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  1. Laa39

    He got a beard like kenny rogers🤣🤣🤣

  2. Miles Emad

    corridor did helped and that is cool

  3. Bloxburg News!!!

    He never gets old

  4. alesana84

    Man I woulda loved to see all of yall singing 187 Proof lol

  5. mtb legend

    Leave the auto tune of thow

  6. Zabe


  7. B Money

    Hey snoopie

  8. Joaquin herrera

    Damn,they didn't mess around w the weather girl this time.. she's bad

  9. Louis Jeremie

    What's the first song by snoop

  10. CKC Sheridan ナイルワニ

    Sexual Seductioooooooon!

  11. imran bajwa

    Hardest puncher was razor ruddock

  12. imran bajwa

    Mitch 'blood' green was high on dust that's why he kept getting up when mike kept dropping him lol

  13. Adel Owens

    Wow !!! now I understand why you say she don't see you as a a should have said nigger..she will never consider you equal to her race of that

  14. Jeezy Yeezy

    We need tory lanez

  15. Jeezy Yeezy

    This ain't it uncle snoop

  16. david Core

    6:18 me every time my boys smokin.

  17. J G

    Yg lame

  18. Clarissa Matthews

    This needs to be our anthem

  19. Kx_rnb 2005

    4:00 his laugh 😭

  20. 420 420

    the bakery loool roll it

  21. Marcio Vasconcelos

    O CARA!

  22. AgerPw Agerpw

    One of these rappers whos steel good in 2020 Ultra hard to find

  23. bob makanika

    I love you Mr snoop

  24. Seed

    Legendary rapper.

  25. Stef vk

    One of the best songs snoop dog have ever Make 🤩✈️

  26. Esdras Santana

    Anitta - Tócame (Feat. Arcangel & De la ghetto) 12/06 💜

  27. Aaron


  28. YouTube Bot

    Hello! You' ve been nominated to #hot16challenge2 by @kery. Hurry up!

  29. Heffsta02

    So relevant right now

  30. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    2:47 earth wind smoke. Huh you broke. whole place loses it.

  31. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    1:36 swipe swipe. Automatically 3 hands no clap. As he's on the ground. Laying force force no full. No fullin it. #hah

  32. Daniel M. Catalfamo

    futon is hoop skirt...

  33. Solo Music


  34. Redpaper Beatiful

    Funny send in tv

  35. Huber Cortes

    Bien viajadote con este éxito

  36. oldin chacon

    Eminen es el mejor😈

  37. learn how to

    Im fucking dying

  38. karim biggs

    This show is incredible

  39. amila nadun jayasekara

  40. Muhd Haqymie

    1:36 that girl was fire 🔥

  41. Hùng CechTv

    from son tung love you🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  42. 5G5

    me to you not alone Snoop you not alone

  43. Abdulkareem Adam


  44. Seth Kinstle

    I was just sitting here and remembered that Black Knight movie Martin did back when. When I was a kid it was lit. Forgot all about it haha that shit was funny

  45. AYG

    Why was this album so low rated on the charts??

    1. Cliff Booth

      Classic album his independent an not the sellout every hater says he is💯plus reason why Dre don't work with him is because Dre is a elitest Snoop isn't 💯 got to read in between the lines brotha💯🙏

  46. Casper Bullens

    If bob marley was alive he would say dam in dese days the weed so much stronger

  47. AWPacademy OrAnJe

    Legendary 500 Benz

  48. Robert Lust

    Hey I got a story. I'm going you guys, Rogan podcast, Kevin Smith smod cast, and Colbert. Not necessarily in that order

  49. Arriagada Ruth


  50. david lohan


  51. Layzee Dee

    yo that beat they making right at the end is a hit .. wtf

  52. Dijean West

    Snoop...this is TIGHT & definitely a relaxing Smoke Out song to chillax...YES INDEED!!!

  53. Lotus Yakita

    I loveeeee Gavlyn since her first single. She has grown and evolved. I'm so glad Snoop brought her on. My girl

  54. Joel Belle

    Lolll nicee

  55. Marouan

    "We lost Nip too soon that's tragic, But he gave LA more wins than magic"

  56. Evgeniia Leontieva

    Mr Snoop is totally taking care of the green thing

  57. sunn godd

    If Nate on the hook you Kno it's a hit everyone in West knew that RIP

  58. J Joe

    The best Motherfucker ever 😎

    1. J Joe

      Peace from Germany 😆

  59. Fatih Akyüz

    Adam dedemin gömleğiyle klip çekiyor bu gömleği ben giysem yadırgar annesine uçtuklarım

  60. Lixo BR

  61. Macaila Blalock

    Snoop: i seen a lot of Chicago rappers have that a statement or..? Keef: Exactly

  62. anonymous kid idk

    snopp dogg you was nominated to hot16challenge2 :)

  63. Cindy Boender


  64. Dylan James

    Yeah brother

  65. AJ Maynes

    Should get Joey Coco Diaz on this!

  66. Stephen Moripi

    12:21 little mango 🥭 😂🤣

  67. BJ Moses

    Yahawah ba ha Shem yahawashi snoop rising up kingz Tru kingz in yahawah ba ha Shem yahawashi"get up" bruhh, sis's, kingz, queenz,.. Israelites rising up we tagether ya hear me holla at brruhh that warrior king

  68. Ka-Ching

    dude I grew up with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa soo... ✌👽

  69. Apple Virus

    Snoop dogg is that uncle we wish we all had.

  70. turtle beach


  71. turtle beach

    dude this boi bogards the fucking joint

  72. Dr Maska

    GOMBAO 33 - #hot16challenge2 (snoop dogg diss). Because we do not beg for freedom, we FIGHT for IT !! Poland !!


    WHos here in 2020

  74. TheLuckyX1

    Gamer truth sets the world free blaze on big dog you are a true wolf!

  75. Claudia Messiah

    Snoop you're something else. Keep up the good work 👌💪👍

  76. LoudPack

    "already rolled up" lol

  77. Jacob Genaro Rodriguez

    I know how Snoop dog feels bored all day in house so do i

  78. Zabe

    LMAO fuck superman

  79. R.A.P resent

    Original Snoop Style 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☝

  80. Raiane Amaral de Araújo Amaral

    Som pancada 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  81. Ace Bolick

    Anyone else here during the 2020 Minorica revolution?

  82. Alan 300


  83. chandru lb

    my fav song

  84. Lil YooL

    Ну ты крип кншн

  85. Chris Christian

    Bring on Hoodrich Pablo

  86. Just Browsing

    Tommy Chong has no filter. I love that about him! He thinks it, he says it. No bullshit,. Amen!

  87. Just Browsing

    As a young kid in the 70’s I remember my Uncle Tony playing Cheech & Chong records (vinyl) & lmao but not quite getting it. He had the album with the big rolling paper, the one that looked like the side of a hooptie impala. There was one that had the sound of Tommy peeing outside & to my 6 year old ears it was the funniest shit I’d ever heard! Thank you Cheech & Chong for my earliest memories of comedy. 👊🏽🤘🏽👍🏽


    Great lyric, great sound, great video. Snoop Dogg making history.

  89. Just Browsing

    I wanna see Snoop remake the “10 Most Fascinating People” tv special that Barbara Walters used to do! Every year, right before New Years Eve. Snoop presents “The most fascinating people of 2020”. I know I’d watch! Wouldn’t you?

  90. Just Browsing

    Aawww... Fluffy quaggin is sad and funny. 😂

  91. Karris AnunnakiTV

    Snoop is SATAN

  92. Just Browsing

    Love that they came from same neighborhoods but rival high schools & are like ‘psssh...all good.’ Pay attention children! It’s as all good as we make it.

  93. Just Browsing

    Snoop’s a bogart?! Whaaaaat? Puff puff give, Snoop! 😂😂😂

  94. Karris AnunnakiTV

    Snoop you and jay z are marks,you do what the white man tells you to ,rip nimpsey and tupac. SNOOP KNOWS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT .But you cant fool me SATAN I WILL NEVER WORSHIP ANOTHER MAN. if you support the music industry or Hellywood your a mark too. Yeah snoop 69 could never be on your leavle of evil,your all of the above.

  95. Joey Levesque

    It s friday, you ain t got no job ,you ain t got no money ,you ain t got shit to do,

  96. Joey Levesque

    Yo snoop pass me the green coz P need his weed and his hennessy

  97. Elmo Chan Jessie James bass

    ruined it when he said snoop dogg

    1. Elmo Chan Jessie James bass


    2. Elmo Chan Jessie James bass

      just the way he said SNOop Dargg ... why

  98. 0311.USMC.veteran

    14:09 14:11 14:12

  99. Family Family

    I like snoop but this song was wack lowkey

  100. Andrew Flood