corporations to air/print any ads that are political. It should be against the law for corporations to create propaganda about the government in order to avoid more regulation in their industry. It's manipulation, and it needs to stop. If they want to create propaganda, we should make it is hard as possible for them to disseminate it to the public.

  32. Dozer man

    Trumps opinion got fact checked by Twitter. They sent people to get " facts" from CNN opinions. Fact is there are multiple reports of voting by mail being manipulated. Sars corona 2 is not nearly as bad as advertised by mainstream media. It's ok to "protest" but not ok to open your business or show up to vote.

  33. Jasbad Sirron

    I once took a really sloppy poo and thought: 'jeez, that looks pretty damn good - for a turd'. So i dressed it up, gave it a microphone and called it John Oliver. The end.

  34. mfus


  35. Mack Dickerson

    thanks to trump, my Dr. finally understands why i fantasize about hunting and killing republican leaders. oh and fox news hosts

  36. Sea879

    8:24 I can’t think of a better way to describe gen z and millennials

  37. noirettebeauty

    John (and team!), what is a person’s immediate options against crowd control personnel? Governments naturally don’t want protests, but they don’t want to change. People rarely want to have to protest. It’s in governments’ best interests for its people to be dumb, improperly nourished, and busy, and when they do act up, governments send personnel to employ violent means to dissipate the crowds. It’s both too late and too early to vote, and I don’t doubt, we’re all exhausted and frustrated

  38. Ollie Law

    If you're not overwhelmingly excited about the 2020 Marble Runs, you are a complete and utter two-faced lier.

  39. Adam Page

    Can we get an explanation for the Lake Dog yet?

  40. nameless cow

    lol the pencil bit was funny but then i realized i DO have fully functioning pencils and sharpeners always handy cause I'm an artist...

  41. Jimi Ruys

    If the post office is not funded how do you do mail in voting. Think about it.

  42. Grilled Cheese

    who is "them" and "they"?

  43. banber1010

    So .... the president doesn't think HE'D win by people voting more than once?? He didn't seem very confident he'll be reelected if people mail in their ballots. Interesting!

  44. Alex Cio

    People love so much to talk about things, they love more speaking than doing!

  45. Henchman Twenty1

    They should have made a sticker that says "I pissed off Tucker Carlson voting by mail".

  46. Bjoern H

    How about a 5th sticker ? - I voted by mail to see Tucker mad

  47. Ian MD

    This show is very one sided. Ok how about you meet a 7 foot 300 pound biker and he is unarmed and is coming at you and wanted to kill you. you have a gun you told him stop and he didnt listen. are you telling me and even then me shooting him is not necessary? should i just let him beat me up since, i have a gun and he doesnt?

  48. Dead Baron

    Voting by mail is probably corruptable, we ALWAYS find "missing" boxes full of votes, what kind of moron can defend this practice? Go vote in person!

  49. jtvalentine6

    Monica You rock I love you John from Canada

  50. William Owens

    3 years later its like watching a rerun....

  51. Julia Brakeman

    Having to pay for something that isn’t optional is stupid. Women don’t choose to have periods and are have to pay for it

  52. Music Mayer

    How about watching these: and Then make up your own mind on how safe these really are. Then if you can stomach it, consider the following about the effectiveness of vaccines here:

  53. bhutheman Akuma

    We the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, third world country. That's why we don't have mail-in voting. LMAO

  54. Robert Hodge

    C.T. last comment. Is spot on. The very privileged population of Colorado, of which I one, have been very diligent in our voting responsibilities since 2013 when our excellent leaders foresaw the value of mail in voting vs. traditional stand in line on Tuesday right after our first big fall snow storm. That sucked now we vote by mail if desired which is very civilized indeed.

  55. Dave Tone


  56. Mikhail Ivanov

    What's his deal with Adam Driver?

  57. Determined DIYer

    Uh i have a ton, and my little pencil sharpener is right here. ;) but to be fair, I use them a lot for my art.

  58. Tabitha Elkins

    All US service personnel serving overseas must use a mail-in ballot. So Trump is basically insulting the soldiers.

  59. That Swampbender

    John Oliver is a damn treasure

  60. Sharon Stimson

    Everyone hates you Trump !!!!!!

  61. Debra Kuehl

    thats whyyyyyyy murderers and rapists are drawn to the job, they want power and the authority to use lethal force on whomever they see fit.they also barely have any repercussions as 99% never go to jail even for an obviously meditated murder. Murderous bad apples "I didn't mean to, mr. judge" TheJudge "okie dokie then you're free to go" . Those types of people work hard to get into those jobs so that they can then do whatever they want to do. that's why they need to screen for fucking psychos and send them someplace they can learn how to get better and stop being an asshole filled with so much hate they have no room for love in their hearts!

  62. Duane Borgaes

    Liz's soul is so lost she doesn't realize how twisted her mind is. Hey there cupcake... I rely on myself. (Likely, unlike you.) Now far as I'm concerned, Liz is the one who thinks next logical step, once you can't rely on your family, is to immediately turn to the government and be reliant. (isn't that what she said? And then acted as if "everybody" else just naturally thinks that way?) O.K... So basically what she just told us, was her parents failed.

  63. Mike B

    My state has had mail-in voting for years and I am so glad. The ballots are so ridiculously long I need to take the time to review it thoroughly before casting my vote.

  64. Michelle Kotler

    Love your show, John, but PLEASE stop warning people against taking hydrochloroquine, injecting bleach, or anything else. If the Trump fans want to listen to him, I say let nature take its course. America will be much better off for it in the long run. #Darwin

  65. timothy price sr

    When is this guy ever gonna get a education

  66. Brian Carpenter

    I f***ing love John Oliver!!

  67. Zachary Ingham

    Ok that jared kushner joke, that might be me

  68. northwesternbelle

    Funny that he didn't mention how everyone in the armed forces votes by mail...

  69. Andrew Thompson

    John Oliver is a shill

  70. Alex Martin

    John Oliver always ahead of his time. Bad apples.. no rotten apples! And who are these people that don’t like these videos? Which I knew...the cops?

  71. Cool Stuff

    There is all sorts of horrifying information in this video, but let's focus on what the doctor said. 4-5 punches in 1 second? It takes 0.3 seconds for an involuntary motion to go from the CNS to the arm. How the hell are 4-5 punches going to occur?


    At a certain point, hunger outweighs fear! That's my trampstamp!

  73. The Ræl Dingø

    Best quote tonight. “That large water bird fucks!”

  74. Luis Moure

    and a semen sample for Alabama...

  75. Kelly M

    Not true! The sticker comes in the envelope in CA!

  76. Rayan Naeem

    I always thought you were suppose to give your money to those in need by looking at them they don't deserve your money my dear christians

  77. A Fuzzy Object

    I still got my Sumo grip mech pencil from high school, including the refills!

  78. elhombresfbay

    Nathan “the Devil” Forrest was the founder of the KKK which appeared very shortly after the civil war ended. That’s who they are honoring?🤭

  79. Devil_Travels

    There were so many mail in ballots in South Dakota, the results took 2 days to tabulate. The system is working.

  80. Brenton Jenkins

    No mention of undoing the law?

  81. That Swampbender

    Wait... Where is my frickin pencil sharpener? For real...

  82. My Boss is an Austrian Painter

    Your nonstop political bullshit is what kills your humor. You're fucking useless Oliver. You're a complete fucking chromosome thief. Just catch the kung-flu and fuck off.

  83. Derek Miskiman

    Is it possible we have all lost our marbles lol

  84. Manvendra Singh

    Aren't these kinda once though otherworldly riots happening in America now! I hope everything settles down in both countries and we stop being so indifferent to one another

  85. Chuck P

    What about the mail in vote fraud by republicans in North Carolina

  86. who dat

    block chain voting. if i can bank by internet surly we can vote by internet.

  87. Gary Smith

    Don't listen to bad actors like John Oliver. Here is the truth that consumers of the centralized, criminally controlled media need to hear in order to avoid the planned civil war.

  88. Lewd Tea

    more reavant than ever

  89. X. Perry Mental

    I just watched an pre corona episode of Last Week Tonight, and sweet Jesus... I wish he would never return to a show with laughing audience.

  90. Brianna Burrows

    We get the stickers on our universal mail in ballots in Colorado.

  91. Jim B.

    There is no more pandemic dumbass. Use the fear of a defunct pandemic to try to steal an election. Oh look where did this box of ballots come from.

  92. Carlos Pelaez

    Whish the covid took that asshole to hell

  93. emily peyton

    I will help, I need your support, please support my Independent campaign for Governor of Vermont at

  94. Dennis Lee

    I watched this in '16, and I watched it again now. It was good, could have been better. John, please give us part two of a ten part series because this shit's never gonna end. And fk u beau ditil, like trump, you are an urban, nitwit punk.

  95. Jim B.

    Liberal POSs. FAKE NEWS.

  96. Dyggz

    Dame Dollar shout out!! NICE!!! Well done Mr. Oliver, Well Done sir 👏🏾💯

  97. Nazraq S

    The fact that republicans are terrified of people voting tells you everything you need to know.

  98. Steven Robles

    While I am in favor of universal mail-in voting, fraud is not a real concern. However, having worked as a table inspector for the last few years, in-person voting allows for voter mistakes...up to 3 ballots can be issued if a voter makes a mistake. In NYS the ballots must be marked inside a bubble. In my experience in-person voters may have marked their ballots with check marks, x's or over voting all of which would be rejected when scanned. The in-person voter has the opportunity to rectify their mistake. Mail-in balloting affords no such opportunity. The boards of elections would reject those mail-in ballots with these errors. And no notification issued to the voter. Mail delivery issues?

  99. The gray man

    And trump is the champion of the republicans.

  100. Gin Ko

    really? not floyd? u chose tweeter too ... damn... u always stoop as low as those who u criticize