i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny

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  1. Audrey Jason Gacha

    Hey I live near that little league game!

  2. S H

    Julien: What else you got Me: think of The Office Julien: references The Office

  3. S H

    Have they ever said what julien’s ethnicity (background) is? Based on his last name I assumed he’s Latino, but I could be wrong.

  4. Reiya Wiles

    Jenna's reaction is sooo cuteeee

  5. Hannah

    The ramekin you use isnt ridiculously small, or really small at all, but who uses a ramekin to whisk? Use a bowl like a normal person, ya aries mess!

  6. Tori Sandler

    I get the same way when I'm cooking a new recipe lmao

  7. Spoo Love

    Will you guys ever get married?

  8. makenna eh

    was i the only one that hated the sound the spoon made when it was rubbing against the grater? *12:29

  9. I B.

    Seen the average life span of a dog like marbles, how is he still alive

  10. Angel Gullapalli

    What ranch did he use? Is it a brand or did he make it?

  11. Natron N.

    Love this!

  12. Name Full name

    Are you on drugs cermit

  13. Nonya Non

    Love the blouse. Put Peach in Victoria wear 😁

  14. smol delirious

    Marbels is like 56 in dog age

  15. TNT Yeeter

    Julian is Moople’s senpai

  16. Frosty Teacup

    I thought that bowl of ice cream was a bowl of meat or something at first

  17. America Guzman

    tip! (My personal opinion, coming from a Mexican lol) : looks great ! One thing I personally use is tostadas or chips. For extra flavor add some Tapatio and a hard boiled egg ( cooked not cold ) makes the flavor so much better and the crunchy chips go so well with the broth and the hominy 🤤 definitely would recommend for next time !!

  18. Frosty Teacup

    Oh my god, when julien was talking about the tournament at like 4:10 i was looking at their table behind him and i stared for quite some time before i realised Jenna was actually sitting there, so you can say her blue camo jacket WORKED (maybe because they have blue chair or something, or maybe just because I’ve had zero sleep) Edit: okay i’ve realised that the jacket wasn’t really camo and now this whole comment is just fucking dumb

  19. Hee Hee

    This is the most deep episode of Aries kitchen

  20. charlotte H

    5:22 Julien really do be giving me sum of those ratatouille vibes doe

  21. Ida Wilcox

    Your dogs are sooooo cute

  22. Riana And Interests

    Julien so young and cool but wheezes like a grandpa while vlogging lol

  23. Natalie Ryan

    "Today has been pretty non stop" He has no job and makes money making videos. The fuck.

  24. Lil Squirt

    If he bought tostadas he’d be surprised how better even that makes it taste but amazing vid dude

  25. Nonya Non

    Omg we so out here taco bell. Thought I was gonna die laughing.

  26. Lennox Fox

    Kermit reminds me of sid from ice age

  27. Lil Squirt

    That actually surprisingly looks like some really good posole💀💀

  28. lottie jones


  29. Nonya Non

    Other dogs locked up barking upstairs. Lol

  30. lottie jones

    #prayforad :(

  31. Frosty Teacup

    Oh i just saw this was posted on my birthday haha

  32. Jordahn Clark

    Do the samyang 2x spicy hot chicken challenge! It’s vegan! I would die if I saw you and Jenna do this. Do it, do it!

  33. Sophia Guzman

    "I'm with Paul Rudd on this one" I JUST WATCHED THAT EPISODE OF HOT ONES

  34. Adi Walker

    I had an impulse to make mac n cheese after this. Here I am with a measuring jug with mac n cheese (no bowls in the house) and a Monster

  35. Shark Leonard

    Julian: between the size of a baseball and a softball Me *an English person*: ???

  36. Somlin

    Everytime his mom chuckles chaotically, i die

  37. Hannah Ramsden

    I'm having a bad things happened to kermit marathon

  38. Will Solace

    THE CALL OF THE ARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Hannah Ramsden

    where was bobby all vid?

  40. soumi pramanik

    Other dogs at the background 😆😆

  41. Crystal Daily

    Jenna be like: Julien what is that!

  42. Stephanie Gonzalez

    you did so good. 😭

  43. Christopher Banes

    Aries energy

  44. Nicoleee

    As a Mexican, this is the closest to the typical pozole you could have possibly made!! Looks delicious!

  45. keylin j

    julien: *heavy breathing*

  46. Grecia Castillejos

    You should try to fry the tortillas next time ;) You'll have tostadas

  47. Bobo Boersmar

    Wow that’s a beautiful dish, but... we still need the trash can garbage plate. Please- do it.

  48. Megan Reyna

    As a Mexican this makes me so happy and hungry

  49. ari

    Good job julien!

  50. Eva Torra

    Watching this wasted as hell in 2020 and let me just say- it's better than outback steak house. Tysm and pce out

  51. Katherine Walker


  52. ta sa

    When we're eating my boyfriend breaks those disposable forks every single time! 😂 just how men eat I guess 😂😂😂

  53. Greg Abelllera

    So you mean to tell me that you don't know a rocket launch when you see it ? 😮😏😎😂😂😂

  54. JoJo SaidSo

    Lo0ovvee pozole

  55. Gummi_ Narwhal_29

    15:52 Thanks dad 😊

  56. Kayla Manel

    make wings using oyster mushrooms!!

  57. Yuluth The Cyborg

    "That's a good color on you!!" EVERY COLOR IS GOOD ON BUNNY

  58. Nina Rosales

    Where the lime tho? Def commented before finishing 😅

  59. Garuu popka


  60. Heather Conway

    OK is Arnold actually Mark Wiens?? kinda freaking me out...

  61. Michelle13lue

    My goodness that looks good. I’ve never had vegan pozole

  62. Garuu popka

    this is the most whitest way to boil your dried chillies lmao

  63. Isabella Philbrick

    You should make a vegan Big Mac?

  64. Leslie Montes De Oca

    You should make your own Corn Nuts with the leftover hominy👍

  65. Sammie G

    Omg u talk too much lolol

  66. Mark Mercier

    That’s fucked upppppp

  67. Lssdpal

    siris: i- julien: *WHEEZE*

  68. heather miller

    Seeing all these comments reminds me how lucky I am that so far in my life the only accident I’ve ever been in was hitting a deer with my mom. We were both okay, the deer was alive and ran off. No injuries or anything, all that happened was the hood of the car got a little crunched. I’m so happy that was all that happened to us and that my mom was never injured and I thank god everyday that was all

  69. Fernanda Carreón

    Oh. The hommony or whatever it’s called It’s name, traditional name, is cacahuazintle. The BEST corn ever. Most of my fav traditional dishes have cacahuazintle :) and when you have them as street elotes Omg so good i want one now. And i ate pozole today

  70. Fernanda Carreón

    You should try it with lettuce, not cabbage Also, everyone should check out the channel De Mi Rancho a su Cocina. A mexican abuelita making short videos of delicious recipes. And most have english subs!

  71. mari

    can you PLEASE . PLEASE try make mung bean cakes? linh asmr eats them a lot in her videos and make jenna try make an asmr

  72. Astrick !

    Marbles only knows one day the day when jenna and random person give me treat toy and shirt Marble is happy

  73. Smol Sketches

    Kermit:I woke up like tjis

  74. Lorain Herry

    Pleeeeaaaase do a Virgo season trailer this September!!!! I am begging you! Everyone wants it

  75. Cinnamin

    Julien! I'm so proud. Pozole is one of my favourites and this reminded me of home when my mom would make it, so thank you. Also, it most definitely gets better as leftovers. 🤤

  76. Tori Prince

    I’m so hungry now

  77. Sandra Copenhaver

    Im so sorry guys, know we all love you and we're greatful you made it out okay. I do thank God and i wanna thank you for doing what it took to prevent it from getting any worse being able to bond together and take care of each other is so amazing to see.

  78. ii sadie

    a d d. l e m o n .

  79. protonicPanda

    It's his birthday~~ He cries if he wants too~~

  80. Justine Ritter

    You killed it my guy! I would love to see your take and Jenna’s reaction to some traditional New Mexican dishes!

  81. Yorufan7

    Bro you forgot to add some oregano as a garnish

  82. Isabella Holmes Zoltak

    When will Julien make a Jenna and Julien movie

  83. Nathalie Marie

    Bunny said s i k e

  84. Ella perez

    “I like things that taste good” hahah you’re so funny

  85. Eden Benmoshe

    the way that the front camera is placed makes me feel like I'm sitting at the counter and you're making food for me lol

  86. missael suazo

    Next video Kermit got bit by a ghost

  87. Ghost #1

    I love this dog.❤️

  88. Olliepop

    this looks so mexican motherlovin' delicious! you totally did it to em and I want sum.

  89. Adrenaline

    *2 am* Me: hmm i should get some sleep ALsel: wouldnt you like some deep fried ice cream?

  90. Austin Clouse

    how much did this recipe cost

  91. Z

    If you put in a little bit of pickled pepper brine in the sauce it tastes more like nacho "cheese".

  92. Ceridwen

    I don’t know who’s here in 2020 but Jenna in the beginning looks just like the throwback photo Emma chamberlain always uses from when she was a kid and had blue hair i could not stop laughing

  93. Aimee Min

    Jenna being a normal pet owner Kermit and Peach being usual drama queens Marble being a appreciative child Julien wearing a 'Sister' hoodie

  94. abi rio

    I hate how theres a place called Filipinotown lolol

  95. Shelby Jo

    You should play Minecraft VR

  96. Xiomara

    I never knew this existed. wow I’m missing out😭

  97. Tygafttf

    Yall shud try plain noodles in soup

  98. A.C. Hawley

    Please shave the mustache. It's time to say goodbye.

  99. stevetwisp

    julien's channel is so chill and wonder, also i love your flare for editing, it really steps everything up another level, kind of amazed you and jenna live in the same house considered the absolute madness between how different your channels are but WE LOVE THEM ALL thank you for working so hard

  100. Kate Hartley

    This is my favorite vlog of Julien's because it shows how much he loves and admires her. The close up shots of her in her natural element are absolutely gorgeous.