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  1. บังต๊ะ เจ้าพ่อดูไบ


  2. Herman Cossa

    I can't believe that this is Will Smith Son It's so sad

  3. sarah

    when i’m not with you i falafel 🧆

  4. Akhona Mseleni

    Wow!this song is amazing.

  5. Dorian Alvarez

    Simplemente, una cochinada de canción!

  6. Aaron Benavente

    Yo soy el comentario en español


    i like the song and it has meaning but i wish the beat was turned down and it focused more on his voice

  8. China Official

    Interview with Jeden Smith clique here👇👇 alsel.info/video/video/poubk6Wmr3uEfNg.html

  9. Shiraz R.

    I really love how much emotion you put into every music video you film and every song you sing. This song is Amazing and such an emotional journey. Loved it so much! The whole album is a masterpiece.💜

    1. okow tina

      That drum break at 3:00 sounds like Umi says.

  10. Cristian Camacho

    Buen ritmo π

  11. Israel Cedeno

    This is fuckin beautiful, Jaden.

    1. okow tina


  12. Josue Delgado Villanueva

    No sé que dice pero miente 🤣🤣🤣

  13. de Padilha

    A única que curto dele

  14. Balasubramanyam Karri

    I feel this song like xxxtentacion

  15. DanDan Channel



    Su papá se ve más joven que el

  17. New Cria ༒

    Diretamente do Brasil pra dizer que esse não é o "Filho do Will Smith" ele é o Jaden Smith um músico foda! Original e sinistro.

  18. Mr Eclipse

    Ur dad must be disappointed in u

    1. Professional Sarcastic

      Ytf u r saying that

  19. SAMii

    will he even sit in the car not

  20. Nahir zarate

    Can someone tell me what type of clothes are they wearing? I really like this aesthetic

  21. Victor manuel Ruiz

    ¿Siempre segiras siendo el niño de karate kid?

  22. Victor manuel Ruiz

    Ay jaden

  23. NOOB ;-;

    Like si lo ves en mayo-Junio

  24. Captain El Berridge

    0:16-0:30 a whole vibe

  25. Skippiez_TV

    4:45 I live for this part!

  26. Mine Bomer

    Like=You Might be at a concert and they preform this Reply=Your On The Remix Subscribe to jaden and my channel=You Met The Family Follow Me On Tic Tok(JordanYT)=You watch this multiple times All=All

  27. Enzo Dutra

    Alguém quarentena

  28. 後親田拓実


  29. George Sillva

    it looks like it's on crack

  30. Team dreckig

    Yo karate kid 😀

  31. atheistic 90s

    Insane 😭😭😭😭

  32. adrian iriqui

    weon que pedo con jaden smith f por el pana

  33. Renzo Quesquen


  34. othmane belfilalia


  35. Svlem

    As a cancer this song is a big mood

  36. Siyabonga Sibisi

    I love you Jaden your music makes me listen to it every day

  37. Svlem

    2:43 I need a nap

  38. tin tin


  39. bulma_999

    shoutout nujabes

  40. YouFoundMiyës ÉKÈ

    He created a new music genre. I wish I could tell him how legendary this style is becoming. I fuck with his music so bad. 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Jhayson B. Espinoza

    Why he always use the same clothes, since 1994?

  42. YouFoundMiyës ÉKÈ

    This man said; when I want to grow I listen to Hov. 🔥🔥

  43. Banzi Ngxukumeshe

    But this song it hit my heart and soul Love you ✌

  44. Banzi Ngxukumeshe


  45. P TJ

    That drum break at 3:00 sounds like Umi says.

  46. Joseph Adeleke

    But seriously is it only music artists that have an Alter Ego... Always talking about another part of themselves they let go🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  47. El Jeanfranco Caballero

    Gay you

  48. HamRW

    "i can't breath" Rip George Floyd

  49. Marvin Bane

    "We traveled too far from home..."

  50. dane wynter

    What he said about being hungry


    Pra que usa droga

  52. Njabulo Xaba

    Ive slept on this song no lie. Its actually quite good.

  53. jd parker THE BLOCKER

    illuminati shit

  54. efe alatlı

    Halay çekiyo aq

  55. El Gabo Arellano

    🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢looks like shit, and your music is BADDDDD!

  56. Triple I


  57. Nae M

    Great album!

  58. Xanty _

    Future nostalgia, yeah I felt you

  59. SÓ Penso em GAMESs

    Link open alsel.info/video/video/ga5wimGNy356aJE.html

  60. Olivia Colbert

    Did anyone notice that at 4:44 he says something that doesn't match the lyrics or the words on the screen? What did he say? Why was it at 444? sOMEONE HALP!

  61. Yurxxi Brooks

    Wow, so this the next karate kid trailer 😁😂😂

  62. iBooNDK

    'riot' *i cant breath*


    Does he write beat himself?

  64. RavisonGQ2

    This is karatê kid lost

  65. Zineb Sekkat

    Throwin that Monopoly money on the ground like it ain't shit


    Does he write music himself?


    Jaden from Yugioh GX xD

  68. Josh'D XxX

    El niño karate kid oh por Diossssssss!!! Like si estabas buscando un comentario en español🥳 Coronavirus uwu 😳👌

  69. Nisim

    I am ALselr from a country called Botswana in Southern Africa. trying my best at ALsel right now and I would love some support. I just uploaded another vid yesterday and hit 80 subs. Yet again I would love some support from the community

  70. Abbi BeryL


  71. Андрей Хатанзейский

    Шо это 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  72. Carlos Martin

    Explicito epic🎧🎶🎤✍️🔥🔥🔥

  73. Samarah Yasmeen

    do the damn thing, jaden.

  74. Saajid Luenzo

    aesthetic level 100% ❤️☺️

  75. siddhant goenka

    Jadens gangsta until Jackie Chan tells him to pick up the jacket

  76. Rodrigo Farias


  77. Fatoumata Konate

    Jaden LOVE PINK 💖

  78. Chrisse Williams

    Saw this recommendation and clicked on it. The artistry and beat had me tuned for the full seven minutes. The first heartbreak is always the hardest 💔.... Dang Kylie..

  79. AleZzZ

    Dzienki mudżin za piosenke ale nie trzeba było pozdro

    1. KerkoOo


  80. nathália handam

    I just love you so much Jaden

  81. M A N Uni

    you saved me .. you F*** saved me man :)

  82. コロコロ


  83. junji


  84. bethan

    only about 20k more views till 3 million lets goooo

  85. luiz matheus

    2020 e aqui nessa quarentena escutando esse som do jaden monstro

  86. *R1ck777

    carai o bixo ta só o crack

  87. László Ginter

    Nekem tetszik a...

  88. Wilian Amorim

    O mano pqp, QUE SOM FOI ESSE JADEN? pqp mano, FOOOOOOOOODA DEMAIS, você me inspira, BRASIL.

  89. karen magarita orozco cuesta

    Cool 🤭😋😎🤙

  90. AAyush THapa


  91. stitches g

    When you take a blood test and find out that you're 1% saiyan

  92. I can't choose between Tae and Kookie HELP ME

    I don't care about what anyone think, i love his music.

  93. lily zar

    Hello jaden

  94. Mauricio Portal


  95. FiveZaki Channel


  96. Azenathi Nogilana

    3:46 has me feeling a certain way. "girl never mind" hits differently. 😭❤️

  97. mixio hili

    This song takes you through an emotional journey

  98. Ben45

    Hands down, Jaden's best song so far, along with Mission and Fallen [ Electric ]

  99. Yoosh

    I wish he rapped for longer at 2:59, still fire thooo

  100. Mine Bomer

    If There is one Person Who can mix Dubstep,Rap,And Electro Music All In One Song It's Jaden