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  1. Brian

    You know what's bullshit? Censoring yourself for mass appeal.

  2. Martin the The crazy teen

    You know what’s bullshit you saying bs and not bullshit

  3. Rick Ton

    Never knew the star beats the poison mushroom.

  4. Russell Fibich

    You know what's bullshit, youtubers with sponsors!

  5. Dane Nagley

    That's why I'd prefer to use an iPod Touch since they still have the home button. Even my Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit has a home button.

  6. inline885

    Remember when phones had 10 dedicated buttons for all the numbers? It’s almost as if it’s better to have a touch screen so the options are limited based on the context and we can use more of the screen.

  7. R Jones

    Fuck that button but thanks for keeping me entertained

  8. Biohazard Studios

    11:03 true, until EA released nightfire which right now is single handedly the second best 007 game in history

  9. crushingalldeceivers

    You know what is BS? Apple period.

  10. Movie Games

    The best thing about android used to be the dedicated home, back, and window hardware buttons on the bottom of every phone. I miss those so much.

  11. AheadoftheHerd

    I believe summer 2010 was when my local movie gallery closed. Picked up a copy of sex drive, one of my fav movies of all time, before it closed.

  12. Ravens Nest Productions

    "The Thing (2011) was a remake of a remake" Uh.. no. The Thing (2011) was a prequel to a remake of an original.

  13. sebash789

    Honestly I will always love the older look of AVGN episodes with it’s 4:3 aspect ratio, fuzzier look and lower quality sound.

  14. Oscar M

    Buy a Blackberry Keyone or Keytwo

  15. Adorbs, Totes Adorbs.

    they do have button'less keyboards, its done using a lazer, and the lazer keyboard can read the distance of your fingers when you press down, it recognizes that, and outputs that command to the device.

  16. Waggehful

    You know whats BULLSHIT?! Not being able to say BULLSHIT!

  17. Brog Lang

    Lmao this is so funny. Love the back to the future one haha that's how I am

  18. Schwifty Stardust

    ALsel, for the love of god, please let people swear again. This is just sad.

  19. Proteo

    You know what’s bullshit?! Not being able to say bullshit.

  20. Hugh Harsher


  21. Mega88zero

    I'm not watching this unless you go back to saying bullshit.

  22. snubcube

    You just can't have a You Know What's Bullshit episode without the Bullshit. And that's bullshit.

  23. Burbin

    They can't keep getting away with it!

  24. Duggalo

    He said bullshit at the end! Thank you!!

  25. ihate names

    I die laughing every single time i see Scott dive through that window lol

  26. Connor Shaw-case

    I needed this right now


    Lol godzilla vs your mom

  28. Абзый

    damn good work!

  29. KillerGrooves

    It could be that it really was supposed to be read aloud in the theater like you originally thought. The music accompanying silent films was played live in the theater, so this could just be an extension of that. I wonder if the opera numbers were performed live in the theater as well.

  30. The Bush Archive

    When was the last ykwbs episode

  31. jmatt781

    Ninja baseball honestly could have been an awesome idea. Having to ninja fight your way to the bases and shit.

  32. LunaTwi01

    Thank god for Sponsorblock without locating the actual start.

    1. Rowsdower

      I’m glad I saw your comment, didn’t know Sponsorblock was a thing.

  33. MusicianGamer

    Wait we can’t say Bullshit all of sudden on ALsel?!

  34. NewRaven

    You don't have to jump over these gaps? Really? I have done that for nearly 30 years and I never would have to? Oh my...

  35. og87


  36. Christian D. J.

    Voodoo2 fx graphics gave the game okey visuals in 98.

  37. TachyonGP

    You know what’s BULLSHIT?! The bullshit man unable to swear anymore!

  38. Gencoil

    BS? Has fear of demonetization really gone this far?

  39. Spiteful Raven

    Totally has a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy vibe, always loved cutesy horror shit. 7:23 oh fucking hell, I said cutesy horror shit!! Not real-life tube parasites lol

  40. Carlos Samaniego

    It is really bs that you can’t say these real words :c

  41. ValseMusic

    Do you think Jimmy and Bimmy meet bimonthly?

  42. A. H.

    Just saw the ykwbs episode on DVDs and you were complaining about complex DVD menues or having menues at all, not letting you get to the movie fast, like VHS. -_-

  43. cj-yoyo

    BS? What kind of bullshit is that?

  44. #mama luigi 1

    This is fucking true

  45. TheNewRobotMaster

    I hate Apple because all they do is limit your abilities and call it "simple and easy to use". How many times has Apple removed basic functions and then you find yourself asking "why can't I do this?" It's not easy to use when basic settings are locked out. Pieces of shit. Android is better, but not by much. Yikes.

  46. Amethyst R.

    If only he could see chez quest hd

  47. Terry R.

    No headphone jack either, despite that never being a problem before, that’s bullshit.

  48. The Entitled Gamer

    Oh, I love this... Like a sequel to the Word Pronunciation episode (the best ykwbs episode).

  49. Scottii

    You Know What’s BS!? Apple wheels Apple monitor stands

  50. Megan Cole

    You know what's bullshit? Apple.

  51. The monster under your bed

    Would be better if you said the word and censored it... Maybe with the sound of shitting.

  52. HybridLegix

    You know what's BS? Apple's $1000 Stand

  53. iamtheyack

    Was there a game on sega like this one

  54. The Entitled Gamer

    Now that's a YKWBS episode.

  55. iamtheyack

    Dude I have been looking for this game forever

  56. Boxy Car Fan

    You know what’s BULLSHIT? Post-2014 ALsel

  57. Sport1022

    Hearing James say "BS' was more shocking than any swear he said in the past.

  58. Comics Closet

    That was like the weakest video I’ve ever seen you guys make and I’ve been on ALsel since 2006.

  59. Gawbe V

    You know what had buttons? Nokia

  60. OWLERO

    James needs to make a "You Know What's Bullshit?! ALsel Censorship!"

  61. AdmiralKirk

    I don’t see the point of continuing this particular series when you can’t even say its name on air

  62. MR. lose a lot

    I never thought I would live up to the day where I hear the bull shit man says “bs” instead of “bull shit”

  63. Koridai011


  64. EPS5000

    The disappointment when “BS” was said instead of “Bullshit” 😤

  65. Rhomega

    "Are doorknobs going to be next?" Sure, just like in Back to the Future Part II.

  66. Queen Leah

    I like how he still said bullshit at the end

  67. kirby march barcena

    I really got confused when SF2 got released

  68. ConvictedAshes

    You know what's Bullshit?.....the Bullshit man not being able to say Bullshit... and you know what, that's Bullshit.

  69. wingboy099

    I like buttons but you can just swipe the screen to go back. It’s honestly pretty slick. I do wish i had me a home button tho...

  70. Che Yo


  71. Tabletop Jason

    I agree with The Matrix. I enjoyed it in the theater, but that was it. I suppose the god awful sequels hurts my opinion of it as well.

  72. Deus Gaming

    I was expect the You knooooow whats BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT because it exaggerates more and more every time lol. Oh well.

  73. crazystairs712

    I’ve waited for for this video for than I waited for Kingdom Hearts III. This is gonna be good!

  74. hidazip

    I'm half Japanese and live in Japan. Never saw a Godzilla movie before, but I loved this one.

  75. Zach F

    Commenting on june 3rd 2020 during the apocalypse. Oh to be back in these simple times

  76. A Channel Called East

    Can’t say middle finger🖕

  77. Olivier Groovy

    Angry Cellphone Nerd....

  78. Dantastic

    Do you remember Andy Hardy? They’re about to form a search party.

  79. Hunter Chambless

    AVGN can you review the bad spongebob squarepants games.

  80. Yumima

    YOU KNOW WHATS BULLSHIT!? Google's acquisition of ALsel

  81. KY XENES

    1:45 pepsi man~~~~~~~~~

  82. Kurt Knodel

    YKWBS? Not being able to make videos you want to. Can’t wait for the next one Nerd.

  83. Melch Vagquest

    I miss my buttons so much!

  84. Sebby Pang

    Wait B-S man can’t swear anymore? That’s a real pile of B-S...

  85. Republic Of Texas

    I actually feel sorry for people that have to use Apple products

  86. dvdjkaufmn

    I love this video!! 😆 I literally just said to someone this morning, "The last time I was excited about a new phone is when they had actual buttons to push!"

  87. Esmeralda Perez

    Your friend looked so giddy to rent that movie with his blockbuster card reminds me when I used to come to blockbuster I was so happy to see what they had I still have a VHS and DVD player fun times I would never want to change the year I was born I will always be old fashioned.

  88. ThisIsTheEndPt2

    YKWBS? not saying it at the beginning but at the end!

  89. xs3tsunax

    "i can't say the word anymore" sums up youtube pretty well

  90. Dominic Masters

    Tactile is the keyword here, wish things had some form of tactility nowadays. Use a tape deck or walkman and just play with the buttons and it feels amazing compared to pressing a non existent button on a touchscreen.

  91. nodd85

    I've been waiting for a You know what's Bullshit episode forever, but it wasn't the same without calling it You know what's Bullshit

  92. Burdan


  93. the commenter

    This is kid friendly BS

  94. Chirurgeon Crane

    You know what's BS? Our police.

  95. Mike Lonas

    Why not say bullshit instead of bs?

  96. Tinted Hourglass

    I still apply this point of view to the Wii and the Kinect.

  97. Lucky

    What inspired you to go minimalistic? Apple: *Money*

  98. Fuck off!

    You know what's bullshit? ALsel, political correctness and sensitive people twisting innocent fun into something negative.

  99. Corporal Shephard

    Cool it with the sound effects