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  1. TripGuerrilla

    Good shit. Bless rick with a view...

  2. Kaiser Turla

    This is hurting me so bad

  3. ronnie the rat

    Half the songs on this album can make you cry just a few bars into the song. Rest in piece Mac. Hope I can shake your hand when I die.

  4. Noe Soto

    Rest in peace koby Bryant another legend lost


    Fucking Legend Rest Easy

  6. Sierra Guzman

    Much love for you Mac, your music saves me every time I listen. Rip

  7. Nobarz

    We'll never forget you mac 😟😌 My kids are gonna hear your music someday..

  8. Daphne Donnot

    Man I wanna fuckin cry

  9. Isaac observationalism

    Are some people not aware that the like button is not on the left side of the screen?

  10. Victor Martinez

    I fucking love this song mac💔💔💔😫

  11. Kenneth Roberts

    The beginning reminds me of a song I cant thunk of it haha help! RIP mac!

  12. Monica Parker and I can you know what to do this

    Why do I gotta build something so beautiful just to go set it on fire

  13. Mr BoB

    One legends who’s name will never be forgotten 💔😪

  14. Asa H.

    Came for Mac stayed for Kobe

  15. Orangegivree sans nom

    Magnifique ! Quel talent.. Quel bel artiste.. Les étoiles se sont jointes à lui... Que dire de plus ? RIP

  16. ben flamini

    This year's already got me messed up asf

  17. 12 inches

  18. 12 inches


  19. 12 inches


  20. Nate Parks

    Thanks mac!!!!!

  21. Ty Tompkins

    Rip malcom

  22. Latreal Teeter

    Man it is such a hard time for me and everyone across the globe. I can't explain the feelings and just raw emotions that I'm feeling right now. But Malcom, I fuc*ing miss you dude. I'm writing this trying not to tear up. I can't believe you're gone and I surely don't wanna believe it. I loved all of your music, they've taught me some lessons and they've given me perspective. May you have a wonderful, luxurious life in heaven man. I will always make January 19th a day that I thank God for blessing us with your presence. Angel's East, Angel's West, North and south just do your best, guard and watch him while he rests. See you soon buddy. Say hi to Kobe for me😢

  23. Alison Makai

    Thank you

  24. Callum

    What is that at the end??

  25. Pierre Vuilmet

    This album sounds like a tribute by Mac Miller to Mac Miller.

  26. Caio dqbd

    Esteja em paz, Mac! 🖤🇧🇷

  27. nikola

    I love this so much

  28. Elijah Sawyer

    Mac, them cheek bones say a million words.

  29. Handsome Creepers

    2020 until infinity

  30. BabyGirl13

    Would've been dope to hear a live version of this

  31. David Pavlin

    Scene from kill Bill 2

  32. Solene Lepecq

    R.I.P Mac 😭🙏💔

  33. Krystal Coady

    Can’t even describe the feeling I felt when I first heard this. That raw emotion has me sobbing, Mac will forever be missed. 🖤

  34. Mehdi Belaidi

    27/1/2020 still live <3

  35. Aiden-Cameron 456

    It also says I haven’t seen the sun and there’s a hole other world like heaven

  36. Mel Rod

    Such beautiful lyrics, Mac and Ariana got some good vocals that complements each other

  37. Carlos Simpson

    Hei brother Nice stuff... See you around

  38. seeni gzty

    angel 💓


    Kobe: Huh? Mac: Yo, he made it Jah: I told you Jarad: Bro this is hard Kobe: Where am I? Nipsey: You in heaven G Kobe: What?! Mac: Ay man its gon be alright Kobe: But what about my family? Jah: Don't worry they're fine Mac: Speaking of family... Kobe: What are you... Gianna: DAD! "*Kobe & Gianna embrace*" Kobe: I guess we're here now Gianna: As long im with you Kobe: *chuckles* Gianna: Dad? Kobe: Yes gigi Gianna: I love you Kobe: I love you too baby

  40. Aiden-Cameron 456

    This song made me cry so much but my favorite song by Mac Miller was money in the bag if u never heard of it I’d advise u to Liston to that song

  41. Ignasius Wisnu Anggara

    kobe just died. I really need this

  42. !mpact

    I'm so thankful we have this.

  43. Deshaun Tillman

    If i have a kid and it's a boy. Idgaf I'm naming him Malcolm💓 Mac inspired me in some many ways

  44. Demolition Expedition

    Damn ... Why Mac .. why did u have to go

  45. RealKazee

    Favorite song by mac.

  46. Jake McCormick

    Hes never truly gone, we all carry him with us in our hearts rip mac

  47. Tony Le

    Mac on Drums, Bass, Xylophone & Guitar

  48. Nicholas Main


  49. Sisofia


  50. Patrick O'Donnell

    I liked the part where he said "hey hey hey"

  51. Patrick O'Donnell

    This is what it look like Right before you fall

  52. I Dont Care

    You're nobody till somebody kills you

  53. Jake Del Rosario

    RIP Mac and Kobe.

  54. Marina Montes

  55. Buddy Parrish

    Aw man beginning and ending so sad

  56. JuzDtv

    must b this high 2 play

  57. Hunter Paradis

    This song is for us from mac its meant to be

  58. Hunter Paradis

    R.i.p mac love you

  59. Arion Bronson

    Thriller vibes !

  60. L.I.E (Loyalty Is Everything)

    I Wish You Caught Me On A Different Day When It Was Easier To be HAppY😔

  61. Nanou Nourita

    Rip angel

  62. Matt Dockary

    Fuck I miss you man


    Rip my guyyyy

  64. Valentina Ruiz

    So talented.. I miss you Mac

  65. Timothy Bradley 🔥 rip mac

  66. Akhmet Oryn

    Mac, his friends and fan base gives me so much feelings that world is a wonderful place

  67. Sparc Mac

    We miss you brotha <3

  68. groovydwt

    Rest in Paradise, Kobe & Gianna. Mambaforever...

  69. Lars van Koningsveld

    So, how accurate was Miller with the 148 bpm?

  70. Kevin Rosales

    “Hope I make it home from work” “Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go and set it on fire” These verses hit me hard after Kobe’s passing today. I grew up a life long fan and listening to this song made me break down. RIP Kobe and Gigi, gone too soon. Mamba Forever.

  71. Lew’s Outdoor Adventures

    I feel bad for the 10k people that disliked this. RIP Mac Miss you buddy 😔

  72. may sayag

    They look so happy.

  73. Ethan Zeger

    RIP mac and kobe

  74. FOUR


  75. Can We get 1000 Subscribers with no video?

    Two years ago I was highly addicted to cocaine. I overdoesed twice and was extremely depressed. The album Faces and Swimming got me thru that entire time! When I heard you were slowing down on the drugs I stopped. You changed my life bro. I swear to god on everything near and dear to me. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH MAC!!

  76. iHateHDs

    is there a relation between Ariana's circle visuals and Mac's circle visuals?

  77. Tamuka Gawe

    Mac had bars man damn..... This is some poetry man

  78. Jo Stevi


    1. serdy ximi

      listening to this while mourning for kobe's death. Rip to both legends.💔

  79. Serena smith

    All i could think when listening to this is...this music is heaven-sent, for real. For a moment we can feel his loving energy again. There won't ever be another Mac.

  80. Yusuf Kibaya

    rip kobe

  81. xq xq

    "put it together, then it break; all the energy it take"

  82. Rajinder Nagpal

  83. Kat Smiley Face

    His music is therapy!!!!

    1. Kat Smiley Face

      @seeni gzty on me dude.

    2. seeni gzty

      Makes you feel so calm and peacful inside. It’s kinda like he’s never gone. 🖤

  84. Leonardo

    I’m incredibly sad Kobe and his daughter died today, so I came here to listen to this song, cause it makes me feel better

  85. Harmony McNugget

    Yo... 🥺

  86. Leslie Gomez

    This was my all time favorite song. I remember playing this song over and over when I first heard it. I love you so much Mac Miller I will miss you so much 💕

  87. ási̱mos dvoirsè ìr

    Years ago this was the song that got me into Mac Miller hella nostalgic..

  88. Leslie Gomez

    I’m so sad you are gone ☹️

  89. Leslie Gomez

    I love you and will miss you so much !

  90. Andrew Do

    Mourning Kobe and Mac to this song 😔

    1. serdy ximi

      Rip 2 kobe mane

  91. Fieldin IV

    Rip Kobe am I right?


    Praise Jesus mac has blessed us

  93. Khongsai Lalal

    U can't even actually hear it ...u have to listen carefully lmao

  94. YouTube Youtube

    Welcome back mac

  95. I really don't know

    "Keep your eyes at sky never glued to your shoes" it gave me confined in myself

  96. H U L A 92

    Jokes how is it man dead and still releasing shit music hahah

  97. Audio Tuned

    Day 11: Heard this a hundred times already. Response? Still crying man.

  98. Bernardo Ramirez

    "There is whole lot more waiting for me on the other side" 😞 passed away family members, a pet and even memories shit hits you on a different level

  99. cristian avila

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ve listened to this song so many times already that I can just hear it in my head all day, every day. I was reading the comments on this video and actually did start to tear up... Love you Mac.

  100. Zio M

    RIP Kobe & Mac Miller