Hi I'm Lia! I love making crafts, art, and more! I upload videos like DIY, Beauty, Hauls, etc.

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  1. J Js World

    They weren't doing squats right, legs shoulder with apart and squating down without knee going over feet

  2. SPS S

    I can eat this in two bites! Me BiTeS?!

  3. Lori Weisenborn

    I go back to school on September 2

  4. Emma Hurtado

    Girl-*puts glue on socks* Me- you know these socks are a thing, right??;-;

  5. Katelyn Cann

    My self confidence just went down 100% after seeing sniper wolf in those dresses

  6. Pretty Purple


  7. Dana Valentine

    My. B.

  8. Dana Valentine


  9. Pretty Purple


  10. Nyla Brotherson

    Hews year during the corona virus

  11. Ari Ambriz

    For the glue stick hack, your could use cheese.

  12. bunny kookie

    Lmao I am asian of course I have rice🍚🍚🥢🥢

  13. Kristina Blevins

    Are you rich

  14. Benton 123

    Never in less we were broke!🤮🤢

  15. Susie Ramirez


  16. Jennifer Minor

    I have a doll that was your dollars plus shipping

  17. Lariley Renfro


  18. xristijan antovski


  19. Aaron Schaare

    Did anyone see the guy in the back

  20. Marlowe Mejia

    aint No school because covid19

  21. Mia Barker

    i love the red white and blue

  22. Jerzie Hernandez

    Anyone in 2020

  23. Laila Thomas

    sorry but we can not waste toilet paper

  24. Evelyn Hard

    Anyone else see sausage in the mirror

  25. Garciamuñozjose Garcia

    The bat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Foxy World

    I do not like Troom Troom

  27. ali flores


  28. Candy cat

    Gurl dem do not fit u

  29. Gabriela Munoz

    I love your dogs

  30. Natalie Mann

    I always thought that button was the seat ejection button

  31. Udval Smile

    The way she says Baby🥺

  32. Paisley Coley

    No one: Lia:me talking about my crush to my friends “ in a serious way” Sausage: what about me 🥺

  33. Camden Mikesell

    Pretty an strong girl

  34. Rachel chio


  35. Dennis Hadfield

    this is my dads computer my name is rose

  36. Dennis Hadfield

    I prefer skittles by the way ur my fav ALsel

  37. Allyson#3 Heath#3

    Core is the best in my opinion'

  38. Dana Valentine

    🎂🎂🥰🥰🥰🥰🎂🎂🎂😆 my birthday 🎁

  39. Allyson#3 Heath#3

    VOSS is bomb i love it

  40. Nevaeh Cline

    Oml I couldn't stop laughing Why is it digital its never sausage...Reeeeeh

  41. Chloe Francis

    How many channels does she have

  42. laura Dun

    The dresses look good

  43. Hayden Deininger

    I have dark hair and.i did kholade diy


    Love how nobody helps Lia🤣

  45. Nadia Todorovski

    her body is goalssss

  46. Melinda Curtis


  47. Tymiah Peoples

    Mike and Ikea duu

  48. Lucy K. Vlogs!

    Hack: *Exists Everyone: Yeah, no SSSniperwolf: Nah! come at me bish

  49. Jade Yadram

    I just realized you used the same clip for another video


    was it worth it?

  51. Jessica Pinon

    tuna would of loved it

  52. Amarjeet Singh Dhaliwal


  53. Amarjeet Singh Dhaliwal

    My gosh I have the same problem

  54. Yi Nuo Ji

    yes yea yes

    1. Yi Nuo Ji

      you dont no l,m

  55. Mohamed Rashid

    Sniperwolf can u do a video of Mokbang plz😀❤

  56. Moses 1234

    Lia:l don’t like to put lotion on my feet cause I get all the fuzzys and dog hair. Asians :have you never heard of slippers

  57. Taije Strac

    You didn't do much 👹👹👹❤💙❤💙💙❤💋👅

  58. Danek family

    I'm 17 and I fit in 3 yr old clothes 😥😥😥

  59. Kizzy Franco

    Ok so right now im really bored bc im quantined so if you can get this comment to 500 likes i film myself pranking my mom for 24 hours

  60. Billie eilish

    U need more purfum

  61. Maddison Hagan

    Everyone in comments saying that's what they ordered

  62. Tierney Neavin

    I don’t like the green on the jacket but

  63. Jolee_Has_ Tiktok

    Me literally being obsessed with the dresses and skirt: I WANTTT ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  64. Cutie Cotten Candy

    Yes of coures u should get bangs they would look sooooooooooooo good on u

  65. Mia Barker

    insted of another wish do honey

  66. Mia Barker

    try out honey it is amazing

  67. • 김태형 •

    8:56 *WoAh ThErE bUdDy* 😏

  68. Elyssa Munoz

    Is that you boyfriend's black shoes😂

  69. Carolyn Champ

    I am mad this was close to my place :(((((((((

  70. Alexandra Popovici

    *Pennywise is transgender I guess*

  71. Depressed spaghetti noodle

    This is how youtubers get the corona

  72. The Pro gamer Jesus The Pro gamer Erica

    I rate your dog a 10

  73. I am Not Important

    Too bad my school lets us eat whenever and wherever

  74. smoky one bongnobi

    Are you latina ?

  75. Sgdjjsab Ghshyz

    Im sorry but i have to say u r not him

  76. Jungkook’s Wife

    10:14 BTS........ 😂💜💜

  77. Kylee Sweeney

    Skittles !!!!!!!!

  78. Shahd Moutraji

    Mike and like

  79. Shirleen Nyamari

    I have 8kgs of rice cause of the Corona

  80. Ella Johnson


  81. Liv M

    Sssniperwolf: The shorts waist is way to big and the butt is way to tight Me: I have exactly the same problem

  82. tzyumi

    it's called zip ties, Lia

  83. L o n e W ø l f

    Mike n nike

  84. Jem Fix

    YOUR SOCKS:this is not a cat lady!!! YOU:Awwwwww!!!

  85. Bobbie Rapp

    How old or you

  86. Bobbie Rapp

    How old

  87. Brookelynn Storm

    my favorite hack was the tang top skirt

  88. ryan logan

    Skittles is better.

  89. Chloe Mejos

    my cousin uses ring light by the way her channel is Aubrey solis

  90. Felicia Axechild


  91. kalyanik16

    i think your supposed to split the egg whites in one bowl and the yolk on the other then pour in the egg whites in the bigger thing and the yolk on the smaller thing

  92. Emilka278100

    Her: "this channel is cancelled" Her in 2020: still uploads

  93. Sasha Rose

    this is how many ppl love lia ↓ ↓ ↓

  94. Sasha Rose

    why is lia scared of bugs? Me:DaD GeT ThE SliPpEr!!

  95. Elisha jung

    I do school online so I can eat while I do math and in p.js

  96. Sasha Rose

    Lia:MY NECK BAG MASK!!!! Mom:HA,tHaTs wHaT YoU GeT

  97. Galaxy Panda

    Your sniperwolf??


    Imagen Kim and Kylie actually seeing this

  99. Herbert Amponsah

    10:55 omg ash her arms waving around looked sooooo cute❤️

  100. Red Star

    I can live in that house and you should make a vid of you guys decorating that house and the house is so cute