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  1. Lily Hopper

    Lol this chick is crazy awesome, I love her cheerful vive.

  2. Potato is Life


  3. Inumiko

    I just saw you getting called out on TikTok

  4. mean machine

    So last semester in high school I had weights, I had accidentally dropped a 45 pound weight on my foot. When I asked to go see the nurse i was told to walk it off. Now i think the inside of my foot is bruised. Should I go see a docter??

  5. thisamericandyke

    i mean i think essential oils are largely bullshit. but my little sister has had chronic migraines for the past decade. she had doctors get her hooked on opioids while she was in HIGH SCHOOL, then had those same docs judge her for taking the meds as they directed her when she TOLD THEM she had pain constantly, every day. essential oils didn't solve her problems, but they got them to where she could function in society and hold a job. vicodin didn't come close, and could have killed her. again, i think a good amount of what we attribute to essential oils is total bullshit, but if you have chronic migraines, maybe give peppermint oil a try if nothing else is working, because it's relatively harmless when applied topically, and it quite possibly saved my sister's life. edit: my mom is a nurse and works in public health. i'm HIGHLY skeptical of essential oils in most other health applications, because i haven't seen them work. my sister's doctors didn't listen to her when she said she had daily pain, and they encouraged her to take opioids at a dangerous level. somehow, and none of us really understand how, peppermint essential oil helps her like nothing else. it's cheap, and unless you have an allergy, it's safe when applied topically as directed. don't end any other treatments in favor of it, but it's worth a shot if your doctor deems it safe.

  6. Ricky Rich

    ha he got a iPhone Samsung for life

  7. Trudi Bailey

    I believe there are good doctors & bad doctors. I totally agree about Big Pharma & Insurances. Terrible! Drs have saved my life more than once!!!

  8. Extremely Feeling

    Can you tell is information about *Coronavirus*

  9. Kiu

    Does anyone know what specific style Zara trench coat Doctor Mike is wearing at 3:58?

  10. Itamar Pires

    Sorry you blá-blá-blá , God God created everything got to give Solution for everything and I need a mem help

  11. Kush Chakraborty

    Came in here to critique, Left in awe. Stay Classy Ma Bois 🕶️

  12. April Gamboa

    what's the right way of wearing mask? is the white side inside or outside? thank you

  13. SavaBavaGacha

    Whenever you explain medical stuff I look around for the person who asked

  14. okflyaway99

    This but Xi Jinping.

  15. Eithan Rain

    doctor doing the opposite of what there doing me pretends im daed so that they ignore s me: 💀💀💀💀💀

  16. Derrick Moore

    At least he gives us more options. Others would use the cliche gucci or Louis Vuitton jackets and shoes and they’re probably fake 🤣

  17. Christina Kimble

    I'm sad he left out Psychologists who are not the same as Therapists.

  18. Derrick Moore

    Dr. Mike: my clothes are reasonably priced *checks suit supply prices* “Black pea coat: $499” 💀

  19. the Parajsë

    Im not gonna watch the whole video, shows like the Good Doctor and Greys’ are made for entertainment and not necessarily meant to be 100% accurate - i knw people probably want to point out hw inaccurate this or tht is bt these shows rnt reality shows or documentaries 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Abby C

    I play this game all the time. As someone who’s been a patient in like 6 different hospitals, I know it’s not exactly realistic, but it’s fun.

  21. Epic Brussel sprout

    As students our job is to touch eachother

  22. Calvin Lee

    3:50 the 8 wrist bones

  23. Arman Yusaf

    This hasn’t aged well....

  24. HarleyAMV

    Should have used Russian baby foods

  25. Yung radius WTF

    I got my Retina detach what do I do

  26. Sergiu Gherasimov


    1. Sergiu Gherasimov

      I wonder which Dr. Mike they are talking about

  27. Heaven Hicks

    Click bAte oN tHe rObOt pIC whaaaaaattttttt

  28. Swetha Goda

    Why did the intro make me laugh so much 😂 😂 was so goofy 😂 ok the whole video made me laugh 😂

  29. Angel Mae Rizaga

    I miss watching Doc McStuffins

  30. Jory Adamson

    For a historic aspect of inbreeding read about Carlos II of Spain

  31. XD Jordan

    At 8:12 he says 2 days ago I was playing basketball...etc. Then 10 seconds later he says I had a headache for 3 day after that. 😂🤣😂🤣

  32. meaganmw1205

    Didn’t Carrie Bradshaw use her oven to store sweaters? You’re not that bad with your groceries.

  33. Duckelly

    Pls talk about the coronavirus

  34. uwu hannah

    he looks and sounds and acts just like mcdreamy I'm scared

  35. IPlayClub Volleyball

    I tried SO hard to look at your face while you were speaking but your thighs just kept on drawing my attention more lol

  36. XGN Mizmo

    Why can’t my teachers be like this tbh

  37. David Gomez

    Opinion on Med4all?

  38. Luis Zuniga

    Random question but what do you use for your face?

  39. dontknowwhattodo

    Oh oh it looks like it happened

  40. Danielle

    I'd be more concerned if those tips weren't actually frosted because wtf haha

  41. Raz Deen

    and every asian mother and father just saw this and went "bullshit"

  42. Grace

    FYI- they slept together the day before her first day at work. She didn’t know who he was. lol

  43. Real Life RP

    Man, gotta love that Thoracic Cavity. Lol.

  44. Lei Kim


  45. kt_rvs

    Thank you for being a good doctor because many are not that lucky. Especially when were talking those with low socioeconomic status, patients of color, and with varying gender identities.

  46. María Polanco

    Oye hablas español??

  47. Anne Cannella

    Or there this leak one

  48. Kanew19

    Can you please do a video on the carona virus

  49. Anne Cannella

    You should watch the fire one it’s called ring of fire

  50. James C

    Hey I'm dating a 3rd year medical student. She is currently in her internal medicine rotation with her anesthesia rotation right around the corner. My question is, how can I best support her during this time? I just want to best understand what she is going through and how I can help her through it.

  51. Amber Driesse

    Veterinarians specifically have the most suicide contemplation:(

  52. W.D SANS

    I eish the nicotine was never found

  53. Dharma Wylie

    "The world doesn't need to see your genitals" 😆

  54. Natalie Alfonso

    Yea MRI is not fun.

  55. edward Durus

    😱coronavirus search brought me here

  56. ChairWheel Scotch

    Smelling good make people like you people liking you makes you happier which makes you braver which makes you better at getting jobs which makes you richer thus leading to healthcare

  57. RDX x

    "He is an expert in everything..😄...related to the brain...😀🙂🙁" He did the neurologist real bad, early in the day.

  58. Yami Yau

    I love outfit #1. Makes you look like an aviator!! 😍 My Southern self said, "Hollup! You don't know how to tie a scarf?!?!" came out when you said that you don't get it. We Southerners wear scarfs a lot! 😂

  59. QQU 218

    A couple of years ago I started experiencing bad abdominal pain. It went from an 8 on the Pain Scale to a 12. I was doubled over in pain, sobbing, barely able to speak. I went to the emergency room twice and was sent home, stating that they did not know what was wrong with me but that it wasn't life threatening. My partner called my mother shared some of the results from my labs. Some of my levels (dont remember what specifically) were four or five times what they were supposed to be, but they still sent me home. A few days later the pain was still worsening. It was without a doubt the first pain I've ever felt. My partner ended up calling an ambulance when I couldn't stop vomiting and was in too much pain to even get up out of my pooled vomit. I remember just laying in the puke, sobbing my eyes out. I was taken to the hospital where I was finally admitted for acute pancreatitis. I had surgery to remove my gallbladder the same day and was hospitalized for almost a week. I couldn't believe I had gone to the emergency room twice before only to be sent home when I was in so much pain I couldn't even function. not sure what would have happened to me if the ambulance hadn't taken me to a different hospital but I do know that you can die from pancreatitis

  60. Creepykoolkat186

    I want some friends I could talk about this show with,I’m on season 4 atm

  61. Gene Bowdish

    Adult population in the United States, how many people adults are at the 1st grade level of literacy 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and above ? Chart ?

  62. Junway Lin

    I cant be the only one who read swallowing cum

  63. SophiaSonia1987

    I'm not sure at all how the U.S. NHS is working but do you actually believe that a patient with a less "complex case" should just go visit their G.P. and sit there waiting for them to experiment with various antidepressants *if needed*? Don't you think that a person with phobias, G.A.D. or OCD needs and deserves to go see a specialist? I've been suffering from anxiety, phobias and panic attacks for over a decade and I needed psychotherapy combined with medication in order to feel better. Are you, family doctors, trained to discuss and try to find a solution for a person, who screams, begging for help because they think they'll suffocate/have an imaginary heart attack, stroke and/or die? Do you believe that just a pill will do the trick? And what next? Does the fact that we are not "more complex cases" makes us less vulnerable? I really respect you but I'm really disappointed with this video.

  64. Todd Turner

    Doctor mike thank you so much these websites just helped me out so much in my fashion taste Ive been aspiring, thank youuu

  65. kizzy

    Will you do a video on the coronavirus?

  66. Keefe Games

    I always eat my gums always ;-;

  67. life trip

    A medical student tell you that she want to meet you😂

  68. saramations

    2:58 I hate this clip lol. bull terriers are the worst.

  69. Ang Bocca

    Do you have a video on diabetes or what you would recommend vitamin / food wise that may not be known or something that may need to be helpful to hear more often? Thank you !

    1. Ang Bocca

      Sorry if that was verbose haha ^ 😅🙏🏻

  70. Suzanne Wilson

    where do I find night shift mode on an Android device?

  71. Epic Brussel sprout

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  72. Decisive

    This didn’t age well. *At All*

  73. Aalaa Basheer

    The voice cracks are 😩😩

  74. Itz Isha

    Thanks This video was great ! Two years late but oh well lol

  75. Haley Schwer

    I would like Doctor Mike to talk about doctor offices and pharmacy relationships. As a technician, I want to hear it from a doctor's perspective.

  76. Antique Mello

    What is that song at the beginning I need to know

  77. coochie inspector

    Talk about the coronavirus

  78. The Rejection Chronicles

    How is it that every time I hear someone from supposedly richest, most developed country, they always say "the healthcare is hopeless"? Is there really anything more important? Any matter more pressing than fixing it? You speak of bureaucracy, it's been like that for years, how is it that there is not a board of certified, experienced doctors allowed to comb through the thing with the help of lawyers or whoever is needed and set it all straight? I don't get it. In the wake of the Corona outbreak there's a lot of talk about the state of healthcare in various countries. I read stories from scared Americans recounting how their family members went bankrupt after an accident. How they're often suffering at home cause they're afraid to be admitted to the hospital and charged. Saying that they fear people wouldn't admit to having any symptoms due to these fears. I'm from Poland and every day everywhere people complain about the healthcare system too. You can wait a YEAR or longer in queue for a medical exam you need that your insurance covers. People with insurance can't get these fast and they have to pay for private service if they need them quicker. One of Brexiters' leading argument was NHS. I read Singaporean fella shaking his head about his country's slow response to the outbreak. Seen Canadians complain about the same. It blows my mind. And I don't understand. A healthy society would surely be more efficient. Individual lives aside (because obviously government won't care about those). I've always had huge respect for doctors. It's THE most important profession together with scientists working on useful developments. But I cannot imagine the stress. And to add the bureaucracy on top it is just ridiculous. Keep on keeping on. Hugs from Warszawa :)

  79. Secret Admirer

    Whaaaaaaaaaaah a sexy doctor 👨‍⚕️🤤😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😛

  80. ReadyPlayerOne

    Bad time for recommendations ALsel...

  81. Suzanne Wilson

    but make sure when you first get up to leave it opened up with bedding at the foot, so all of last nights heat or sweat evaporate. There are microscopic bugs that just looove our dead skin....and warm places. Once you have done your shower, shave, etc....it will have cooled enough to make for the sense of accomplishment to want.

  82. Sophia Del Rosario

    I knew that wasn't Dr. Mike in the intro, cuz his shirt was too big😂😂

  83. lolll


  84. Faustino Valencia

    Outfit #1 looked so good!!!

  85. Jacob Bivans

    what if i talk in my sleep about killing people? is that normal

  86. Marcelo Rodríguez

    That bit about how to use the ophthalmoscope is wrong. You use your left eye to examine the patient's left eye, and your right eye for the patient's right eye. If you do it with the opposite eye, you'll be almost kissing the patient. Get your facts right, Dr. Mike! lol.

  87. Siu Ho

    It is also difficult to get people exercise correctly since there are so many disqualified personal trainers

  88. Sheriff K

    I use essential oil rinse for my hair/scalp (not defusion stuff,) it’s actually helpful.. 😕

  89. Descea MusicaAgora

    Hey DR,Mike.. in Brazil you would surely lose your medical license, here it is forbidden to do vlogs and promote things to your own image. I think this is absurd..

  90. Galaxy Brains

    Luckily he didn’t find total organ failure

  91. William Ferguson

    The woman who developed arthritis apparently diagnosed herself. She simply isn't qualified to do so.

  92. B Robs

    Hey dr. Mike I’d like your input on kangen water, I know there are other people’s reviews on it but I’d like to know your input on it? Please 😀

  93. Freedom Dividend News

    Yes weed changes the brain of kids, but no one talks about whether those changes are good or not

  94. Freedom Dividend News

    WEED PROTECTS THE BRAIN insights.osu.edu/health/marijuana-and-aging-brains

  95. Freedom Dividend News

    HARVARD SAYS SMOKING WEED PROTECTS LUNGS www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/pot-smokers-can-maybe-breathe-a-little-easier

  96. Soul Helper

    To those saying Adam threw a hussy fit, he merely took the criticism and responded. Rejecting a critic is just as important as listening to them all. He took the critic from the first video, responded, and said that what he thought he did was correct. It's much harder to do critics without direct communication, so the fact he took it all and responded in a clear and concise way is commendable

  97. I Love You


  98. Ezra Poco

    4:12 r/wooosh

  99. avimose

    Those fucking voice cracks tho 😂😂😂

  100. LNH_ELMV 1014

    Hey! Is it possible to react to Doctor John? It’s a Korean drama and there are subs to it. Just wondering?