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  1. Joel Atkinson

    damn the bottom row is basically perfect if they did the changed placement of Joel to Alison, Gillian to Joel, and Alison to Gillian, from left to right it would have formed a line where everyone sat

  2. Mike_Gusta

    I seriously thought that was Nico from Corridor Digital when they showed Pedro Pascal.

  3. Kim Dabhyun


  4. Hyperactiv Gamer

    Troy being the only one who like this.......

  5. Simone Forlini

    Leonard likes this video

  6. Timothy Hucks

    "It's nice to be as together as possible" Now, that could be a comment about Coronavirus, but it could also just be about how we're never gonna invite Chevy Chase.

  7. Exploding llama

    “Wanted Gay and Alive” Omg It’s me

  8. Sammiezlag

    I wanna see Joel and Gillian from a different angle during the rap scene.. they almost laughed their ass off!

  9. Cole Jeffries

    My favorite scene not shown here is definitely Annie as Hector the Well Endowed and Abed as the elf maiden

  10. Stiles Smith

    It makes me happy Donald game back

  11. anjo banjo


  12. Stephen Caroe

    we are living in universe dice roll 1. why didn't Abed catch that die. everything happening could have been avoided if he just caught that damn die.

  13. alex perry


  14. XMR Films

    Somebody messed up either the framerate or the bitrate when they uploaded this - or edited it in the first place, maybe, god that would bother me

  15. Ryan Lovett

    Now I feel like all table reads for great shows should be recorded and broadcast/packaged later. I loved seeing the actors' reactions to their colleagues' performances.

  16. ishan gupte

    it's unbelievable to think that i've been on this video for the past 20 minutes... and yet to watch the video... i've just been thumbs uping all the comments and the replies to those comments. who would look at this fanbase and say that it belongs to a show created by the same guy who also made rick and morty. the absolute lack of toxicity here is mind blowing.

  17. Chloe B

    become your own man - "dalorian" - dan harmon, 2020

  18. Uttie

    Head over to if u guys want to play the game.

  19. George Mejia

    The question is how did Pierce know all of these things?

  20. Animesh Gandhi

    The evolution of Jeff and Britta from Season 1 is nothing short of outstanding

  21. The Doctor

    Yvette seemed to have the easiest time slipping back into character. It legit felt like Shirley was doing the table read

  22. sicangco07

    The movie could be about abed gathering the group to rescue troy .he uses the tracker that he placed in everyone to track troy. Second option is if chevy chase decides to comeback they could make it so that his cult resurrects him and he tries to make up for what he missed and everyones so intrigued that they decided to go back to greendale and monitor wether pierce is pierce or if he was replaced by a clone. Then a funny joke would be troy coming back expecting his millions after his trip and pierce wud be standing there.

  23. nathan m

    I love how everytime they have to argue at the same time Danny Pudi just lip syncs

  24. Michael Paul

    I'm watching this while America burns

  25. hn hn

    05:12 when he just realized what he said

  26. C S

    Pedro Pascal's pure joy during the theme song while everyone was dancing along was a fun proxy for the viewer and exactly how I felt.

  27. CockStirredMartini

    this made me happy cause it meant donald glover was leaving the show and that it would get better

  28. MohnJcIntyre

    I would love to just spend the day with Ken & Yvette. They just seem to love joy.

  29. Maggie McFly

    I remember watching this episode when it aired, I was so gagged!

  30. T Wall

    Keeping it real. Allison Brie kinda seemed like she was high. That is NOT a judgment or criticism, BTW. It added something fun to the performance.

  31. Paulo CA


  32. isyaboiskintypenois


  33. Darryl Murray

    Did nobody notice that dan said "he is working on rick and morty SEASON 6!!!!” SEASON 6 WHAT?!??? am I old to this news. Or is it a joke?

  34. Hunter Webster

    Is it wrong I'm sort of on Jeffs side? I at least don't think it's THAT bad. If they forget it anyway, why not?

  35. Dushan Fernando

    IDamn! The good old days when I watched this series with my sister.

  36. Logan James

    Wait how did troy lose his voice

  37. Eva Zsigmond

    still waiting on the movie so annie and jeff can be together lmao

  38. Arty Castro

    The pilot is awesome! One of my favourite episodes.

  39. VlRGlL

    Pierce was meta gaming Unfair

  40. AbbasRB7

    It's only been a week, but I keep finding myself coming back to watch 24:47 onwards constantly...

  41. David Alvarez

    What was Joel doing to Alison?

  42. Manuel Lanz

    Such a great Show with such a great Cast. I do not laugh a lot in my Life. But this Show, this Show made me laugh so hard. Damn it. I realy miss that Show...

  43. Allison Homiak

    Dennis is the greatest character in the history of live-action media.

  44. Kelsey M.

    Haven't watched this full episode but this scene alone makes no sense. Why is Shirley blaming Jeff for her husband cheating? It's her husband who's at fault. And why is Annie blaming Troy for running through a freaking glass door?

  45. alex

    the best community episode m

  46. Swordblaster

    It's the reaction shot on Yvette that kills me every time - perfect.

  47. Mitchell Schell

    Where do I download this game?

  48. halo player

    This episode makes me want pizza

  49. xXRed ShotXx

    Yo this godamn show has to come back all the other sitcoms don't have shit like this.

  50. Your Dad

    I know what britta is protesting now

  51. TheDeathmail

    I love how he made a fake commentary with a fake original vision for a very real fart joke.....

  52. SorryBones

    The pillow man cometh


    I love how friendly you guys act with each other. Please make a movie in the future.

  54. Schwamm Man


  55. Gods Grace


    1. oiuet souiu


  56. Jesus Solorio

    Pizza Time!!!

  57. Its Port

    I loved this episode

  58. Tecpaocelotl Castillo

    I wish they made the gi joe community figures.

  59. Yurtle13 x


  60. Joe Turner

    “What a delicious.... combination”

  61. Kebir Mohammed

    His way with words... Just a master!!

  62. L. M.

    They should never have removed Pierce. He was one of the funniest in the series and will always be, despite of all his antics in real life. You gotta deal with those real life issues properly, not just kick people out.

    1. MissKayRae

      He quit

  63. Josh

    I miss chevy

  64. zep909

    Good, but not better than frozen pizza reviews.

  65. pukeylukey199

    Get the feeling chevy didn't work much to channel this.

  66. Animesh Gandhi

    God, I hated this version of Jeff.

  67. Rach Holley


  68. Michael Hannigan

    I'm really disappointed that Chevy Chase isn't in this. He was one of the best characters in the show.

  69. Connor Nyhan

    who else least favorite character is Shirley

  70. Ege Özmen

    jeff's facial expressions are works of art in this scene.

  71. daft banna

    Did pierce just disappear

  72. Gary King

    Troy and abed in the movies

  73. Guess Time

    1:35 is that the actor who played Mike in Breaking Bad?

    1. notme222

      Yes, in Season 5 he played a teacher. (They added him as a new cast member because Pierce and Troy were gone.)

  74. Guess Time

    I made it to the best timeline

  75. Guess Time

    Oh god

  76. Daniel

    I love love love this. But that acupuncture line is uncalled for!

  77. Emperor Picard

    The pizza looks cold.

  78. Eva Zsigmond

    2:43 the way donalds face changes ... i feel bad for him like damn the vibe changes the second chevy is in it

  79. Hanan Alabdalla

    If someone wants to cheat they will cheat. It is less about the person they are cheating with and more about the fact that they were willing to cheat. If Misty wasn’t there, Andre would have cheated with someone else.

  80. Harshini Gadudasu

    when she started counting her fingers HA

  81. touiji

    2:31 did Dan Harmon just leaked Rick and Morty season 6??