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  1. Ferdi Agaliyev

    Barcelona president out

  2. Soulflame123

    Oh, what would Barca be without Messi?

  3. Ellis Kabutey

    He really called him maxi Lopez lmao

  4. الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

    The whole team is thrash specially that dufus alaba.They proved it last year when smashed by a team of runners at that ant-field.

  5. Face Off

    *I Hope RMA Won tomorrow , and First Place*


    Barcelona sucks to watch now..they really need Neymar and obamayeng upfront with Suarez then Messi at 10...

  7. Romulo Vargas

    Ese dirigente es peor que en que estaba

  8. Estevan Salinas

    So I thought Barca was looking good now? Ig not LMAO

  9. Hans Cuadros

    We paid we too much for grizman.. with that money we could have bought 2 better players. Shm

  10. Mathew Van Ostin

    Here you wanted valverde out here you go. Tiki taka is finished since 2015. Tons of coaches found very efficient counter tactics for it

  11. _Dot Connector

    Lamentablemente este Barcelona se ha convertido en Messi-dependiente. Si el no va, no sale ningún otro a pelear la cosa.

  12. Alex Smith

    They have to improve their defense.

  13. _Dot Connector

    Fallas graves en la defensa OTRA VEZ. El segundo gol NO HABÍA NADIE PARA DEFENDER!!!! Insólito!!!

  14. Kamarie birdman

    Well Madrid have a chance to go 3points a top an of we can score few goals in our next game will be first on point an goal difference 🤗

  15. Jason Bravo

    The throw in that lead to the second goal was a bad throw in!

  16. Cantknockthehussle

    Y’all Barca fans are not really fans. The PROBLEM was always NOT FINDING A REPLACEMENT FOR DANI ALVES and No proper 9 striker that can header. THE TEAM RELIES WAYYYYYY TOO MUCH On Messi passing to alba and 1-2s. Any team can stop a one dimensional team. Watch old Barca videos. Forget xavi and iniesta. LOOK AT THE FLANKS. Messi always had options on either side. Now it’s Messi or bust and he only has two players that can understand him. Arturo Vidal and Suarez. Get a proper nine leave Messi in a free role and watch Barca flourish. Letting Dani ALVES go hurt Barca more than iniesta leaving. You literally see the team move around Messi as if it were chess. Juventus also had that problem until dybala, costa, and the rest stopped playing for Ronaldo and started playing WITH Ronaldo. Ronaldo is much more free now. Look at Argentina now. Messi can play more freely now that Lautaro and others are not playing FOR Messi but with him. These reliances just set the player up for failure

  17. CSAR392 T/A

    Messi is done he will retire soon

  18. GAMER :!DZ!:

    Choupo missing lol

  19. gazmend gavazi

    Sad to see Barca becoming a mediocre team

  20. Will Power

    Valverde out 😂 More like Barca out Throw the whole team away

  21. CR 7

    Setien out!! 😂😂


    look at that fans omg

  23. Elver Galarga

    Y'all keep believing in this piece of sht team 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂 Barca with out messi ain't sht as you can see here 😂 it wasn't messi's day and as you can see nobody else did shit 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Zach Smith

    those barce teal kits are fresh

  25. Steve !

    Barcelona fans can only blame the coach 😂😂👏🏻

  26. Justin N

    come on beIN sport, 720p video ? seriously ? Even a kid with a smartphone can upload a better video than you.

  27. Arturo Esparza

    Sergio Roberto fuera no sirve para nada en la media cancha y menos de lateral Semedo 10 vases mejor que el

  28. Big fish Ke

    “Opened up like a fresh fish” 🤣🤣🤣 This guy

  29. Pablo Miranda

    I’m starting to think Ter Stegen is Barca’s best player

    1. Anderson Brizuela

      He's actually with Messi and Vidal

  30. Acerry Reborn

    You showed so many Messi shooting to space but won’t show the penalty or the disallowed goal that would’ve made it 3-0

  31. Marcos Ruiz Jr.

    Arsenal fans scouting Pablo Mari wya😂

  32. TagusMan

    Obviously, Messi's past it. He's lost a step. He's done. Over the hill. Finished. No more Ballon d'Ors for him. Most overrated player of all time.

  33. Jean Luc Matelot

    Valverde better,can Valverde come bacck for the rest of this season and then for the summer get better one

  34. Dembouz 11

    What do u expect were playing away against one of the most surprising teams this season without the best striker in the world and with a 17 year old to replace him 🤷‍♂️

  35. raymundo cuevas

    The Liga BBVA has gotten more competitive back then These teams wouldn’t beat Real Barca and Atletico now they can and the teams are harder to beat

  36. Abouchu

    Fuck Rakitic fuck Pique

  37. Yoni Adame

    Why is umtiti starting...

  38. Mendoza

    bro messi needs to give some other bruh a chance at a free kick or cross the ball in like yall down 0-2


    I thought this was the game highlights not a compilation of messi’s misses

  40. omnipotent_heathen

    Before I watch this the defense is shitt and mainly pique

  41. Kabalin

    No ref no win

  42. Sebas

    it looked like barca had chances just unlucky with a bit of poor defending by them

  43. LeoAngel67

    Not Setiens fault. Players need more time under Setien to get with his system of playing. Also Barca needs a clinical striker like Lautaro Martinez and maybe a central back. Give him time. They look better than with Valverde!

  44. Daniel krome

    No Suarez no Messi.

  45. Moka LARE

    Valverde... oops he’s not the coach anymore!

  46. Wolfy's stuff

    Why do people blame the coaches there not the one playing it's the players you should blame

  47. Michael Michael

    Of course he sits his best Midfielder Arturo Vidal

  48. Darion DeHaven

    VaLvErDe OuT

  49. Gato 69xxx

    The team is just so off balance with the players they have, rakitic and Arthur or de jong are not at the height of iniesta and xavi and same goes for every line except for ter stegen And messi

  50. silloweet

    Setien out

  51. Jeremiah San

    messi got 4 freekick 😱😱 but..

  52. Angel Gutierrez

    Este técnico es nuevo y no conoce los jugadores todo el. Mundo andaba perdido este equipo necesita un técnico de nivel champions no de liga local de otra manera Nada se va ganar. Vamos directiva a gastar algo en alguien con experiencia. No todos son guardiolas

  53. MATMAN128ify

    Show the pen save smh

  54. Benedict Chinweuba

    Really not Messi's night at all.

  55. Marcus Demi

    I wonder! What year is this video quality?

  56. That Fifa Guy

    How is messi 2 years younger than Ronaldo and walking around like an old bitch lmfaoo ronaldo out here scoring goals and being a pure athlete!

    1. fhumers

      Thats the bad part about being the best player this fucking Planet will ever see. You can’t have a bad game just wait next watch omm

  57. Hamdinho14


  58. That Fifa Guy

    Barca fans what’s your excuse now!!!! LMFAOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Manny Garcia

    Barca is winning champions league remember this comment

  60. Henry_Linarez

    👍🏽😂😂😂 I love it when they loose. It’s not a coaching problem it’s a player problem. Hala Madrid!!!

  61. Hans Sono

    We can forget about Barcelona until management have the balls to bench busquets, pique and get a right back...they are really slow to attack and to defend counter attacks

  62. Trash Talker

    Valverde wasn’t the problem. The problem was making the 3 feet choker midget the captain 😂😂😂 Messi can’t captain. He crumbles under pressure. Even Maradona said it that Messi can’t captain 😂😂😂

  63. Alexei Perez

    OMG Tiki Taka is back Setien is a genius.

  64. j

    Problem is up front where fati and griezmann contribution is zero. Like a really big zero. Oh my god why is fati even there its a crime he just passes the ball to center. Atleast sergio roberto used to cut in passes etc when he played up. Griezmann thinks he is a centreback

  65. Tomisin Arowosere

    We gotta give the coach time guys. Time

  66. Junior Boy

    That was some excellent technique. Got the ball, took his time and placed it in the right corner!👏👏👏

  67. Paola Olarte

    3:17 era la misma jugada del gol vs betis el nominado al puskas

  68. khalid Ibrahim

    😂😂😂😂yessss hala Madrid

  69. Roberto Cruz

    See it was not Valverde fault 😂

  70. arturo alvarez

    Defense for Barca is wack. Suarez, who is the only forward that makes plays with Messi is gone for months. Messi doesn’t plays balls to Griezman instead he does to Ansu Fati. Ansu is good but inexperienced. Messi needs to involve Griezman more because there are countless of times in previous games where he’s open yet no one passes it to him.

  71. Tvrrr

    Just shows how much barca relies on messi lol. Every shot on goal was mainly him

  72. Joshua Monroy

    Yes let’s go!!! Fuck Barcelona fuck Messi little dumb ass midget

  73. Roccossr

    These two commentators are legends

  74. Erick Rojas

    Cant wait till pique out

  75. floyd harrison

    was it just me or was the sound off

  76. ChildSupport 911

    Tbh I don’t know why they brought setien in. Why would they downgrade?

  77. Allan Serrano

    I still don’t understand how they gave the ballon d’or to messi while Cristiano Ronaldo is scoring goals in Italy that’s the real goat.

  78. Chris Rosal

    Siuuuu😂 now who gets the blame.

  79. fadi azzam

    Now everyone is saying oh the players fault poor valvarde . Kiss the title good buy this year Barcelona

  80. Suraj Shits On The Street

    Overrated loser 17 games 1 goal Forca Barca

  81. TheHappy Beatle

    2:53 the commentator actually said barkelona 😂🤣

    1. Oscar Ruiz A-M NA

      I heard barfelona lol 😂

    2. silloweet


  82. Eduardo Luna

    yeah blame the coach... its slways the coach being blamed... what ppl need to do is blame the players.... The player who keeps sending the ball out of the stadium. When the team win its because of messy but when they lose its always the coach.. oh come on. you guys are so pathetic. The coach was not even playing. but midget messy was playing. barsa is getting old. so is their star player.... its time for a replacement

  83. Mr. Boonaners

    Lol who the Barca fans gonna blame now ? Suarez? Valverde ? Haha trash club

  84. ERA

    No penalty? What kind of highlights are these. All Barca's useless shots and no Valencia.

  85. Harry Santoso

    Yes. This setien is actually a very good manager because valverde is too defensive. 🤣. Barca fan care more about football style than result. some fans will say this game is better because they have 70% ball posession and all pass.

  86. Helloキャプテン

    The ball simply roll through The commentator: Magic ball 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  87. J

    Why is it Vidal never starts? In most games he’s the best midfielder on the pitch. I don’t get it

  88. Hakan Tunc

    As long as Griezmann plays, Barca will not win any cup.

    1. Alexyalan1422 Alexyalan1422

      Hakan Tunc you are so dumb dude.😬😑

    2. J vendetta Laawd

      So Now it's Griezmanns fault🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Oscar Ruiz A-M NA

    Valencia Goalkeeper vs Barca: “Today I was a Beast!!!!” But Valencia Goalkeeper vs Real : “Faaaak there goes Toni Kroos with the corner kick..”

    1. Pako Monsi

      @Dat Man Yeah but you mentioned the world cup not the other competitions so im not sauing lies i have facts. Messis the goat Pele Ronaldinho Maradona Arsene Wenger and a lot more have said so

    2. Cisko_PlayZ

      rooski are you blind? Did you see the performance in the 2014 word cup single handily carries Argentina to the final and almost won it if higuain went to finishing classes. The real question is where has penaldo Ben in the World Cup? Last time he and Portugal made it to the final was never

    3. Dat Man

      Pako Monsi well Zlatan never had those kind of teammates same with cr7 and cr7 already won an international trophy at the highest level and during beckham and rooney time brazil was the the justice league so what your saying is invalid

    4. Irvin Ruiz

      rooski lmao he made it to the finals in 2014

    5. Pako Monsi

      @Trigger xX Wheres the argument? What are you fighting about. Rebel without a cause gtfoh and bring something to the table

  90. Mehrad Bagher-Ebadian

    Are we gonna blame barcas president now? Lmao

    1. Jibble

      how about the fucking players

  91. Kristian S

    How long 'till this coach is gone? I give him until the next Clasico.

  92. Thatguy

    Should’ve been 6-0 if it wasn’t for Ter Stegen and the Refs.

  93. Eric Guo

    3:50 I’m all for this Barca loss (Hala Madrid) but is this not a foul throw??

  94. Ismat Hasan

    The score should be 6-0 Valencia.

    1. Original name

      @Bear you are exactly right all these delusional Barcelona fans finally somebody that understands

    2. Bear

      Ismat Hasan should have been at least 3-0 but typical Varcelona getting help again.

    3. Karl

      U kidding right?

    4. Original name

      Lol yes

  95. J

    Dembele should be playing ahead of Fati


      J Bacca buy expensive player then lend, or sell cheap I don’t know why leaders still be there without disappear, Bacca leader know nothing about soccer and business, Bacca leader should learn from Real Madrid

  96. JasonPlaysGames

    Now I just hope Real Madrid wins. Hala Madrid.

    1. Original name


  97. madmax797

    barcelona needs to buy good defensive players.. leaking too many goals

  98. Pipi Caca

    Lol you know something Messi isn’t the best to ever do it 😂😂😂

  99. Azotador de mejinacos

    0:15 WOW!

  100. Azotador de mejinacos

    1:08 incredible, better than Payet