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  1. 찬안나

    No one absolutely no one: Me: FROM LITHUANIAN

  2. Analou E

    why does Felix look so handsome ❣️

  3. _ blqckrxs3s

    Stan Baby Photo YALL

  4. Joongie U.u

    Jisung's English is so cute, his pronunciation is very accurate and his expressions are the best

  5. ARMY forever

    I m a simple girl I saw jungkook our cute golden maknae and I clicked

  6. darbin lee

    they all look 🔥 but i can't stop looking at seungmin 👀

  7. Biyee Tam

    Stray kids💞

  8. I know movie but I don't know movie name

    Am I the only one who thought that at 5:57 Han's "so genius" reminded me of Seventeen?? 😂

    1. Adriana Vašíčková

      So strange

    2. Mxzy_ Cozy

      Kimbap kidding???

    3. THEnaegaHOSH 8185

      ur not alone lol

  9. Illogically Logical

    As soon as I saw the title, I just knew this was going to be *chaotic as heckkkkkk*

  10. Mia Foster

    Lol I’m from 2020 and Avery one loves you Eric

  11. Елизавета Чернова

    From which rock they got these kids, that's don't know what "death inside" means and never heard about this types of videos? Do you even internet?

  12. Luca Yeo

    1:16 HAHAHA Seungmin and Jisung doing Jessi's iconic "This is a competition"


    Felix out here looking like baby Dracula lol

  14. miaubella

    or maybe they are programming us letting us know ahead of time what they will do... it's like laughing in our faces but we are so stupid to fall for it and think it is just science fiction... sigh .. if only people would wake up out of it.

  15. mukesh bhange

    Can elders react to mrbeast?

  16. Kaylee_thelast24

    “step out we are baby photos” “love you google” these are the people i choose to stan…

  17. Kai Suarez

    Im the person carrying the bags

  18. taehyung's lost gucci bag

    Jisung: Baby picture? Baby baby baby ohh

  19. Clixe -

    Tori made me angry the whole video

  20. Black Sinichi

    Theyre lips are fcking cherry red wtf?!?!

  21. MsLuckyLucario

    For me it's mostly hard, because I'm so used to the German lyrics xDD And the German Little Mermaid song would be kinda tricky, because there exist 2 versions of it with slightly different lyrics xD

  22. _ilove anime_

    Y’all, i love Baby Photos so much.

  23. Shwetha Gopalan

    First time watching stray kids! There's something about them that's drawing me in lol.. Any stays wanna introduce their music/members to me? Background : I'm an ARMY 😁

    1. Sleepy aien

      You can start from their survival show called "Stray Kids" too to know more about the history and members personality. They are selfproduced group. All of them can rap, dance, and sing. I recommend you to check Hellevator, Voices, Chronosaurus, Miroh, Get Cool, Levanter, District 9, or just check all of their discography bcs they have different kind of sounds and all of them are bop. If you stan BTS you know what I mean bcs they also have a lot of good songs :)

    2. Maknae휴나

      Hello fellow Army, I recommend their latest songs called “Levanter” and “Gone Days”. I also recommend their song that they made while they were in their reality show called “Hellevator” it’s their first song ever and it’s about depression. It’s a really good song.

    3. Sugar Fairy

      Hey there fellow Indian Army! I'm more than happy to introduce you to them 👀

  24. Luca Yeo

    Finally SKZ on FBE!!! Thank youuu

  25. Ariuntungalag M

    This was super cute 💕💕💕

  26. Gabi M

    baby lino

  27. Preeti Dash

    I’m older than the spongebob tv show by a year, I’m turning 22 this year. Also, the photo that goes around of spongebob’s driving license where his birthday is 14th July (can’t remember the year) but yeah, fun fact: that’s my birthday too 🥰

  28. Tatum V

    Sub Urban is the embodiment of the weirdo we all have inside of us

  29. LlamasFriend

    I love Baby Photos!

  30. Michel'le

    I have kids their age. I want to hug them all so bad right now.

  31. Kaegan Rumsey

    Nobody: Seungmin: Ding

  32. DemonWolfPup the prøxy

    ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ ғᴀᴄᴇs ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴅᴏ

  33. ARMY 花

    They are so sweet🥰 I really want to go to one of their concerts one day❤️🇮🇹

  34. Mayra Martinez

    i waited for them to be on here for the longest ! glad they got to come to fbe ! 🥺

  35. Rocko and Friends

    this girl's? guys in lipstick lol

  36. Manueli Rabalaka

    This just shows to me that Fijian kids have dirtier minds than any other kids in the world

  37. Kashew

    I'm sorry but Felix looks like a lawyer in that outfit XD

    1. Mint Cream

      🤣🤣🤣 he looks like a newborn baby to me

  38. •Mary Online•

    They clearly didn’t wanna explain district 9, bc it’s no longer 9, it 8.... We love you Woojin ☺️

  39. i am Saitama

    Their English is broken are hell.

    1. Mint Cream

      I don't think you know but 2 of them have a australian accent 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. x Night

      @jvca I was gonna say the same thing lmfaoao

    3. Yogi Hashtag

      Yeah, I mean... Most of them are not native english speakers? I'm sure your korean would be pretty damn broken too.

    4. jvca

      So is yours

  40. Derick Mason

    All of these lie detector tests in videos lately are bull because its strictly yes or no questions. After they reply then you can say why.

  41. Senpai Jecho

    You should try this with more kpop groups. This was hilarious 😂 😂 😂

  42. DemonicMinimandy

    I love *looks at smudge handwriting* baby photos!

  43. deni


  44. Yxxna Animations

    Stray kids being popping up everywhere now 🥰🥰

  45. hello. hi.

    7:48 isn't this a "Extraordinary you" Line ? 😍

  46. NativeTeen11721

    I want Tori’s hairstyle love it!!

  47. Bianca Ventura

    Brayden and his sister got good genes! Damn! Even their grandma / lola be looking youthful #asiansdontraisin

  48. My_name_is_


  49. Estelle Huynh

    We need BTS, BLACKPINK and Twice on here!

    1. jxnnixblyx


  50. CLC1000

    Great video. 👏👏👏👏

  51. Briana Reed

    The fresh prince scene hits me hard every time.. ugh

  52. Don't call me.

    This was so mich fun. And besides them looking really good I just found all their voices soo attractive. My fav while speaking If I had to choose would be jisung 👀 [LOTS OF LOVE FROM GERMANY!😄😄💙💙]

  53. thedorksglasses

    1:15 "we're not a team. this is competition" SJSJJSJSJS JESSI'D UNPRETTY RAPSTAR THROWBACK

  54. SDSSDS !

    5:15 am i the only one who thinks that trump speak like this kid?

  55. oh reolli

    Han:I'm really bad at grammar thats why Pd : *well google translator is bad at grammar too* This had me laughing

  56. Anikaa Ds

    Baby photos Baby picture Last Ow yeah it's stray kids😂😂

  57. -Gemberkoekje-

    Korea isn't real

    1. Danial S


    2. Seokjin_ ru


  58. Gerardo Núñez

    Tori was tomato red with the Erik questions

  59. thqt • chickxn

    We are now no longer named STAY. We are Polaroids XDD

  60. xXToxicTearzxX YT

    Seungmin has such a good accent and pronunciation

  61. Ateez fan


  62. shuurie ryuuki

    Chris : Think simple chan 😂😂

  63. joey's is god

    Changbin IS hot

    1. Bisma Jehanzeb


  64. shuurie ryuuki

    Stray kids - Stary Kids- Baby photos - Stray Kiss 😂😂😂

  65. joey's is god

    Félix IS hot

  66. Cristiana Teixeira

    Babies ❤️

  67. joey's is god

    Lee IS hot

  68. joey's is god

    I.n IS hot

  69. joey's is god

    Hyunjin IS hot

  70. joey's is god

    Han IS hot

  71. joey's is god

    Seungmin IS Hot

  72. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴍᴀ

    16 that kid looks like he's 8

  73. lex

    4:34 han: *ok google* OK BOOMER

  74. Ariqah Ghina

    they are soo cute :') love you guys <3

  75. small chili peppers are spicier

    1:17 are they imitating Jessi’s line from Unpretty rap star like Mark (NCT) did? 😂

    1. oh reolli

      Lol its similar

    2. rsqrtz

      lmao i guess so haha

  76. nanaswey

    Good looks run in Brayden’s family 😳🖐🏽

  77. Geona Aoqi


  78. Dani puppy

    Please do a try not to sing but do to with mc jams please please i really want to see them to react to mc jams please

  79. A M Harrison

    They've had: Itzy Stray Kids Next: Day6? Got7? Twice?

  80. mazalana

    This is bruh moment.

  81. Misa Storage

    everyone is commenting on how they're dressed like vampires. like i've been in this fandom long enough that this is normal and i didn't even notice

    1. Sugar Fairy



    I am now obsessed with felix and seungmin i am now a stay-army-exol-atiny multistan person

    1. fatma alsaqri

      😂😂 relatable ✋ I'm not an exol tho

  83. D. D.

    Step out, we are baby photos!


    Woojin 🙁😮😭

  85. sivaraman p

    *I am here because of Anthony Padilla*

  86. Marsh

    Nico be looking like the average high schoolers these days.. like he in 6th grade lol

  87. Ariana Cochran

    Not even 10 seconds into the video: Felix: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  88. Adele Адель

    Thank you for this new-interview experience! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ New things to explore is always interesting and good 😊

  89. infired potato's world

    AAH thank you for filming a video with Stray Kids!! :D

  90. Princess Mondano


  91. sooy theworld

    I am sure all of these ppl behind skz’s american interviews have fallen in love with han jisung

  92. sooy theworld

    Now who told jisung to be most talented guy,most beautiful guy and funniest guy at the same time, isn’t he tired of that?

  93. DragonflyRevolution

    If it's a a well deserved break-up...then why are they rating it so high? This video is called "WORST break-up".

  94. tyr0n3e

    Doesn't their moms kiss their kids

  95. Sarah Elize

    Jisung is a whole mood tbh

  96. beep bop

    jisung going insane for 10 minutes straight

  97. Niki V

    I'm 30 and I still don't get the soap joke 😆

  98. emilia ndea


  99. Noura Do

    This is what happens if you let Baby Photos with Google translate in a room 😂😂 I love those guys 😚👍

  100. PIANIX

    Faite leurs découvrir du Edith Piaf