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  1. Jeffrey Hudson Becker

    The end was perfect!!

  2. Bullwinkle

    Where did you see them arrest "journalists"?

  3. Chairman Meow

    So joining the police gives you absolute power over the lives of common people, union benefits, fancy top shelf military gear bought with stolen tax money, and immunity from prosecution. I wonder what kind of people can do that and sleep at night.....oh yeah, *white guard traitors who should be liquidated and purged from history*

  4. Berserker

    Oh jimmy u have lost ur marbles. Wake the fk up. Long time fan, it I’ve had enough of ur bs the past few days.

  5. J.R.Z

    you need a better sound a sound guy lol but...... seriously fix it !!

  6. Jessi Louis

    alot of people would sell their integrity and reputation for 30 grand a day, unfortunately. They say it's hard to get a man to recognize truth when his salary depends upon him not recognizing it.

  7. Timothy Freeman

    Psychological Testing is not part of police screening. I identified sadistic personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder borderlline personality syndrome & I carry a book on law enforcement psychology in my car. More white men are killed by cops every year! I did exams on sheriff employees & wrote a Commander who rejected my pleas for screening. This a true depiction of law enforcement folks

  8. Doug Carter

    Where are the PROTESTERS and RIOTERS protesting the KILLING of an X BLACK police CAPTAIN a dozen hours ago. The KILLER was a armed THIEF @ a PAWN SHOP..... so thats OK ? and doesn't warrant 10s thousands marching the streets ? HYPOCRACY comes in ALL shapes and sizes and COLOUR and boy oh boy the USA and its media sure are the BEST HYPOCRITES in the world ! Check out the false named 1918 "Spanish flu Pandemic" and see where IT REALLY originated from and who the POTUS was at that time who denied, lied, covered up the facts for months and months from the world..... a far GREATER SIN than the DISASTER the Chinese have created. Yes it STARTED in a Midwest USA Military base where INNOCENT soldiers were sent off to Europes WW 1. OVER 50,000,000 yes 50 million Human Beings KILLED. The potus was Woodrow Wilson and he and the MEDIA LIED to the world ..... a far greater magnitude of DEATHS than this China virus but OH how the modern day media and politicians and other IGNORANT citizens cry out for BLOOD. USH... the UNITED STATES OF HYPOCRITES.

  9. kreskinkun

    The one shame of O'Reilly's career dying out is this impression going with him.

  10. Horizon

    every interaction DEMAND THEM TO IDENTIFY, otherwise they will keep getting away with injuring and beating people

  11. Michael H

    She's such a snarky moron. Believes her own BS

  12. Steve Tabor

    Stop saying that George Floyd was killed. Floyd and Chauvin knew each other. They worked at the same club, said hello and goodbye at each shift change. George is probably in the Bahamas spending his $500,000 fee. He's not dead. Stop lying. The video was fake. Just like Rodney King, designed to foment hatred and rioting. The cop was fake. People need to wise up. Note the back of the car in the video: the "Minneapolis" (?) "police" car has a license plate reading "POLICE", just so you won't miss that it was a "police" car. Why do they have to tell you it was a "police car"? Because it wasn't! And when the "paramedics" come in to take away the "body", they do not check for vital signs, and they flub the physical move of the "patient" onto the stretcher. These were not "paramedics". "The video has taken too long, we showed the knee/neck, let's get otta here." Look carefully, they'll always show you that it's fake, if you have the courage to look. Why do we have that long 8-minute head shot? Why didn't anyone walk around to the other side of the car? What was happening on the another side of the car? Why aren't we shown that? Because if we were, we'd be able to see that this was not a "police car". It's fake! And the Asian dude is guarding "to make sure no one gets any closer", while letting someone film for 8 straight minutes from ten feet away. It's all fake. As we say in the hood, "Y'all get the hell otta here!"

  13. Bryan Keniry

    Good points poorly made with a silly analogy. Book stores used to regularly pull books off shelves, or put them in X-rated sections and so on. It's 2020, the age of 'the platforms' which are a much bigger threat to humanity and real freedom than either Trump, Hannity or Rachel Maddow. Declaring that you have the solution to the biggest issue of this century and it's "anti-trust" is disappointing.

  14. Nathan Shepherd

    "We need to invade New York!" - Jimmy Dore

  15. Matt Kyle

    LOOTING = socialism for Millionaires?! Treasury buying junk Bonds and corporate debt. Wealthy fuckers exchange worthless bonds for cash.

  16. Diane Carroll


  17. Flashjan1

    Contagious laughter we need, that's so much better than a virus....

  18. G. Repp

    More gold microphone!

  19. Jeanne Meyer

    I bet you wish cops didn't have unions now !

  20. irgski

    Jimmy, why did you say: “....national rifle organization ...” rather than - as it was written: “...national police organization ...”? What you need to do is reinforce that, when police do certain actions, the ripple effect can lead to riots, robberies, etc.

  21. Good Good

    A clip full of sweeping and dangerous generalisations.

  22. Justin Bailey

    I can't believe I saying this. The only leadership in the nation is coming from Blacks.

  23. Fixer Upper

    Fascists gonna be fascists. There's no playbook, it's just natural stupid and evil. Where you are now is where Germans were in 1937.

  24. K S

    To hell with the MSMedia! They are the corrupt establishment tools and mouthpieces

  25. Cosmic Nihilist

    Shoot her


    The nazi quote seems like it would be used to discredit the law, comparing them to nazis... she’s just agreeing

  27. jay tizzle

    17:58 Hilarious!

  28. Vincent Huijing

    Neither I am a fan of CNN, but the sheer brutality of these cops can only be compared with how the SA operated in the Germany of the 30s. Meanwhile donnyboy is whining about twitters warning on his handle as if it’s a breach of the freedom of speech; at the very same time the piss stained prick false prince takes out the very fundamentals of free speech before our very eyes. Won’t surprise me when next your lot will be on the apollyon’s list. Stay safe...

  29. A R T

    These protests are organised by the Dems using Antifa to create chaos in the VS for their advantage.

  30. Will.I.Am11

    Everybody loves looters and rioters while watching from the safety of their home. Jimmy, I bet you’d be singing a different tune if you were out on the street and vulnerable, those black people have no idea who you are. 99% of your viewers are white. They’d beat your ass half to death.

  31. Robert Simpson

    Couldn't agree more, even a handful of progressives are looking at the J Walker's at a time like this

  32. Taylor Vasden

    Kill the bootlickers

  33. fullmotiondriver

    Cops do receive de-escalation training. They should use it.

  34. Brian Kelly

    I love you, Jimmy, but you've gotta stop using that word. The word cuck is just gross and needs to go away.

  35. fullmotiondriver

    So why does the transit union have the right to refuse service to the police? Same thing. Unelected persons making decisions they have no business making.

  36. Diane Carroll

    Funny thing is....most of us ALWAYS KNEW....and youre right ...the more BS they tried to sell us the MORE we wanted TRUMP! Assholes!

  37. MrHubadub

    So millions of people in the streets in HK are just capitalist scum supported by the CIA? I'm no capitalist apologist but why would any semi autonmous region want to be completely controlled by China?

  38. Rees Ezpeasuz

    3 cops have now been murdered, 2 of them were Black, but Jimmy thinks it’s great!

  39. codee comah

    West with the hammer!

  40. Diane Carroll

    It has literally changed his DNA. LIEING BASTARD! The truth isnt in him.

  41. Rees Ezpeasuz

    Jimmy is a Communist bootlicker.

  42. rob2508

    Jimmy you're showing more and more that you are an anarchist behind you're fake smile... Cornel West probably likes Antifa

  43. stereolab00

    Mike MacRae, genius.

  44. G P

    Even Trump hates Chris

  45. ef417

    I disagree with Jimmy on the basis of “ALL” former military personnel. I think what jimmy was trying to say was all former infantry military personnel. Those who have seen war and literally trained to kill. Not all of the military is like that. Only specific components of each branch have those types of personnel.

  46. Tony B

    Sounds great but they forget the funds comes from the mayor’s office which can cut there budgets, And the mayor can put local charges in place,Hmm like a congestion charge around police stations at $25 a day see how many cops start crying then, Or put a bus lane in front of their car lot so when they drive there own car in to the lot,they are fined $50 a time

  47. Taylor Vasden

    Shoot the bootlickers

  48. Rees Ezpeasuz

    Jimmy is your typical Armchair Revolutionary. From his garage, the fake tough guy Jimmy Dore screams burn it down! and shoot the cops!

  49. Harold Bryant


  50. H Jarra

    I love Cornel West.

  51. Great Dude

    Jimmy if you actually google the names of looters who were arrested such as Antifa mambers you will realize their parents work on Wallstreet or are lawyers of corporations that got the bailouts so wtf are you talking about? I am pretty sure a white protester from upper class suburbs who goes to Yale is some lower class white person living in a trailer.

  52. jim cherkas

    Hedges is a lunatic u hear of supposed war crimes all the time his bullshit is ridiculous

  53. Frank Sears

    Shitt romney

  54. chaz000006

    Dore the dummy arguing with experts about something he's clueless about.

  55. Trump 2020 USA USA USA

    The Democrat party is doing this, they want to destroy America

  56. JMO Reviews

    I enjoy the show Jimmy, but egging on right-wingers like that is dangerous. They have taken murderous action in the past and could in the future given the state of everything. Just a fellow viewer making a suggestion.

  57. Rodney Castillo

    I bet you she was stinking drunk when she made those statements. I'm sick of the stinking protesters too.

  58. Andrea V

    Impressions +Quando = 🤩

  59. Boss boss

    The mayor only said that for the public, in private the opposite was said.

  60. Andrew P

    The very way you people talk about and generalise on police is the very way white nationalists talk about minorities, have a look in the mirror people

  61. Trump 2020 USA USA USA

    Democrat cops Democrat cities Democrat mayor Democrat governor Democrat media Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat, new world order ,enemy of the American people,

  62. peace

    brilliant as always Jimmy.

  63. subg88

    What is the nexus between white supremacy and the power structures of America? Take a look at a police badge for a clue.

  64. Tao Forte

    Jimmy Dore....thank you. You're about the only real one out in this shithole.

  65. volpe1970

    Funny he didn't say pull together as family. Maybe cause his is fake. At least he managed not say Michael instead of Michelle.

  66. Kearstin Ivory

    It was painful to watch the hope slowly drain from her face like that. 😔

  67. jcyt0511

    The 320 lb pig like thing with a mask screeches "pig" as it's walking by the cops. The irony.

  68. irena61

    The title itself is misleading. She is not a Police Union Lawyer.

  69. fullmotiondriver

    The reason cops are as armed as they is in response to the weaponry they come up against.

  70. Celeste D

    It was 4 bullies, in uniform, against 1 man who was rendered defenseless. And the one man who was defenseless, was the "alleged" danger to the "cops" and the "community"? How, pray tell, is a defenseless man, who is laying face down on the street, with his hands tightly cuffed behind his IMMINENT threat of danger to anybody?????

  71. Zakarie Wahlie

    I can someone tell me about the 5trillion that was looted

  72. CUM2america

    What ever happened to all those Confederate statues people were talking about a while back?


    Who would of thought... 2 wrongs make a right... all good, carry on the destruction.

  74. K S

    Remember, Donald Trump is a symptom of the long-standing corruption of the two-party swamp. Finally, we are seeing the mask uncovered for everyone to see. America is a banana republic teetering to a police state controlled by oligarchs and corporations. The American empire is a failure and on its last breath. Law enforcement is one of several institutions formed on classism and racism which is why an apartheid country like Israel is training our police departments. These institutions are all a fraternity. They rather protect each other to prevent a change or overthrow of the system than justice.

  75. tony torres

    Just bring up the Boston massacre

  76. Taylor Vasden

    Shoot the bootlickers

  77. fullmotiondriver

    Hey, our whole country has a culture of violence.

  78. tony torres

    30 trillion stolen

  79. Sadra Heydari

    Let's call looters, a few bad apples. Hah? You always can use words of hypocrits against them.

  80. Mrs Miggins

    Classic Dore commentary. Jimmy's hair is looking REALLY good...almost handsomelike.

  81. fullmotiondriver

    I hate dirty cops. Comet is a good example.

  82. dlhoyes

    I predicted the Dems would resort to violence before the election

  83. Michael Uchytil

    Jimmy:"You lost the Civil War" Me: rofl 😂

  84. Stan Long

    The old standby. "according to the experts." "My inside sources" is a neat qualifier. also. Experts are selected depending on the point of view. For example, some consider that Al Gore is an expert on global warming although I don't think that lining one's pockets falls within the expert category. Btw, which ten year time in duration cycle in which the earth will be destroyed are we in now? 3?,4?.

  85. truthdweller

    So being mad at looters is dumb and uncool? I know someone who just had their small business (a hair salon, family-owned) looted and destroyed in these riots.

  86. fullmotiondriver

    Yes, everyone wants to live in a nice place. Even cops and their families. What happened to the cop/teacher next door program?

  87. Wadel Radel

    I think police should go on strike in all the communities where there are protests now until the Truth is reported (9 back unarmed men killed last year by police out of several MILLION arrests) and the outrage fringe is back home!

  88. jcyt0511

    All these cities. Tell me they are not stirred up, coordinated and incentivized by the Left.

  89. Shawn

    Farkin ‘A’Jimmy! You nailed that

  90. Ivory the Game Dev

    The governor should call in the national guard... TO STOP THE COPS.

  91. fullmotiondriver

    Well, the union is doing it not the PD. Good argument against public unions. A cops job is not to take a bullet for you. But many of them will do so.

  92. Jake JakeJake

    Internal police records and studies show time and again that nearly half of police households have recurring issues with domestic violence. Time and again we elect globalism, endless war, and the financial ruin of the military industrial complex that trickles down to over-outfitted, militarized, self-preservation obsessed police, yet everybody still sitting around stupidly debating which psychotic war monger is best suited to lead the nation in the selections they got no say in: Biden or Trump. Talk about retarded. What would you rather blast yourself in the face with? A 45 or a 9mm? And does it matter? Because really you don’t need to shoot yourself. Dipshittery. The masses be asses and that’s a huge persistent problem that must be assessed and addressed before we enact change otherwise the change is just gonna be ...fuck-all.

  93. Andrew Osborne

    Through social science you can make generalizations 70%, 80% ,90% . even if you say 90% of cops are corrupt however you define corrupt or violent or whatever. That still leaves 10%. Most is different from all.

  94. Richard Johndrow

    It’s so great when he breaks character lmao 😂

  95. John Smith

    Jimmy - I have loved your show for a long time. Policing in the US is clearly in a terrible state, and I agree that police culture in general must change and our society must address institutional racism and create a true safety net/health care system, etc. But, I’m a Park Ranger. I’m also a Peace Officer. I’m also a Firearms Instructor. I’m also disgusted by the murder of George Floyd. It is NOT OKAY to generalize about cops. My culture is not anything like you describe. You have many good points, and keep the facts coming, but please understand you are encouraging violence against myself or my family, and I’m a good cop. Please think carefully about what effects your speech might be having.

  96. The Pleblian

    What Jimmy doesn’t seem to get through his fucking head, is the fact that these “peaceful protesters” aren’t going after Wall Street, politicians or bankers, they’re hurting regular people and people who don’t AGREE with them.

  97. fullmotiondriver

    Curfew is stupid. Does anyone ever observe curfew? A relic.

  98. Chris Mullaney

    This is the final cut, or a blooper reel?

    1. Celeste M I


  99. QG NR

    they actually think like this

  100. unitedstatesofmordor

    Defund them, drive them to strike, then fire the lot of them.