Welcome to my channel!! I film my life with my girlfriend Mariah and my best friends AKA the Vlog Squad.

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  1. Vanessa Cabrera

    I can’t wait for the day Heath proposes and the day they get married 🥺❤️

  2. Nura Ismail

    go camping on the pool

  3. Amethyst meurer

    what the hell this is beautiful

  4. Renae Flowers

    It's so great to see how far Heath has come both in flexibility and ability to do a handstand. He can legit do a handstand now, and that's just the best!

  5. Vanessa Deetz

    So high I actually watched the ad & was impressed. Wow. Thank you dollar shave club for sponsoring this video.

  6. itsamemorgio

    mariah: does a double stag leap without calling it a double stag leap me: oh, a double stag leap, nice

  7. James Bayarsaikhan

    When the pandemic is all over, you should come camping in Colorado

  8. Jay molina


  9. Railynn Stone

    Just push it *Mariah continues to pedal her feet faster and faster untold shes basically flying of the ground”

  10. Ashley Gonzales

    The most cutest video ever I love it 🥰

  11. CarGoLito

    a big ass cup of blue puree with a bit of lemon juice?? i feel my teeth rotting just hearing that

  12. Maria Muller

    It’s so weird hearing him call her babe and baby

  13. Njambi Muniu

    That rap smacks 🤍💙🤍

  14. Julia Lupea

    That place is just like a place called cracker jacks near my house!!! It has all that stuff too mini golf, water bumper boats, batting cages, sand volleyball and more it’s sick !

  15. Midwest Gothic

    why are they so hot wtf

  16. Fantasia Holmes

    I absolutely love you two together. Like I genuinely like watching your videos together because I can visibly see the connection and I fucking love it. But anyway keep doin ya thang 🥳

  17. Hayden Parkison

    That’s so dope

  18. Donnie Sizemore

    The fact that heath knows how to use a baitcaster makes him my favortie

  19. BIG FROSTY ______

    They should get a used bus gut it and turn it into a camper couple project

  20. Ruby Martinez

    Literally how did I not find this channel sooner 😂😂😂

  21. Anna Walsh

    She said I love my husband

  22. Njambi Muniu

    Let’s do more of these pleaseeeeeee!!!??🤍🥰🤍🥰💙🥰💙

  23. Mia's space

    How does he lose ten years without his beard😕 dang

  24. Njambi Muniu

    My baby’s 💙🤍🥰💙🤍

  25. Vst56 ._.

    me: dang heath bought a car for his gf heath:*wheels in dirtbike* me: ._.

  26. Jesus Garcia

    Damn the good old days with stocked shelf’s

  27. ekarpaty

    man, i wanna see these two do a comedy show. something like whose line is it anyway

  28. sour tooth

    You can tell Heath isn't an outdoorsy person like he tries to make himself seem for two reasons. 1. Had so much trouble putting this "tent" up. 2. He's dating a gorgeous girl. Us outdoorsy folks don't date beautiful woman. We stick our dicks in the nearest bear.

  29. jivescript

    i freaking loved this video. pure 🔥🔥🔥💯

  30. Melanie L Dguez

    Does anyone know what night light they had for the stars and moon please !! :(

  31. Michelle Adamik

    I love connection between Heath & Mariah, they play off each other so well, you can see how much love & respect they have for one another.

  32. J parks

    I was gonna cry when matt goes zannneeee you dont knoumy birthday zane

  33. Chloe LeBlanc

    Liza and Zane look good for food

  34. Bandito Dorito

    His cars the same age as me

  35. Kait Mathews

    It doesn't just fit 10 people it fits 2.37 million people

  36. Halle Ross-Bellegarde

    so whens the wedding? can i come pls?

  37. Kassandra Torres

    Do more please

  38. Marie

    I’ve watched this about 10x

  39. Jett McGuinness

    since im on caronacation and hair salons are shut I was thinking about growing me a moullet

  40. Joe Mama

    “Hard to tell whose more entertaining you two or the goats” Uhh ok sir do you wanna be a dick a little more

  41. kaiineldie x

    Zane and Mariah kinda laugh the same

  42. Isy's Universe

    That dance was so good!!!!!

  43. Caitlin Feltner

    I love u guys hahaha Mariah is hilarious and u guys just compliment each other so well aw

  44. Moe Carry

    I want a relationship like this 😭

  45. Abby Mata

    I love your guy’s relationship 😭😭😭❤️

  46. nicole lopez

    Does anyone know what the store they went to is at? Like the street or name of the store? I really wanna go lol

  47. kara urbaniak

    Their relationship makes me so happy. I’m so happy they found each other

  48. Eve Harrison

    Those are so good

  49. Emma Balkin

    "am i wrong? are you gonna look at me and tell me that I'm wrong? She wore a crown and she came down in a bubble, doug!" @3:15

  50. Alexandria French

    I was thinking about big red then I looked at google it looked so good

  51. eric m

    Everyone does this

  52. scott knoblauch

    hate to say it but ur gonna be spending more on maintenance owning a ford than the jeep

  53. Crystal :3 playz

    me watching this in the future and saying "best way to get the corona virus"

  54. KAM L

    i love u two so much yall so cute. every time i watch these videos they make me laugh and smile

  55. Julian Patac

    You guys are my favorite vlog squad couple like not joke

  56. Rosie Rogers

    Loved this one!!!

  57. Zach Dickey


  58. Angel JR

    geez they are the cutest couple 😭

  59. L C

    Hi, I just figured out that I have the same birthday as heath

  60. a⃞l⃞e⃞x⃞a⃞ g⃞o⃞m⃞e⃞z⃞

    At 6:00 heaths face was so pure he looked so excited like a little kid on Christmas morning 😂

  61. Robert Moreno

    Damn Aaron’s nipples are hard when he shows them big red

  62. Kia Nicklos


  63. Bryanna and Hasti

    adopt me that’s it that’s the comment

  64. Joe Mama

    “Ooh that feels good actually” “Whose Ashley” 😂💀🥺

  65. halp mi

    Not gonna lie, I can respect Scott trying to beat someone at Jenga by sucking their dick. True respect.

  66. TheLolaFaith

    Honestly the best couple

  67. Matthew Chandler

    It’s so cute when they call each other bubu

  68. Nika games

    does anyone remember that hanna Montana game where her & lily had a sleep over & you paint Hanna’s nails .& do u remember the tinker bell game that was online. i think the tinker bell game was pixie hollow.

  69. Molly Hart

    Zane was so good omg

  70. Teresinha Brito

    Mariah's positivity is so good

  71. Jay Elieisar

    Theyre so cute man & im so happy for heath, hes come so far since the denny house, he had the best character development outta all of them

  72. Molly Hart

    Y’all are living my dad’s dream. You can walk through your backyard and play a full hole of golf 😂

  73. Xabiani Roon

    I love the sugar plum fairy variation music in the background

  74. Teran Chapis

    This is exactly what I needed during this quarantine! This video is so heartwarming! I might even glamp at home (or at least try) :)

  75. Sarah Musau

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even the bull frog: Heath Zane Scotty David and Mariah: JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG🤣🤣🤣

  76. Rylee Reese

    This was my favorite video in a while !!

  77. Rheannaaaz

    idea: take the whole vlog squad camping with no electronics besides their cameras. and whoever last the longest wins $10,000

  78. Joe Mama

    0:58 panning to Jason literally vibeville over there 😂

  79. Andrew Salazar

    This is so wholesome! This is what we need 😂

  80. Tomi Ajonbadi

    They literally speak in meme😂

  81. Cassie Motta

    Mariah with the box 😂

  82. TheKillzone1511

    Yo raptor is fucking sick!!!! 450 hp twin turbo V6

  83. ThePrince_77 TTV

    can you guys do this again since it is quarantine

  84. Paul Kem

    Hahaha nailed it

  85. Nanilu Martin

    I freckatin adore you guys!

  86. Joe Mama

    Her brother is funny yelling at her and her just not giving a fuck laughing

  87. Edith Rodriguez


  88. Micah Brown

    Literally Crispy Concords

  89. Nolan Diller

    I really hope they didn't scratch that nice hardwood floor pushing Blackbeard's treasure out of the living room

  90. Joaquin Perez Lopez

    My favorite truck and in my favorite color

  91. Cheyenne Grisham

    Heath and Mariah are gonna be such cool, fun parents one day.😭♥️

  92. TortiMX664ツ


  93. Ben Foley

    I'm from Ireland but we couldn't celebrate St Patrick's day because of covid 19 and my bday was 6 days after and I couldn't do anything for that either

  94. Jen Mack

    Omggg last night I had a dream that I was dating Zane 😅 and EVERYONE in the vlog squad hated me because I'm not an internet personality, but Mariah was the only one who gave me a chance.😅😅🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  95. Ben Lawrence

    Mariah got a lot of balls 🎱

  96. Sammieantha

    I cant wait to start using the phrase "This is so simple I wanna throw up"

  97. Mereryan

    I LOVED this video. Hope you guys are doing okay ! Love from France.

  98. Pepper

    nice video Heath

  99. Juan Morales

    I ran over a puddle of mud and went drifting/sliding into a field next to the road

  100. CaptainAeroz

    These videos make me miss my ex. But thats why I love them. Makes me remember the good times we had and appreciate that we were together rather than not at all.